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Tudum, Extraction

Chris Hemsworth Teases Return for ‘Extraction’ Sequel

The actor shared an announcement teaser at Tudum, the online Netflix event.

9/25/2021 9:15:00 PM

At TUDUM , Chris Hemsworth confirmed he will return for Netflix 's Extraction sequel:

The actor shared an announcement teaser at Tudum , the online Netflix event.

Extractionwas a big hit with audiences when it debuted on Netflix April 2020 in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, when it felt like a much-needed jolt in a time when the future of big-budget fair was in flux with tentpoles being delayed left and right.

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Extractionwas praised for its action sequences,  gave Hemsworth yet another franchise to show off his particular set of skills, and turned Hargrave into an in-demand filmmaker. Netflix has touted it as its most-watched original film ever and quickly put the sequel on the fast-track.

A big question at the end of the firstExtractionwas if Tyler Raker survived. The Australian mercenary seemingly died, but a last-minute reveal put that into question.Once again, the sequel is produced by Joe and Anthony Russo via their AGBO banner, from a script by Joe Russo, who also penned the first installment. The first headtopics.com

Extractionscript came after Joe Russo worked on the 2014 graphic novelCiudad Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

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Why is it called tudum? And is it pronounced Too Dumb? Confirm? They’re almost done shooting. Can't wait to see Extraction 2. Bring it on!! It was fine as a one-off movie but don’t see the sequel doing well unless they introduce something new and unique. Not every movie needs a sequel Didn’t he died? Or he’s going to be in a flashback or something? I liked the film so I don’t mind

Wasn't bad i actually liked it for what it was. Does Tudum includes ANY info on these shows: CoisaMaisLinda S3 JulieAndThePhantoms S2 Vampires S2 BocaABoca S2 TinyPrettyThings S2 WhoKilledSara S3 GetEven S2 Summertime S3 Mortel S3 🤔 🤔 Streaming Extraction is getting a Sequel? Why?

Chris Hemsworth To Reteam With Sam Hargrave & The Russo Brothers On ‘Extraction 2’; Watch The Teaser – Netflix TudumWhile Chris Hemsworth ’s Australian black ops mercenary Tyler Rake appeared to have met his end at the close of Extraction , the actor will be back for Extraction 2. He’ll reteam on the s… What was the last non-action film that Hemsworth starred in? Non interessa a nessuno. Speaking of Hemsworth, what about EscapefromSpiderhead?

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