Chris: Debate was a ‘performance of our national catastrophe’—and Trump is solely to blame

Chris Hayes: “There was one problem on that stage. One source of the whole debacle. And it's the same source of the national crisis we're living through right now.”

10/1/2020 1:42:00 PM

.Chrislhayes on the first 2020 presidential debate: “There was one problem on that stage. One source of the whole debacle. And it's the same source of the national nightmare we're living through right now.”

Chris Hayes: “There was one problem on that stage. One source of the whole debacle. And it's the same source of the national crisis we're living through right now.”

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chrislhayes Wrong Biden started it and repeatly called the president names like a high school boy chrislhayes TrumpFueledChaos chrislhayes The president did exactly what he wanted to do and y'all call him a clown. Joe tried to act presidential trying to talk to the American people with nothing but lies and the president stop it. Haven't y'all heard enough from politicians who steal your money and give it away. Stop

chrislhayes Clown. Joker. No diff. chrislhayes The CPD should NOT alter the debate rules due to Trump’s juvenile misconduct. Mayhem is Trump’s trademark. A change in rules instead of admonishing or penalizing his unacceptable behavior only emboldens him. One must apply the same principles to Trump as you would a child.

chrislhayes America is paralysed by Trump’s obnoxious behaviour and by the cowardice of Republicans in Senate and House who prefer to be subservient to the office of the President. It is not Trump’s fault The fault is in the uselessness of the American public and political institutions. chrislhayes MSNBC is a cancer.

chrislhayes chrislhayes I don't recall seeing you up on the stage... Oh! I got it, you were talking about JoeBiden ... I have to agree.... He's definitely a problem!!!

Twitter Is Not Pleased With Chris Wallace's Performance as Debate ModeratorTwitter was not pleased with Chris Wallace's performance as the moderator during Joe Biden and Donald Trump's first presidential debate. See the reactions here. He stunk! You got darn right! He got run over... but wait, that’s right- 45 brought football back 🙄 One would've thought he was the Democratic candidate.

Critic's Notebook: A Bullying Donald Trump and an Ineffectual Chris Wallace Turn Debate Into a Disaster'Anybody who watched those 90 minutes of television is dumber for the experience. You. Me. All of us': THR's TV critic reviews the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden Trump, Biden and Wallace were all ridiculous. What Sht Show! WHAT was the moderator supposed to do, Rader Donnie WITH electrical prod?👍yesssss! Let’s not forget “Come’on man” Sleepy Joe ... was pretty sad as well.. The entire debate was 💩Storm.. Hope they ALL clean up their acts by the next one...

Presidential Debate #1 Review: Donald Trump Rants, Joe Biden Plays POTUS & Chris Wallace Loses ControlIn the wise words of George W. Bush, “well that was some weird shit.” The first of three debates between incumbent Donald Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden was a fierce fracas that left mos… This 👆🏼 What a train wreck went way off the rails! If this is the first debate then the next 2 debates are gonna be hot messes. Complete insanity!!

Chris Wallace lambasted after fiery Trump-Biden debateThe first presidential debate on Tuesday night saw the two candidates, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, talk over each other while Chris Wallace tried to keep the peace. Wallace was also accused as being soft on Biden. And it was Chris' fault how? Beta male running an alpha show That's so weird... ...said no one.

Chris Wallace Strains to Control Debate as Trump Flouts RulesFox News anchor Chris Wallace was stuck between two clashing forces as moderator of Tuesday night’s presidential debate: straightforward rules and a participant who seemed determined to ignore them. These two are the best America's got 🤡 Biden was not shouting, thus it wasn’t a shouting match.

'I guess I'm debating you': Trump and moderator Chris Wallace clash in raucous debateNear the end, Wallace called Trump out for not abiding by the two-minute response rule throughout the debate, which his campaign agreed to follow. 'Why don't you observe what your campaign agreed to as a ground rule, OK sir?' Wallace asked. These parasites are financing the democrat party so they can continue doing this to our nation. As they have been, how be it covertly since the establishment of the Ashke-Nazi Jewish Federal Reserve in 1913. Because he broke the rules and was debating Trump instead it's just simple as that Trump found new ways to disgrace and shame the country, you have to give him that Shameful