Christy Smith Is Running On Reproductive Rights to Save the House

Christy Smith Thinks Running On Reproductive Rights Could Save the House

Christy Smith, Reproductive Rights

12/3/2021 4:07:00 PM

Christy Smith Thinks Running On Reproductive Rights Could Save the House

Smith's district could decide who holds the House majority—and she wants voters to know 'reproductive care is infrastructure.'

ranging from a resolution to condemn forced sterilizations, to the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, and the Equal Access to Contraception for Veterans Act. He also voted against the Build Back Better package, which invests in Medicaid and expanding the workforce of reproductive health providers.

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AdvertisementSmith may not have gone through with having an abortion, herself, but she closely relates her terrifying, complicated experiences with pregnancy to the greater fight for reproductive rights and freedom, whichincludesabortion. “This goes beyond health and health care decisions, to liberty, economic self-reliance,” Smith said. “Certainly, we know with the COVID economy, predominantly, the economic losses were felt by women, and this is part of that.”

In contrast with Garcia, Smith supports the Women’s Health Protection Act, a bill that would enshrine abortion rights on the federal level and protect providers and patients’ abilities to give and receive abortion care without medically unnecessary restrictions. A Democratic, pro-abortion majority in the House is also essential to passing a budget bill without the

, a budget rider that’s prohibited federal coverage of abortion care since 1976.AdvertisementThis is why Smith thinks any voter who sees reproductive freedom and health care as top priorities should pay attention to her district, as she aims to center this issue in her campaign. It’s a notable decision at a time when political media seems to be exclusively in a frenzy about gas prices and inflation, while abortion and reproductive care remain written off as “women’s issues.”

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But it’s preciselybecausereproductive health and rights directly affect pregnant people and families that Smith focuses on the issue. “The people who are still behind in the COVID recovery are women who left the workforce, so this is the most important time to be talking about how women can regain their economic power — and a big part of that is family planning, reproductive care,” she said.

AdvertisementSmith drew inspiration to share the story of her pregnancies from the courage of other women in politics, like her friend in the California state Assembly, Buffy Wicks, who told theon the Assembly floor in 2019andto the floor last year. Smith also recalls being in awe of Reps. Cori Bush, Pramila Jayapal, and Barbara Lee,

as they made historysharing their abortion storiesas Congresswomen of color in October. She believes it’s stories like this, and electing representatives with a range of lived experiences, that create change.“In my 52 years, I’ve held the hand of a woman who had to give a child up for adoption, and the hand of a close family member who had suffered through a bad pregnancy outcome,” Smith said. “These are experiences that many women or a loved one have gone through, and we owe it to ourselves as a community to talk about it, to keep those personal stories front and center, because there is humanity behind these harsh, cruel, draconian measures.”

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Christy holds many inane notions. That’s why she lost twice in 2020. ChristySmithCA Christy is amazing and the real deal. Pragmatic, a fighter, no nonsense. Can't wait to vote for her this November. CA25 VoteBlue2022 ChristySmithCA It’s always good to run on issues that put you on the right side of history. Just don’t let Republicans frame the terms of the debate. They’re good at that, in an evil sort of way. Don’t get lost in nuance while they talk about “saving innocent babies.”

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