Chris Rock Says Trump's One-Time 'Energy' Charm May Have Worn Off

Chris Rock says Trump's one-time 'energy' charm may have worn off

10/1/2020 4:50:00 PM

Chris Rock says Trump's one-time 'energy' charm may have worn off

The comic predicted a Trump victory four years ago, but this time is 'hopefully' different, he says.

, the comic and actor explained why he believes this time, the outcome will"hopefully" be different."We're both comedians, right? And we know that energy kind of always wins," Rock explained."And outside of [Mick] Jagger, he's got the most energy of a 75-year-old guy on stage. But, but, just like in the comedy clubs, the energy works for a short while. And then audience eventually realizes 'Wow, that guy had energy — but I don't remember any of his jokes.'"

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Rock went on to say that people are"enamored" with energy — but sooner rather than later, they want substance."Hopefully, people realize that Mr. Biden has an actual message and an actual plan," Rock said.When the new season ofSaturday Night Live

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The fuck do we care about celebs take on politicians Nice propaganda. Won't work tho just like his stand up What “charm”? That‘s possible. Then it might have been a good idea to nominate an opponent with a little bit more charm. No, not like this! One time too much imbecile I believe so. He’s so annoying. And so his his gullible base. Maybe if they weren’t so obnoxious Trump would be doing better.

Moderator Chris Wallace says Trump could keep interrupting even if they cut his microphone'It might well have been picked up on Biden's microphone, and it still would have disrupted the proceedings in the hall,' Wallace said. He blew the debate but he's right about this. Isolation chamber and a shock collar might do it. Next solution if cutting the mic isnt an option

Chuck Todd Says Chris Wallace Not to Blame for 'Trainwreck' Presidential DebateChuck Todd says Chris Wallace is not to blame for Tuesday night's 'trainwreck' of a first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden. I like Chris Wallace, and I don’t know that anyone would have been able to reign Trump in last night. His intention was to be as disruptive as possible and he succeeded. I only fault him for taking so long to remind Trump about the rules his campaign agreed to. KrisKetzKMBC The dam caboose kept ram in the whole train messing everything up. I blame chucktodd.

Chris: Debate was a ‘performance of our national catastrophe’—and Trump is solely to blame.Chrislhayes on the first 2020 presidential debate: “There was one problem on that stage. One source of the whole debacle. And it's the same source of the national nightmare we're living through right now.” chrislhayes chrislhayes I don't recall seeing you up on the stage... Oh! I got it, you were talking about JoeBiden ... I have to agree.... He's definitely a problem!!! chrislhayes MSNBC is a cancer. chrislhayes America is paralysed by Trump’s obnoxious behaviour and by the cowardice of Republicans in Senate and House who prefer to be subservient to the office of the President. It is not Trump’s fault The fault is in the uselessness of the American public and political institutions.

Critic's Notebook: A Bullying Donald Trump and an Ineffectual Chris Wallace Turn Debate Into a Disaster'Anybody who watched those 90 minutes of television is dumber for the experience. You. Me. All of us': THR's TV critic reviews the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden Trump, Biden and Wallace were all ridiculous. What Sht Show! WHAT was the moderator supposed to do, Rader Donnie WITH electrical prod?👍yesssss! Let’s not forget “Come’on man” Sleepy Joe ... was pretty sad as well.. The entire debate was 💩Storm.. Hope they ALL clean up their acts by the next one...

‘I’m Not Chris Wallace’: Jake Tapper Cuts Short Pointless Interview With Trump SpoxCNN anchor Jake Tapper booted Trump’s campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh on Wednesday after the Trump flack continued to deflect when pressed on the president’s refusal to condemn white supremacists, invoking the much-maligned moderator of Tuesday’s debate in the process.Following an off-the-rails more of this jaketapper Trump has denounced white supremacy and other forms of hate many times. How does Jake Tapper not know this? Or is he just another media activist for the DNC? WELL HE IS ONE OF THEM,I BET HE EVEN HAS A PROUD BOY NICKNAME..LIKE ORANGE WARRIOR.

Presidential Debate #1 Review: Donald Trump Rants, Joe Biden Plays POTUS & Chris Wallace Loses ControlIn the wise words of George W. Bush, “well that was some weird shit.” The first of three debates between incumbent Donald Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden was a fierce fracas that left mos… This 👆🏼 What a train wreck went way off the rails! If this is the first debate then the next 2 debates are gonna be hot messes. Complete insanity!!