Christian TV network founder and preacher Marcus Lamb, who discouraged vaccinations, dies after being hospitalized for Covid-19

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12/2/2021 7:31:00 AM

Prominent Christian televangelist and anti-vaccine advocate Marcus Lamb died after being hospitalized with Covid-19, his family announced Tuesday.

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Media? Condolences to his family and friends. This is so sad. K A R M A ! ! ! Who can spot the pattern? Get vaccinated and stop the fake conspiracy against the vaccinations. It’s the only way to get back to normal. JairMBolzonaro And now he couldn't be happier. Cleaning his AR-15 with republican Jesus, keeping heaven free of homosexuals and transgendered people.

You guys have posted this trash 5 times already. Fear sell? But…what about God protecting him…hmmm… Thoughts and prayers Bye Felicia!

It’s his own fault. Ummm, no, don’t care. Karma doesn't care who you are and it definitely doesnt play. Not Prominent these ppl are Charlatan 🤨 He wasn’t afraid of dat beard dye tho He sure showed us! Curious… Do the same people run to their healthcare provider and doctors and ask them for their religious and spiritual advice? StayInYourLane

Darwin Awardee He was murdered as simple as that he didnt die of Covid the family's private autopsy revealed why don't you report the truth.

Rest in distress. Natural selection BAT.SHIT.CRAZY x 1000 Never argue with an antivaxer, just wait Good. This is the how many same case? W23 Sorry your choice ended this way. But we tried telling ya. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. NickAUSGRIT WOMP ! WOMP !

Eigen schuld If god wanted you to die he would not have given the means to create a cure ...thoughts are with his family at this sad time . Thoughts and prayers 😏 My 82 year old vaccinated mom with leukemia got COVID in September. She beat COVID because of the vaccine. We are now working on her beating leukemia. She spent Thanksgiving with all of her kids and grandkids. It was a blessing.

Test in hell buddy If i have 2 shots and refuse get 3rd , im an anti vax too viruses don’t care if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated, but consider this, the shot gives you a chance at making through this lottery! rip Stop lying

No sense arguing with pro-vaccine cultists. Gosh...are you telling us he was alive with that face?!...Looks like he is from the walking dead. MORE LIKE MURDERED….. R.I.P. But he died as a free un-chiped man. Don’t care, his option. Bye. I hope something good might come from his death. People can see now that covid can be a lethal disease, vaccination could have prevented his death. Do not be misguided please get vaccinated. My condolences to the family.

You really can't reason with stupid.. One thing I noticed. All unvaccinated death are covered, even if he/she is just an ordinary person or someone not famous. But almost all vaccinated deaths are hidden, even if they are prominent figures. Strange! Bye. He lost his no vaccine gamble. I wonder how many of his followers are suffering the same fate.

As a preacher pls don't preach something that is not good for us and certainly not for ur own ego. Bye bye! Told ya so! I reckon the charlatans toes will be very warm and toastie right about now 😈👿👹👺👿👺👹👺👺 Shocker Is it justifiable that people were not dieing before C19!!

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His immune system is not strong enough. Maybe he was lack of vitamin D or the intelligence to be vaxxed. Gods really pissed at some folks so it seems and you have to wonder why? I wonder how many people are dead, due to his spreading of lies about vaccines. He’s responsible for many more people dying Mmm I had this cake to celebrate 🎉🤣

Oh well… must be “God’s wiil”. He’s in a “better place”.

Zero fucks here 🎶 “Ain’t that a shame” 🎵 We need a special cemetery for these folks.