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Christina Haack on How She's Moving Forward Amid Divorce (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the Christina Haack ahead of the season 3 premiere of 'Christina on the Coast,' airing tonight on HGTV.

6/4/2021 12:45:00 AM

ET spoke with the Christina Haack ahead of the season 3 premiere of 'Christina on the Coast,' airing tonight on HGTV.

ET spoke with the real estate investor ahead of the season 3 premiere of 'Christina on the Coast,' airing June 3 on HGTV.

."I feel like right now it's just, there's so much going on with work and the kids, so focusing on the kids and work and just having fun," Haack told ET."My goal is just to move on and not take things so seriously. And do some fun trips with the kids, go to Tennessee more, take time for quiet time and just really focus on the family. Just those things for us, those private times, you know, fun moments."

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"I'm more of a person that just focuses on staying positive. Like, I don't get stuck in dwelling on things if they're going differently," she continued."I just always constantly am looking at the future. New projects, new fun activities and everything like that. I guess the main thing is, yeah, just not getting stuck in the setback and just looking at the future."

As for how El Moussa and his fiancée,Heather Rae Young, have been supporting her throughout this time, Haack said their best dynamic is always"putting the kids first." "They're really good at scheduling and open communication," she shared."I'd say that definitely is our strongest suit, just being there for the kids. That is definitely all of our priorities."

A post shared by Christina Haack (@christinahaack)Since splitting with Anstead, Haack put their five-bedroom Hampton-style home in Newport Beach, California, on the market. She told ET that's she's currently "still shopping around" for a new place on the West Coast, but enjoying time with her kids at her newly purchased farmhouse in Tennessee in the meantime.

"It's definitely going to be in Newport Beach," she said of her family's next permanent place of residence. "There's not a lot of inventory right now but I have my eye on a couple of places. So, we'll see what happens."

For now, Haack is excited to give fans a look at her new Southern vacation home, along with all the details on the buying process, throughout the new season. "We head out there and they film us on a house hunt, us actually buying this house, and then going back there over Easter, taking my kids and my parents to see it," she explained."So you get a lot of Tennessee -- the full house, the property, all the animals we want to put on it. We're doing goats and chickens, and who knows what else."

A post shared by Christina Haack (@christinahaack)"We bought the house fully furnished and the furniture was beautiful. I'm actually so glad that that happened because it'd be really hard to furnish a home out there, especially right now, there's a lot of delays," she continued."Once the house is fully ours, just adding little things, little touches of the kids and things like that [to make it feel like home]. But we're pretty lucky because the home's pretty perfect."

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Haack teased that just like past seasons, her kids will show up"a little bit here and there" throughout the new episodes ofChristina on the Coast. Also making an appearance? Their new Rottweiler puppy, Biggie, named after late rapper Biggie Smalls, aka the Notorious B.I.G.

"I picked out his name, I love Notorious," she shared."You'll see the puppy life, and kind of a little bit of the destruction, but puppies are so cute. It is a bit of an adjustment as far as he's getting really big and, you know, puppy life is hard."

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