Christina Aguilera Calls New Spanish Single 'Pa Mis Muchachas' an 'Homage to Women'

The guaracha track previews @xtina's forthcoming Spanish album, which will drop 20 years after her last Spanish-language effort, 'Mi Reflejo.'

10/22/2021 1:12:00 PM

The guaracha track previews xtina's forthcoming Spanish album, which will drop 20 years after her last Spanish-language effort, 'Mi Reflejo.'

The guaracha track previews Christina Aguilera's forthcoming Spanish album, which will drop 20 years after her last Spanish-language effort, 'Mi Reflejo.'

Set to be released 20 years after her first Spanish effortMi Reflejo, Aguilera has officially made her grand return to Latin music with"Pa Mis Muchachas," a hypnotizing guarachaBecky Gand Nicki Nicole that dropped first thing Friday (Oct. 22) as the first single from her forthcoming LP.

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"It’s been a project that I wanted to follow up for so long but I’m so happy that it’s happening now as a grown woman," the 40-year-old singer-songwriter tellsBillboard."Having been a mother, having experienced the career I have, I bring a different view and set of passions. Now it’s coming from a deeper perspective and wanting to explore."

Artist MentionedMy First Show Back: Christina Aguilera Joins LA Philharmonic at Hollywood BowlServing as a preview to the first of three chapters that will make up her Spanish project,"Pa Mis Muchachas" -- produced by Rafa Arcaute and Federico Vindver -- is an"homage to women," the Ecuadorian-American artist says."We wanted to make sure that this was definitely a representation of Latin women who are the strength of a family, the backbone. In the song we mention that I’m a woman that is strong because I was raised by a woman that was strong and so was she before that. It’s something that gets passed down by generations. I chose Nathy, Becky and Nicki because of the strength they exude."

Aguilera met Peluso in Miami, and after meeting the"Mafiosa" singer, she began a"deep dive" listening to some of her music and was"blown away by her artistry," she says."The fact that she incorporates rap and singing into her style is so fire and she literally is such an incredible performer. The way she moves and works that stage and her dancing, I was completely inspired and taken aback with her." As for the other two, she adds,"Nicki is a young, amazing talent coming up in the business. And Becky, I mean, she's so strong as well. I really wanted to gather these females who represent such strength."

Releasing aguaracha (a rapid-tempo genre that originated in Cuba) song was just as intentional as the timing for this project."I really want to embrace authentic things and not just go for whatever was reflective of being popular. We didn’t go the direct reggaeton route out the gate. I wanted to embrace this as a body of work and you’ll see different elements and sounds that will be gradually released well into 2022. We did it in a matter of having three different chapters and eventually you’ll see it go into my love for

and being completely inspired by her rawness." Read more: billboard »


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Christina Aguilera Releases 'Pa Mis Muchachas' With Becky G, Nathy Peluso & Nicki Nicole: ListenChristina Aguilera sings in Spanish for the first time in almost a decade in 'Pa Mis Muchachas,' featuring Becky G, Nathy Peluso and Nicki Nicole, which dropped on Friday (Oct. 22). edersio Christina Aguilera Queen 😘🤩👸🏼❤️ edersio Christina Aguilera Queen ❤️💝💝

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