Chris Jericho Donates $2K To Wrestler Who Snapped Both Legs In Ring

Chris Jericho Donates $2K To Wrestler Who Snapped Both Legs In Ring

10/29/2020 6:33:00 AM

Chris Jericho Donates $2K To Wrestler Who Snapped Both Legs In Ring

Touching gesture from Chris Jericho ... the AEW superstar donated $2,000 to a man who snapped both his legs performing a stunt in the wrestling ring.

In aGoFundMeset up to help offset growing hospital bills ... Justin's family and friends say he's already undergone three significant surgeries and still has at least one more operation coming to try to repair the damage.Justin's family and friends say his road to recovery is going to be lengthy ... and add all the bills could ultimately grow to over $200,000.

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Fortunately, Jericho caught wind of the horrifying accident ... and decided to chip in -- pledging $2K to the cause this week."That was so terrible!!!!!" Jericho told us of why he donated.As for Justin, his family and friends say he's taking the traumatic experience in stride ... writing,"Justin has remained lighthearted in his situation."

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That hurts!!! Only $2k? Is that total or per leg? 🤷🏻‍♂️ that should cover the duct tape he's gonna need Damn just 2 Bands lol There are 3 other wrestlers who donated too right next to Chris name. Give them props too. I see you JANELABABY That's like the equivalent of me donating 2 pennies!! So promote me I donated pennies

Easy on the picture im eating breakfast 🙈 Whoa!! That Clip Is Cringing!! Hope Dude Is Getting More Than $2 Grand To Cover Hospital Bills!! Gotta walk it off He s a class act for wrestling!! Always helping out many others that are in need! Need more athletes stars like this!! That's not even 1 months bills.

2k? When you’re multimillionaire? Cheapo Shit looked like bent back paperclips Oh come on, you totally missed the headline. 'Y2J donates 2K' Thats it 2k? His bills will be way more than that cheapo! He just slunk. It's Night Night Time! Let's get some Zzzzzzzzz's with my video designed to help you fall asleep and get a good nights rest.

Lolololol That’s it jbrownwoods Jericho is a good dude Hey , only you guys can find HunterBiden, if you can’t find him, he must already be dead. Any word JoeBiden ? Why haven’t we seen you with your son? ThisStoryMatters The guy who broke both his legs might meed to get them amputated The fights may be fake but the injuries are not.

'Break a leg out there...or two' Jericho has always been a helping hand to fellow wrestlers. He’s a good guy Lucky break

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