Media, Chris Wallace Blames Trump For Chaotic Debate: He 'Bears The Primary Responsibility' - Cnn

Media, Chris Wallace Blames Trump For Chaotic Debate: He 'Bears The Primary Responsibility' - Cnn

Chris Wallace blames Trump for chaotic debate: He 'bears the primary responsibility'

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace says President Trump 'bears the primary responsibility for what happened' during Tuesday night's chaotic debate.

10/1/2020 11:51:00 PM

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace says President Trump 'bears the primary responsibility for what happened' during Tuesday night's chaotic debate.

Chris Wallace, the Fox News anchor who moderated Tuesday's debate, is placing the bulk of the blame on President Donald Trump for sending the political showdown into chaos.

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Its Trumps fault that I was a complete ass hole. Typical left wing idiot blaming every thing on Big orange. That debate was a FREAKSHOW & a World wide embarrassment! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Chris Wallace was trying to debate the President, which was not his job. I hope Chris Wallace is fired. We know. He is the master of the Shitshow.

And here’s a tweet from the moderator in the upcoming 2nd debate. Just like ChrisWallace being a registered left wing democrat, here we go again....oh but I’m sure this guy will be above board. 🙄 He did his best the Trump and his ignorance If Bien had said nothing s let Trump continue his bring disruptive ppl would be saying Bien is weak. Bien did interrupt Trump however Trump is who and where this debate was geared for and Trump wanted all the neg attend n he got it

Wallace, you are a cardsharp, a person who has no respect, deepstaate gamer⁉️ Who among the candidate started it first, watch the debate video before your fake news and fake reporter Well Chris Wallace FoxNewsSunday forgets that we were watching while he was trying to get a grip on his pathetic showing as a moderator! Biden is the one who started the snarky remarks when Trump was speaking, so Wally needs to re-watch the debate to get his facts straight!

Wallace is a liberal, so what do you expect Why Walter read hospital?! According to him a bunch of losers in there! Trump had lots of shots he had to pepper joe continually to get everything in on time Joe is reading a script and trump hit him every 3 or 4 seconds Wallis matters not. Trump said everything fake news has been hiding and pandering.Joe's playing checkers Trump is playing 3 D chess

Thats a laugh....Wallace was the worse commentator ever. this old asshole. it is seen that he is against Donald Trump. like all newscasts it is a campaign against the president. for Reptilian Joe Biden to win the elections. Chris Wallace he was just nasty ? He shouldn’t be on media at all Obviously realDonaldTrump was at fault, he can't shut his mouth unless it's time for him to give an honest answer

He is what he is ... a boor Chris told Joe not to wear lipstick so it wouldn't be so obvious that they up Wallace!! Yes, that was apparent Only person to call names - Biden Person to interupt not first but the first 3 times - biden Moderator gets into a debate with Trump but allows Biden to not awnser important questions. I really wanted to know more about the payments hunter got from the wife of Moscow

This debate format was foolish and the moderator allowed extreme chaos. Shameful. Keep him away from future debates. Horrible. What about Wallace bias? It is true. All of us that watched and give a honest opinion, YES, Trump was so badly behaved and ignorant that if he would do and act the same way at a meeting of Genius Minds, he would have been removed.

Most people are smart enough to watch news for the last 3 years and know what’s going on It’s in your face obvious I do have one question why didn’t Chris ask Biden what he meant when he said Antifa was an idea Wallace shares the blame. He didn’t really try to stop trump, just to placate him. Neither candidates are children.

Propaganda news swamp monsters CNN and Chris Wallace are both disgraceful. You have to get a Backbone when you're dealing with idiots like Trump Mr. Wallace! Wallace is a liberal a kisser. Chris Wallace hasn’t retired yet? I assumed after that debate he’d be embarrassed to show his face in public anymore! 🙄

rmcdaniel307 Chris Wallace should be able to have an expectation that the President of the United States will be professional and exercise a level of decorum. The dumpster fire debate was 💯 all Trump. I absolutely agree with Chris Wallace. Trump bears the primary responsibility for what happened during the debate. I don't know what else Chris could have done, he asked him to stop interrupting many, many times. He needed a mute button!

