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Climbers Flock to Uluru Before a Ban, Straining a Sacred Site

A rush of visitors to the central Australia monolith ahead of an Oct. 26 deadline has brought an increase in trash, trespassing and illegal camping, officials say.


Uluru is a 1,141-foot-tall rock sacred to Indigenous Australians , and later this year, people will be banned from climbing it to prevent further environmental damage. In the meantime, tourists are flocking to climb it while they can.

A rush of visitors to the central Australia monolith ahead of an Oct. 26 deadline has brought an increase in trash, trespassing and illegal camping, officials say.

Ms. Gela said some guests were angry about the imminent closing. “There was one guest who was complaining to us because his whole family climbs every year, and when the kids grow up they want them to go and climb,” she said.

“It was always something we wanted to do, and we do not believe climbing the rock undermined any cultural or spiritual beliefs of the local Indigenous people,” she said.

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A disgrace to climb up ULURU Those tourists are morons, and that's a diplomatic understatement Walking around Uluru at dawn was beautiful and memorable. It is impossible to visit without being fully aware that it is a sacred site for indigenous Australians. Climbers have to pass signs explaining this and imploring them not to climb. You have to be a massive dick to go on.

that sounds like human nature repeating itself, say you are going to cut something off, people race to it before you can follow through I don’t quite understand the need or wish to climb there. We walked around Uluru at dawn with a guide in 2010. A truly memorable morning. We were told that climbing is considered disrespectful so it was never even an option.

Esa roca no es sagrada. Pero interesante, sí. Me gusta. The fact that people have been allowed to continue climbing it for so long speaks volumes about Australia and its attitudes to indigenous people. It’s not for ‘environmental reasons’. I sincerely thought the ban was already in place. After the global recession all the chances of raising money have come! The important thing is to get people stupid enough to make your dream come true!

Australian people are very inconsiderate. They call that “climbing?” Looks more like Democrats in a bread line!

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People are so selfish and lazy! How about we climb up YOUR place and leave rubbish everywhere. Pathetic. Everyplace is holy to someone Ppl it's not that hard to look but not touch 🙄 To the shame of the rest of us here in Australia. Its inexplicable to me how anyone could treat an indigenous sacred place with such disrespect.

And litter the place because they too lazy to carrying things in more than one direction... Just drop the junk were you are.. Let some one else pick it up...🙄 Matterhorn moratorium. This is a disgrace & very very disrespectful to our First Nations people We wouldn’t climb or shit in Notre Dame but tourists do both to one of our sacred ‘churches’

They need to do this for Mt. Everest Please find something else to do . . . maybe we could install a few web cams with remote control to give people some unique views or even allow control of some drone cameras. This reminds of the interdependence issue - we are interdependent upon each other, eh?

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Web containers or interface em edded or redirection as a way to open JSF like rich web window text boxes MT: ': Uluru is sacred to Indigenous Australians and later this year people will be banned from climbing it. In the meantime, tourists are flocking to climb it while they can. Probably shouldn't announce bans ahead of time. People are stupid.

Why people can’t respect nature and natives sacred beliefs 🙄and appreciate earth 🌏 White people: this, Everest, Mount Meru, just... what the fuck? Disrespectful of the traditions of the aborigines. What a shamed for a selfish lifestyle These people aren’t climbers, they’re self-entitled wankers doing something the traditional custodians of Uluru have never done.

Poor piece of reporting. Past owners climbed and had no problems with visitors climbing. The ban is all about politics and petty bureaucracy. Climbing is an important tradition for all who visit. For more info read my book. Why do people always have to climb everything? And why do they have to leave their junk when they do that? If they manage to bring it to the sight, why is it so difficult to carry it back? This phenomenon is not specific to Uluru, it occurs in most places where tourists goes...

I hate humanity. Does the New York Times ever report any stories that don’t have a discriminatory twist at the end? This holier than thou bs is whack attack Ben Affleck.

Recovered GoPro video shows final moments of Himalayas climbersThe video, found on a 'memory video device,' showed the group of climbers moving slowly near the summit on the unnamed peak, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police said Gina THE videos ARE fake they were using women 240 TO 260 WHEN I WAS A TEEN & I WEIGHED 165 TO 185 BECAUSE THOSE 'trainsveste' aunts wanted to please redford & were saying that I WAS HEAVYER AT THAT AGE

Influencers gotta get their pics! Even sacred historical sites aren’t off limits to desperate, attention-hungry a-holes. Thanks for letting me know. I’m booking my flight. Humans can be total assholes. So you announce closing access to an area and hordes of people show up so as not to be left behind Where have I heard that before

Anyone who walks up Uluru is an arsehole. You mean “Ayers Rock” surely. Good! Just be patient... Once the Oil Age ends and the Water Wars begin lawlessness will open up the Australian outback again to all who dare to risk the roving bands of marauders. Owes about to flock to Sibebe. People are lemmings.

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😞😞 Tourists rushing to get in before the ban is implemented is a huge part of the reason the ban *needs* to be implemented. Environmental damage? More fakenews from the NY White folks are weird … If you climb the rock the day it closes and you don’t get down before the park closes that day then you have to stay up there - forever!

I'm willing to bet and bet top AUS $, these are white people. Just stating the obvious. So disrespectful! Luckily they are up there missing the best view, of the rock itself & around the rock x x No, it’s not to prevent ‘environmental damage’ but to respect the wishes and culture of the Indigenous people whose land it sits on.

Now can we do this to Mount Everest? Please? Shameful, amazing sacred place ..fortunate to visit it ... great to hear it’s been banned though

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These tourists have no shame WTF is wrong with people? If I was a climber and told they would close it to preserve it. There is no way I would climb it one last time. They should leave a few brown snakes on the top of Uluru, serve every one of the f**kers right Too bad there is no flock running to help sick, dying , and hungry children around the world....sick of nonsense

Just a demonstration of how self-centered humans are... the massive line on Everest's summit being the other from 2019. It's already ban from climbing, I've been there twice It’s about time. Don’t have to climb to admire it.

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