Climate change is coming for our coffee

A study shows that coffee plants will be 'drastically' less suitable for cultivation in current coffee-producing regions by 2050 because of the impacts of climate change.

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1/27/2022 2:30:00 AM

A study shows that coffee plants will be 'drastically' less suitable for cultivation in current coffee-producing regions by 2050 because of the impacts of climate change.

Bad news for coffee lovers: Climate change will make it much harder to grow Arabica coffee in the coming years, according to a study published Wednesday in the scientific journal Plos One.

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2050? wow am so scared 😱 Well once the loss in productivity creates a panic in corporate America we should get some action on pollution control. What do we do 2050! Who cares, that's 30 years away Project viritas exposed this clown stations director that they would move from covid hysteria to climate hystaria, keep the sheep moving

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I don't believe that any predictions for more than 25 years in the future can be trusted. In the 80s so called climate experts were telling people we would be living in a new ice age by now and we wouldn't be able to grow crops for that reason.

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that means other places will become suitable

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