Chris you sucked , was too obvios on who’s side you are Wallace let Biden interrupt and scolded Trump for any interruption. Obviously Wallace just like CNN is controlled by left radicals and must obey them. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Chris Wallace is such a terrible moderator. Its mind boggling that Trump won't say boo about White Supremacists considering they'd gladly kill his Jewish daughter and drag his SCOTUS picks black kids behind a truck till dead and that a large percent of cops would shoot them over a traffic violation.

That’s BS. Biden didn’t answer the question about packing the court and the Hunter Biden story about getting $3,500,000 from the Moscow Mayor close to Putin hasn’t been debunked. The Senate Report was just released. Biden didn’t disavow Antifa or the violent Marxist group BLM Of course he does. His handling of the debate had nothing to do with it.

You need to Control him or let someone else responsibility that can. Chris Wallace - the gift that keeps on giving . . . to Democrats. georgecynt Ya think? I watched it chris wallace is right, Trump came in thinking he was going to rattle Biden, but soon found that he could not miss Biden up, so he done the only thing he could do show his ass, the debate was a miss and it was heel spur Trump's fault.

i watched that debate and Biden only made a few statements while trump spoke BUT trump would not shut his mouth so you could hear what the Biden answer was. if this shows U.S. anything you can see what a nut case trump really is! Besides lying, insulting, hating, trump has nothing.. that’s the reason he acted the way he did.

Yes he does! What baffles me is some believe Biden should have not reacted they way he did during Trumps attacks and interruptions? I’m glad he stood up to Trump! Nobody ever does? He needs to be to told to Shut up! And he really is the worst president 🤡 Chris Wallace Yep If you were a teacher and that was your classroom, the principal would give you a letter of reprimand in two seconds for failure to control your class. You knew what you were getting into and you were not prepared, resorting to begging, really?

Everyone’s belief is that clowns make people laugh. While Biden was deep in thought while waiting for his turn to speak, he was cool and smiling throughout the debate. Trump, the clown, was frowning and looked angry as if the world crumbled upon him. /1 What a whiner. He did a crappy job. He just needs to own it.

Anyone who saw it could not possibly argue with that... Trump was like a rabid dog...totally out of control and his usual vile self. Yes. Trump's failures are trump's fault, including the recent debate. Chris Wallace doesn't know how to keep law and order since he's a liberal democrat and they don't believe in those principles.

Democratic pundit ask questions favorable to Biden. Go work at MSNBC I'm praying that some day soon we can live in peace and get alone. I'm praying that the people that have hate in their hearts will replace it with LOVE the way God intended 🙏🏾 🙏🙏🏾 🙏 Amen Trump bears the entire responsibility! You can’t expect JoeBiden to stand there and take abuse from this moronic so called president!! realDonaldTrump is the worst president ever!!

Trump bears the responsibility for most of what transpired during that debacle. However, Wallace succumbed to the bullying when he said, 'Mr President, you can say anything you want. I’m going to ask a question about race but if you want to answer about something else, go ahead.' chris tried his best have you ever tried to control a bully

Agree Wallace should have acted to control the situation much earlier than when he finally did and pointed out to TrUmP that he and his campaign agreed to the groundrules that he was continually breaking...he was completely bullied by TrUmP up to that point... Duh Did no one see Biden interrupt Trump too? Did no one see how biased Wallace was? Did no one see how they let Biden lie? Did no one notice how Wallace interrupted trump over 70x but Biden less then 30x

The moderator should use an airhorn and blast it each time either candidate interjects on the other speaker's time. You were conned in 2016 by a man selling snake oil. Hopefully most of you won't buy it again.🇨🇦 😂😂😂😂 of course he does. True. Guaranteed Wallace didn't prepare for an orangutan to shit on stage and brag about it non-stop.

