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Cilla Black, Gatwick Airport

Cilla Black's last days with fans on the sixth year anniversary of her death

Cilla Black's last days with thrilled fans on the sixth anniversary of her death

8/2/2021 3:39:00 PM

Cilla Black 's last days with thrilled fans on the sixth anniversary of her death

It's six years since the world said goodbye to shining star of the stage and screen Cilla Black , and even in her final hours she still made time for her fans

The Blind Date and Surprise Surprise legend died in 2016, the beloved national treasure found by devastated son Robert after she failed to wake from her siesta.She was 72 when she died and even in the hours before her death she was pleasing those who adored her.

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The star was pictured smiling happily next to a group of fans on a hen do in Spain. It was to be her final photo.Wearing a leopard-print jacket and white top, Cilla looked in good spirits as she stood in the middle of the delighted group.She was spotted the day before by super fan Amy Kelly at Gatwick Airport on Friday and took a snap just 24 hours before she died in her Spanish villa.

The woman was left in tears when she heard the news of her sudden death as she made her way home from a wedding in Perth.Amy told the Daily Record: "I was always a massive fan and it meant a lot to meet her. "I was with my boyfriend and we spotted her in the duty free area. I didn't want to go up and bother her in case it caused a scene but when I saw her in a quieter area I ran over and said 'I'm sorry to bother you'. She said, 'Oh, no problem'.

"She looked amazing. She had her heels on and her hair and makeup done. She was holding on very tightly to the gentleman she was with, who I believe may have been her son." But the next day came the terrible news.She added: "I nearly crashed the car when I heard it on the radio. I had to pull over because my eyes were filling up with tears due to the shock."

A sobering autopsy report confirmed that her cause of death had been a subarachnoid haemorrhage - a form of stroke caused by bleeding on the brain.Fans have flocked to twitter on this sixth anniversary of her death. One wrote: "Six years ago we lost Cilla it's still do so sad."

Another put: "It's 6 years since Cilla Black left us. RIP."The legendary singer and TV presenter’s eldest child broke open her door when he went to see if she was okay late on the afternoon of August 1 and got no response.Spanish sources said the star's son found her lying on her back on a sun terrace adjoining her bedroom.

She was already dead by the time he found her in the upstairs room of her villa near the Costa del Sol resort of Marbella.Paramedics arrived at the property in a quiet cul-de-sac could do nothing to save her.It also emerged that the TV star had grown 'increasingly frail' prior to the accident and had suffered another fall at a friend's house just days before her death.

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A statement from star's family at the time read: "It has just been confirmed by the judge and coroner in Spain the autopsy was conclusive - Cilla Black died of natural causes." Read more: Mirror Celeb »

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