Cleveland's baseball team announces new name in video narrated by Tom Hanks

Cleveland's baseball team announces new name.

7/24/2021 9:30:00 AM

Cleveland's baseball team announces new name.

The American League franchise's former Native American moniker had long been targeted for its racial insensitivity.

The montage included landmarks and scenery of Cleveland and a handful of baseball highlights.Those baseball scenes included footage of the late Frank Robinson, a Hall of Fame player who also became MLB's first Black manager, when he took.“We remember those moments as we move forward with change," Hanks narrated.

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"Together we stand with all who understand what it means to be born and built from The Land. Because this is the city we love and the game we believe in and together we are all Cleveland Guardians.”The video also unveiled a new team logo of a baseball, with winged Gs.

"Guardians" also pays tribute to the, which goes over the Cuyahoga River and includes statues called the"Guardians of Traffic."The team's colors of red, white and navy blue remain the same.Friday's announcement capped a monthslong process that involved contact with 40,000 fans, as well as interviews with fans, community leaders and front office personnel, which generated an initial list of 1,198 potential team names, club officials said.

"We're trying to be the best Cleveland organization we can be and be united for everybody and representing the city of Cleveland like it deserves," Manager Terry Francona, who has long ties to the city and the team, told reporters.His father, Tito Francona, played big league baseball for 15 season and six of his most productive campaigns were as a Cleveland outfielder from 1959 through 1964.

The younger Francona also played in Cleveland and has been the manager since 2013, leading his team to the 2016 American League pennant."I think it look a lot of guts and a lot of bravery," Francona said of the decision to change the team name.

"We are trying to be the most respectful we can. And It's not about us. It's about other people. And you have to step outside of your own skin and think about people who may have different color skin and what they're thinking."As fans speculated these past few months about Cleveland's new name, the Guardians

had been considered among the favorites,along with the Spiders, Naps and Rockers. Read more: NBC News »

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.....what's going to be their mascot? A police officer? Good choice. Glad that they did, but 'The Guardians'? What? Going to begin every game singing kumbayah Who cares about MLB? Fire the Commissioner! They should have changed their name to the Cleveland Cleavers and used a giant cleaver as their logo. Finally! Right move. Those who love the team will stick with you.Those who respect what you finally did will also support you.

Good win Go Cleveland! Thank you for your sensitivity and respect as we embrace ALL Americans and learn about their experience and grow. Here's a know-it-all who has a different opinion: Trump says 'many Indians' likely upset about Cleveland Guardians name change

Cleveland's baseball team announces new name in video narrated by Tom HanksThe American League franchise's former Native American moniker had long been targeted for its racial insensitivity. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her _Johnson56 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success Wow Celebrity Tom Hanks announced the name change in Cleveland to the guardians... Interesting since he comes from an industry that has name changes like German Measles to Rubella Why are the changing their name are the ashamed of Indians !

Vikings (PS I'm part both and not offended by either 🙄)? Introducing the 'Diamond C,' 'Guardians Fastball,' and 'Script Guardians.' Heard they were thinking of changing it to the redskins yay Good. Indians are from India. Is it Steamer? That's not a family friendly name.

'Not a moment too soon': Native American community welcomes Cleveland baseball team name changeCleveland’s Major League Baseball team announced that the franchise will change its name and mascot from the Indians to the Guardians, in a video narrated by Tom Hanks. weird name, should be the corndogs or they say some lady ate a bat Yeah while we're on the subject, when are you going to stop calling yourself 'news'?

Cleveland Indians Reveal New Team Name: Cleveland GuardiansThe soon-to-be-former Cleveland Indians revealed their new team name - Cleveland Guardians - in a video Friday narrated by Tom Hanks and featuring music by the Black Keys lame Sickeningly awful.

Cleveland’s Baseball Team Announces Name Change From Indians To GuardiansThe Cleveland Indians announced a name change to the Cleveland Guardians, unveiling the name in a video, narrated by Tom Hanks, that the team posted on its social media account. The team franchise … SwizzleVixen What, they had a name picked out before they announced the change? REVOLUTIONARY. This is fine and no one will care in a few years time anyway, but I’m sure we’ll still get some people replying here with their knickers in a bunch about it who have nothing better to do than cry about a sportsball teams new name. Now if we can just get of the Celtics cartoon mascot which insults the Irish and the Padres cartoonish friar which insults Catholics the world will be all fixed. One step at a time

Cleveland Indians changing name to Cleveland GuardiansThe Cleveland Indians are changing their name next season to the Cleveland Guardians, the Major League Baseball club announced Friday morning, after the old moniker drew criticism for decades from Native Americans. The Korean tribe flew to Osaka in large numbers and became the Soka Gakkai. This is a historical fact. The name Cleveland offends me too. Please stop using it. Moses Cleveland stole the land from the native Americans. Don't be hypocrites. I’m offended, I identify as a guardian

Cleveland's baseball team goes from Indians to GuardiansCLEVELAND (AP) — Known as the Indians since 1915, Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team will be called Guardians. The ballclub announced the name change Friday with a video on Twitter narrated by actor Tom Hanks, ending months of internal discussions triggered by a national reckoning by institutions and teams to permanently drop logos and names considered racist. Dumb choice. Should have gone with 'Steamers' Dey woke now. I wonder if indianmotocycle will ever realize that their name should also change. It's both offensive and idiotic. Indians are from India. 🤷🏽‍♂️