Of course No, Chris Wallace does. He’s supposed to moderate. Totally ineffectual Chris Wallace was the worst moderator I ever seen! It felt like Biden and Wallace were trying to gang up on TRUMP a few times....Chris Wallace and Biden can go mark an acre for all I care... I’m not sure how. Biden was the one who began interrupting POTUS and then Chris Wallace started in after. If that is the game they wanted to play President Trump was happy to oblige.

Joking with Biden didn’t help. Dad can’t be looking down fondly. Hmmm you are perfectly correct Trump’s behavior was typical of a political thug hooked to mind expanding drugs. He was wild and impatient This response is typical of someone cynical: always blame someone else when the outcome is not like it...

You darn right he does! Chris Wallace is whack. Rigged and 2 against 1. Trump 2020. Biden is a puppet for the radical left. Wallace is just being honest, which is something President Trump knows nothing about. During debate, Trump always facing Biden called him Joe. Very friendly. Biden speaking to air and called Trump this man/man. Biden hated Trump. Devil lives in Biden's heart.

For the record, we don't ever want to see such a disgusting display of American politics again. Once in the history of the US is more than enough. We are totally embarassed as a nation. That is not who we are, and it better damn well change, now! NotWatchingAgain Mr Wallace did not have control of the debate......Trump is responsible but Mr Wallace should have stopped him.....he should have kicked him off the stage !!!!!

Of course he days ChrisWallace is a joke Yesssssir buddy. Thank you That’s not what we watched, Chris Wallace was a horrible moderator. It was obvious who he was rooting for. I will leave the country before I endure another Trump debate 😬 No Is you, u allowed Biden to interrupt him after 7 minutes into the debate

He also said he didn't watch the debate again & doesn't plan to. So he doesn't care that he did an abysmal job. He should have called out Joe Biden on not answering questions, and for inserting the term 'Proud Boys' into the debate. Biden was not asked to disavow Antifa. It's a shitty carpenter who blames his tools.

How dare you Fox News !!! Chris Wallace is a stinking, smelly joke !!! Fuck, FOX NEWS is the NEW shitty of all fox news employees Of Course he does. Why POTUS Trump made him interrupt constantly! if only... if only someone could have predicted this and done something about it... No One Cares ya think?

In related news: bears sh** in the woods. Pelosi lit the blame on her not wearing a face mask on the salon owner. I think it's ALL Chris Wallace's fault for being completely biased against President Trump. Wallace did a HORRIBLE job! Wallace is pretty god at what he does, but the format was questionable. As a journalist should of refrained from casting blame. But, journalism practices are a thing of the past.

So ..He is the moderator and he is blaming president trump for the poor management at the debate ..? Wow And he should. VOTE HIM OUT Talk about being obtuse... You think!!!!! Of course he does. Chris is a Dem echo chamber. As the moderator, he lost control because he’s weak like the rest of the Dems I tend to believe it. Trump is a bully. He looked utterly nuts during the debate and didn't follow instructions or follow any code of conduct for such a formal event. By all means, let him keep it up! America & the world need to see who is really is: A dangerous sociopath.

How boring. Two silly old men talking sh**. Just like a Democrat to blame Trump for their own actions Wallace was useless during the debate Chris Wallace Joe Biden said Hunter Biden rumors were lies Bombshell Biden Was Briefed About Son Caused Problems In Obama WH Molly Hemingway explains Democratic presidential candidate Biden has not spoken accurately about his knowledge of his son’s involvement in Brutism

Poor excuse for a moderator For your lack of control Chris? When do 45 get held accountable for his words inciting violence? No, you did 👿 Exactly as you planned Chris. We know that. Trump playing tag team with Biden and Wallace, and kicked both their butts.. He's not wrong, after all more is expected from a president.

