Media, Chris Rock Will Host The Season Premiere Of 'Saturday Night Live' - Cnn

Media, Chris Rock Will Host The Season Premiere Of 'Saturday Night Live' - Cnn

Chris Rock will host the season premiere of 'Saturday Night Live'

Chris Rock will host the season premiere of 'Saturday Night Live' on October 3

9/25/2020 6:26:00 AM

Chris Rock will host the season premiere of 'Saturday Night Live' on October 3

'Saturday Night Live' is returning to Studio 8H next weekend for the first time in months, and its host will be one of the show's most familiar names.

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I'll be watching Is he going to blame Nancy Pelosi and the Dems if his monologue isn’t a hit? Ide ritten 127 pages of comidy fore Saturday night live shows 128 now my comidy positivley produce 100 percent lafter. Are you experinced like me ? I amm The Democratic hatefest will continue with bashing everyone who is not Democrat so don’t watch won’t watch shows not funny anymore

Who watches SNL anymore? Pookie rocks! Damn. FargoFX AND the nbcsnl season premiere!? 2020 doesn’t suck so bad for chrisrock. Fargo SNL ChrisRock 2020 Hope it’s good and not goofy. YEAH! Looking forward to him doing his gig without the usual profanity, if that's possible. I wait for all the trump jokes and him crying about it the next day.

Sure will have moments. If you don't try how would you know.. Possible earnings $ 500 EARN $ 5500 $ 1000 EARN $ 11,500 $ 1500 EARN $ 16,200 $ 2000 EARN $ 23,000 $ 2500 EARN $ 29,750 $ 3000 EARN $ 35,500 $ 3500 EARN $ 42,250 $ 4000 EARN $ 47,000 All in 7days of investment ask how That show is shit now SNL- where the only thing acceptable to make fun of now is white people or Trump

DOUCHE ROCK DOES DOUCHE NIGHT LIVE...... Oh YAAAASSSSSSSS!!! Hard pass on this. Tired of the liberals and Hollywood SNL will have a hard time having a funnier news skit than Tucker Carlson. I hope they do a george floyd bit. Or have rioters destroy studio 8h and harrass the white cast members They haven’t cancelled that show yet?

They’re going to have a field day! Alex as Trump, Maya as Kamala, Jim Carrey as Biden, and plain white door as Pence. Good times. Can’t wait. Congrats they haven’t been funny for years Yawn Yawn

Chris Rock To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ Season PremiereChris Rock will host the Oct. 3 season premiere of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, with Megan Thee Stallion as musical guest. The announcement was made by SNL in a tweet today. MORE… chrisrock theestallion I'll be watching. 46 years. Wow. chrisrock theestallion Yay to chrisrock Nay to theestallion chrisrock theestallion Kacey328 SNL COMING BACK!!!! We should see if they need any NYers to fill any audience seats!!! WE IN! nbcsnl

Chris Rock will host 'Saturday Night Live' season premiereChris Rock will host the Oct. 3 season premiere of 'Saturday Night Live,' featuring musical guest Megan Thee Stallion, the show announces. In case you missed coverage of the Hunter Biden story: Thats a shame, I thought he was better than that

Megan Thee Stallion Announced as Musical Guest for 'Saturday Night Live' Season 46 PremiereHot Girl Fall can officially commence because Megan Thee Stallion will be the musical guest for the season 46 premiere of Saturday Night Live next weekend (Oct. 3). theestallion theestallion theestallion Princess of rap we will be watching

'Saturday Night Live': All the Season 46 Hosts and Musical GuestsChris Rock returning as host for the third time and theestallion making her first appearance as musical guest on SNL's season premiere

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