Chris Hayes on the implied threat when Republicans use guns as props

“Many Republicans are now signaling that they retain the right to use violence to overthrow the government at any time,” says Chris Hayes. “And they are willing to brandish that claim as a threat in pursuit of their political aims.”

2/25/2021 12:31:00 AM

“Many Republicans are now signaling that they retain the right to use violence to overthrow the government at any time,” chrislhayes says. “And they are willing to brandish that claim as a threat in pursuit of their political aims.”

“Many Republicans are now signaling that they retain the right to use violence to overthrow the government at any time,” says Chris Hayes. “And they are willing to brandish that claim as a threat in pursuit of their political aims.”

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chrislhayes But we’re is that elusive laptop is the president been compromised with China and we are sending our troops overseas again chrislhayes i will do of your websites captchas unlimited chrislhayes It's def their plan. So let's prepare for it and get them all out in the open where we can take the legal steps necessary to fight them.

chrislhayes After what happen at the capital they are not far off unless leaders of gov. Stand up. They heard what trump said or told his peers and no leader of gov. Stood up to defend this debacle, wonder why chrislhayes Traitors! chrislhayes How do the Republicans read that in their democratic Constitution?!!

chrislhayes Fake news generator of misinformation, nothing factual just liberal opinions chrislhayes Shea rebellion and its effect at hastening the enactment of the US Constituition negotiated to replace the articles of confederation. chrislhayes Anarchy USA 2020! chrislhayes Conservatives have to ignore what a gun IS & its something that only exists to kill. They’re either for killing animals or ppl, a fact they REALLY have to gloss over to justify assault rifles being legal. Theyre designed to hunt the deadliest prey of that shoots back.

chrislhayes Call the what they are. mehdirhasan chrislhayes It's a sad reality of historic proportions that the US Republican Party in the 21st century has emerged as a greater threat to the Constitution than the Communist Party every was in the 20th Century. chrislhayes What happened to the Constitution and democratic process. This is revolution in reverse of the goals of the founding Fathers. It is to overthrow the will of the people (vast majority of voters) and install an authoritarian regime run by conspiracy theorists where lies are king.

chrislhayes Yes but as a country like UK national and actions speak leander then words and nobody understands whatever they say or they do because of political and selfish propaganda and racism and hypocrite and dictatorship and nazi and BLACK LIVES MATTER for myself in England chrislhayes She should have to sit down and take a mental evaluation exam there is something definitely wrong with her and MTG and a lot of other Republicans sitting in there, hey Chris I wonder how come no one has brought up John Cornyn during the disaster in Texas he is the senior senator

chrislhayes WTAF? chrislhayes They really, really do NOT want to push that button. There are more armed democrats than they want to find out about. It won't be pretty. chrislhayes *More chrislhayes The current Q/Republican Insurrection Party will never DARE fully overthrow the government when they have no gov to replace it with, bc they have shown everyone they have no clue HOW to govern a country, much less govern their local governments.

chrislhayes See, I see this as a problem. chrislhayes So let me get this Right, pun intended, in applying the crowded theater scenario, this segment of ‘We the People’ can shout ‘Fire! Fire!’ in a crowded whatever and LET IT RIP!!!!! chrislhayes The clips from Jr’s video actually make me laugh. Those are all .22 pistols with scopes for w/e reason. And they’re not great .22s either lol. It’s a lame intimidation tactic that is laughable to anyone who knows even little better.

chrislhayes How long was a capitol building taken over in Seattle? chrislhayes Those that support violence will ultimately regret it someday. But hope they remember that it was them that we’re supporting violence for political gain. chrislhayes Ofc..because there voter suppresion against black,muslim and other none white voters does not work as planned. Btw the GOP is the ONLY Party in Democratic Countrys arround the world who does this Bullshit. Even the far right AfD in germany lets the people vote as they wish.