What else would he say! He’s a Democrat! Biden interrupted Trump first.... but....... PIG WALLACE. Chris Wallace BELONGS on CNN you should hire him Chris Wallace is correct It's always President Trumps fault. So was the booming economy and the world peace! saiwarlord Lol Wallace literally shielded Biden from having to answer the 3 most critical questions of the entire debate. He did the exact same thing each time: 'sorry we are moving on to the next segment, Mister President.... Mister President!!!' debate wallace trump

Looks Like Chris spent alot of time with Jeffery Ebstien The start of the interruptions were started by Biden. Don't believe me. Rewatch from the beginning. MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN I guess he would say that. Trump was debating him as well. BUT we need more rules, even though Biden 'won' the debate, and the 'chaos' was Trump's fault too. Well, THAT'S rational. Historians are going to have a hard time keeping a straight face describing these leftists.

BwahahahahHHa fake news CNN is nothing but a Democrat propaganda machine. No Way a liberal news man blames Trump Had nothing to do with his ignorant questions Chris Wallace will vote for Biden His questions say so EVERYONE KNEW EXACTLY HOW IMMATURE AND RUDE DONNIE DRUMPF WAS WHEN DEBATING HILLARY CLINTON. 🙄🙄🙄THEY SHOULD HAVE EXPECTED HE WOULD BE EQUALLY AS OBNOXIOUS WHEN DEBATING JOE BIDEN. 🤔🤔🤔 HE SIMPLY CANNOT ACT PRESIDENTIAL. ☹️☹️☹️

It shows the guy never respects fairness & rules. He’ll take advantage of you whenever he can, in debates as in life He also said Biden didn't have great answers. I take responsibility. But Biden interrupted first lol Chris Wallace was rubbish too. Come on.. Chris Wallace you could have commanded a more mediator position but Trump is way out there. trumpisoutofcontrol

Proud Boys condemn racism and white supremacy I'll give Chris Wallace the benefit of the doubt this time. We were expecting Trump to be bombastic & rude. Preventing both from laying out their plans. If you know something like this is going to occur, it needs to be in the rules, & expulsion from the debate a consequence.

CNN🙄 He should blame himself for not enforcing the rules and standing up to Trump. Trump did whatever he could get away with. Yes, Trump had two people to debate- the moderator demanded answers from Trump but not Biden who never answered a question- the moderator was told by Trump that he was debating two ppl but he never backed off-Biden interrupted Trump on the 3rd question to start the interruptions

Agree Ya think Vote early!! Lions and tigers and commies Oh my You did an awesome job under very difficult circumstances..imagine what it is like working for that tyrant in the WH everyday. As he clearly displayed to all of America, he has NO respect for anyone and cares little to abide by rules. To be expected from our sociopath President.

Trump did same 2016. Media never fought back. Got him elected. In his,words free press. That is one thing Trump said that was true. His call ins, rally coverage. Sickening. I'll 'reveal' the 'true' 'Hidden Message' of the Presidential Debate on 9/29 'prior':to the Election. Isis I understand ! Alligators from the same swamp

He truly screwed definitely! How can be possible there still few supporters that still going so blind no to at least smell they are standing over a collapsing burning platform about to take them All with it badly. Unbelievable! Hang in there Guys...😷👎👹 Hasta La Vista Dudes! Zero integrity, nothing new. I won't forget his loaded question to Dr. Ron Paul in the debates many years ago when he asked him 'Should we take our marching orders from Al Qaeda?' No ethical moorings. He's an embarrassment to journalism and so is your outlet.

Yes He was enabled by you. Biden interrupted first and then Wallace started cutting Trump off when he was making a point. Biden called our President a clown and a racist and told him to “shut up”. Trump was stronger and had to fight against a biased media hack to be heard. True story. Does anyone take accountability in the media or the democrat party

You tell me that Trump brought the swamp to Foxnews? Are they still recovering? Obviously You r a Democrat that hates Trump! Fact! F-ck Chris Wallace. 👎🏾 He is an idiot and belongs at Oh yes, we already knew that Mr. Wallace! You decide! We...follow 🤔 He’s a weak little weasel. Just like Biden. Well yeah. Trump was being a bitch

he bears most of it if he didnt do what he did none of that would have happened and you all know it Donald Trump is an out-of-control megalomaniacal drug addict. Ups someone is about to be casted of bullshit mountain! No disagreement there. Facts... Followed by Wallace. Zero control as a moderator. Of course he does. Or Wallace could have done his job and fact checked Biden during the debate like he did Trump.

