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Chris Harrison's journey has come to an end. After almost 19 years of hosting #TheBachelor, he is officially exiting the franchise.

6/8/2021 6:24:00 PM

Chris Harrison's journey has come to an end. After almost 19 years of hosting TheBachelor, he is officially exiting the franchise.

Chris Harrison’s temporary exit from The Bachelor is about to become permanent. After 19 years with the ABC franchise, he is reportedly leaving following his racism controversy earlier this year.

. "And this poor girl Rachael, who has just been thrown to the lions, I don't know how you are equipped when you have never done this before, to be woke enough, to be eloquent enough, to be ready to handle this." Read more: E! News »

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RIP to the bachelor franchise. It’s over for y’all 💅🏼 get woke, get broke. Who cares. It's the Bachelor. Come on people. Career & livelihood destroyed for speaking his neutral opinion. In no way did he “perpetuate racism”, but instead acknowledged the fact that we’re looking through a different lens in 2021. Society has become a witch-hunt & if you “disagree” with the mob, you’ll be hung out to dry

I hope the franchise goes with him! hannah_kulik 👀 Let’s be real here- all The Bachelor is now are beautiful ppl dying to become Instagram Influencers so they can hawk off weight loss tea that will give you explosive diarrhea Awww too bad, he did a really great job over the years. He not only hosted the show, but also did a good job of counselling and coaching... Best of luck to you, Chris.

Everyone should. It’s time is done Well I am very happy I stopped watching this so-called show a long time ago. A bunch of half-naked adults without morals wanting fame. There is probably a better way to go about it. Unbelievable! The shows ending after Michelle’s season anyway😩

Chris Harrison Exits ‘Bachelor’ Franchise; Rose Withers On 19-Year Run As Host After Racism ControversyEXCLUSIVE: Just hours after the 17th season of The Bachelorette debuted, long-time host Chris Harrison has exited the romance franchise for good. Having fronted the Mike Fleiss-created The Bachelor… Interesting. He isn’t or wasn’t Alex Trebex so who cares. Question the racist that hosted 19 years on dating show. Who was Chris Harrison. Yes you hit the daily double. 😲😲😲. I know he wouldve wanted a different outcome, but they did what they thought was best. We shall see. Shes had some good seasons.

Why not take the show with him. What the hell. I’m done with the show then. It’s not the same watching it without him 👋🏼 Wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a Fox News commentator 🙄 Oh perfect 😅 Maybe I’ll watch now? Especially to encourage recasting those types of people 🤩 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 byeeeeee

It's Official: Chris Harrison Is Exiting 'The Bachelor' Franchise After 19 Years Following Racism ControversyIt's Official: Chris Harrison Is Exiting TheBachelor Franchise After 19 Years Following Racism Controversy And he is getting a HEFTY check too....🧐

Chris Harrison Leaving ‘The Bachelor’ Franchise For Good After Dramatic Exit NegotiationsIt’s official: Chris Harrison will never return to “The Bachelor” franchise, Variety has confirmed. Harrison’s departure comes following a media spectacle of a controversy t… too himself cancelled...I hardly ever watched anyway, but I liked him. Stupidest CancelCulture garbage I’ve ever seen. Ridiculous. That is too bad. He was the only thing to make that franchise palatable.

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Watch Chris Wallace Confront Manchin on Whether He’s “Being Naive” About BipartisanshipThe Fox News Sunday anchor asked the West Virginia senator if his insistence on keeping the filibuster makes it less likely for Republicans to negotiate. We Can no longer think of Ourselves. USA being ATTACKED! 2015 USA Want a No Fly Zone on Russia attack. First Rule Of War Divide and conquer. 2016 Dem's Fear Russia help.They planted it to look so,incase.Trump charm use it in a speech.Russia sprung the Trap.Feed Fake new Online... I think the folks in West Virginia, a deep red state, know what they're doing when they send this guy to caucus with the Democratic Party, of which he is allegedly a member. Manchin could just switch parties

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