chrislhayes Now we see why The Queen put them on the boat to leave England! chrislhayes I guarantee that that bitch will be in prison within 4 years. chrislhayes 🤬 chrislhayes 'There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.' ~Gothe kurtbardella chrislhayes They had a willing party in the WH. Normally this would happen but the former occupant and his Republican supporters in Congress assured and emboldened insurrectionists to storm the Capitol.

chrislhayes Coming soon ! chrislhayes A few days in jail will change all that boasting. 😢 GUARANTEED chrislhayes My friend if you don't like this country get the hell out! we have a constitutional right to bear arms, you don't like it get out of my country! go live in China!! chrislhayes Yep just took Trump, fam and his immoral repubs faithful to him to embrace extremists( they’ve been waiting for a dippy pres like this to come along) and here sits USA now. Worst thing is Trumpers want them on their side, plus are now protecting extremists during

kurtbardella chrislhayes Exactly how the two morons were elected (Boebert, Taylor Greene). 🤪🤪 chrislhayes ‘Cause fascists gonna fascist. chrislhayes Same vibe chrislhayes They remind me of the Al Quaeda videos. I'm amazed they don't have a 5'x5' bin Laden-esque photo of Trump behind them. chrislhayes Conservative media says that it is ok to use state apparatus to challenge state in pursuit of their belief! Sound familiar! Pass the martial law to invalidate the elections!!!

chrislhayes She should be expelled. chrislhayes Republicans, the party of traitors and conspiracy theorists. chrislhayes These nuts have to be contained for my grandchildren's future chrislhayes Mr. Hayes, As a “lawful” firearm owner for my entire life, I would cordially invite you to go to a gun range within your state. I believe that you would find the people to be civil and would help you to understand that all gun owners are not criminals. Education is not dangerous.

chrislhayes the NRA has been teaching that to kids for a couple of decades now. those 'kids' are now running for office chrislhayes Somebody need a fact check that because that is totally wrong it's a fact check that one chrislhayes What ever happens to fighting clean no weapons like punches they are coward they would not last !!!

chrislhayes Right... And there was no violence when liberals stormed and burned police stations and court houses most of last year in Portland, seattle, etc. Crackpot chrislhayes If we use common sense, no political party should ever be associated with intolerance or insurrection. When elections are held, it is the voice & vote of the People. It is done. You don’t push conspiracies or form back door alliances with hate groups.

chrislhayes Thank you for this piece, Chris💙🇺🇸 chrislhayes Here’s Madison Cawthorn on NewsMAX w/ Seb! Gorka. To wit: 1) 2A was adopted so people could overthrow the US government. 2) Its a straight line from HR 127 to American versions of Aucshwitz, Dachau and Buchenwald. YOU 👏 CAN 👏 NOT 👏 MAKE 👏 THIS 👏 STUFF 👏 UP 👏

chrislhayes Did they tell you that or did that just come out of your head chrislhayes Lol, exactly what I talked about in some tweet replies I did last week. Good to see some validation and reinforcement to a larger audience on this matter. I stand by what I said then: It must be talked about more how these displays come across as intimidating (even if I’m not).

chrislhayes Letting this slide is showing the world how weak and incompetent the US really is other countries are watching esp China and if the United States can not control its own citizens Then how will it be able to prevent a defend an invasion. chrislhayes Then the Democrats need to arm up.. chrislhayes Where have you been, the left claimed this years ago. So, I guess in a way the country is now united

chrislhayes chrislhayes I don't support the displaying of guns in these backgrounds, but for some is it possible they're seen like a rebound from people that insist on having oh so clever or self-publicizing books in their own backgrounds? chrislhayes chrislhayes trumpTaliban is a real thing chrislhayes This is the ultimate driver of these people's practices and intentions.

chrislhayes The whole idea of the Second Amendment has been polluted by these nut jobs who ignore the rest of the Constitution. But people are starting to see through the smoke. chrislhayes imagine if real news was being reported on, instead of saying that REPs are signaling they want to overthrow the government at any time. it would be a real shame if you spent as much time reporting on actual news, like Cuomo.