What happened was not a surprise, hello oOh, it was expected but the moderator did nothing to control the situation. 🤔 Everyone except the Trump Cult knows that he was an undisciplined idiot. What was Chris Wallace supposed to do? He didn’t have a cattle prod to reign in the orange rage monkey. The primary responsibility, yes. The secondary responsibility, though, is all Wallace.

Aren't you like supposed to be the moderator Chris And so he should! He’s not wrong. Aside from the fact that biden started it all and Wallace was only arguing with one side? You lost control. There is no real journalism. Poor Tim Russet must be rolling in his grave. And Joe..answer the dam question. Wallace hard at work

Seriously,It was a huge mess,horrible to watch 👌👌👌 Chris Wallace is a Marxist Dem and he covered for Marxist Biden, so Chris’s opinion means nothing How can you tell me something that I watched is not true though? I saw Biden interrupt first. Relevant tweet: Shit moderator Trump as usual excelled at the opportunity Well played Trump

Trump2020 LawAndOrder That took long enough to admit. WTF?

Critic's Notebook: A Bullying Donald Trump and an Ineffectual Chris Wallace Turn Debate Into a Disaster'Anybody who watched those 90 minutes of television is dumber for the experience. You. Me. All of us': THR's TV critic reviews the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden Trump, Biden and Wallace were all ridiculous. What Sht Show! WHAT was the moderator supposed to do, Rader Donnie WITH electrical prod?👍yesssss! Let’s not forget “Come’on man” Sleepy Joe ... was pretty sad as well.. The entire debate was 💩Storm.. Hope they ALL clean up their acts by the next one...

‘I’m Not Chris Wallace’: Jake Tapper Cuts Short Pointless Interview With Trump SpoxCNN anchor Jake Tapper booted Trump’s campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh on Wednesday after the Trump flack continued to deflect when pressed on the president’s refusal to condemn white supremacists, invoking the much-maligned moderator of Tuesday’s debate in the process.Following an off-the-rails more of this jaketapper Trump has denounced white supremacy and other forms of hate many times. How does Jake Tapper not know this? Or is he just another media activist for the DNC? WELL HE IS ONE OF THEM,I BET HE EVEN HAS A PROUD BOY NICKNAME..LIKE ORANGE WARRIOR.

Trump ‘Bears Responsibility’ For Debate Unraveling, Chris Wallace SaysWallace cited a Fox News’ analysis that found President Trump interrupted Joe Biden’s answers or Wallace’s questions 145 times during the debate on Tuesday. In related news, water is wet. a moderator who cannot moderate

Presidential Debate #1 Review: Donald Trump Rants, Joe Biden Plays POTUS & Chris Wallace Loses ControlIn the wise words of George W. Bush, “well that was some weird shit.” The first of three debates between incumbent Donald Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden was a fierce fracas that left mos… This 👆🏼 What a train wreck went way off the rails! If this is the first debate then the next 2 debates are gonna be hot messes. Complete insanity!!

Chris Wallace lambasted after fiery Trump-Biden debateThe first presidential debate on Tuesday night saw the two candidates, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, talk over each other while Chris Wallace tried to keep the peace. Wallace was also accused as being soft on Biden. And it was Chris' fault how? Beta male running an alpha show That's so weird... ...said no one.

Chris Wallace Strains to Control Debate as Trump Flouts RulesFox News anchor Chris Wallace was stuck between two clashing forces as moderator of Tuesday night’s presidential debate: straightforward rules and a participant who seemed determined to ignore them. These two are the best America's got 🤡 Biden was not shouting, thus it wasn’t a shouting match.