Chris Harrison Racism Apology is Sincere, Michael Eric Dyson Says

Chris Harrison Racism Apology is Sincere, Michael Eric Dyson Says

3/5/2021 12:05:00 AM

Chris Harrison Racism Apology is Sincere, Michael Eric Dyson Says

Chris Harrison has at least one person in his corner during his excusing racism scandal.

directly and sincerely to Rachel.Dyson says Chris was right to own up to his mistake, admit his imperfections, denounce Rachel Lindsay's online trolls and emphasize a need for change. He says his time with Chris convinced him he's sincere.Dyson tells us,"He also made it plain that he is not the victim here, a crucial point to emphasize as he rightfully refuses to revel in self-pity. At no point was he defensive, which is an important part of showing that he recognized his error."

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So, he's probably a close friend but irregardless your APOLOGY was Rehearsed you didn't mean it you only said it because like you said you want your job back 🔙😂 Nope!!!! TriggerWarning Oh please. you are so biased is ridiculous!! letitgo He apologized. Wtf do you want? Him to get on his knees and beg?🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️. Just STOP stirring the pot!

Dyson is a full blown racist himself A black guy said it’s all good so can I have my job back? His interview to me was too soon! And he should’ve done more learning before his latest interview. Mr Harrison came off a little annoyed, as if he pushed the words. With no feelings behind them. How many of these self-appointed leaders give a sh*t about The Bachelor show?

He looked like he reading his “apology” from queue cards He had nothing to apologize for that's the problem with some white people this day and time they no heart no backbone. I'm hold a class for white people that don't have no backbone to stand up for themselves and teach them how to stand up for themselves

Michael Eric Dyson is always on some BS😂 Apologies have to go through the hierarchy of approvals now huh. As long as “we” say it’s ok then it’s certified. GTFO Thank you!