Chris D’Elia Addresses Previous Sexual Misconduct Allegations

'I do have a problem,' says Chris D’Elia in a new video addressing last summer's sexual misconduct allegations

2/20/2021 9:03:00 PM

'I do have a problem,' says Chris D’Elia in a new video addressing last summer's sexual misconduct allegations

Chris D’Elia on Friday posted a lengthy video in which he addressed sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him last summer.

"First of all, I do know how it looks with all the stuff that's been said and the emails that have been put out there and what the media has been trying to say and I know it looks bad," D’Elia said."I stand by the fact that all my relationships have been consensual and legal."

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Last summer, D’Elia wasaccused by multiple womenof sexually harassing underage girls. One alleged victim claimed he asked for nude photos knowing she was a minor. Another alleged victim accused him of attempting to groom her. Screenshots of conversations between her and the comic were shared. D’Elia was

dropped by his talent agency, CAA, shortly thereafter. He released an initial statement when the allegations came to light, but has been quiet since.In his Friday video, D’Elia said"sex controlled my life" and that he was seeking treatment. "It was the focus, it was my focus all the time. And I had a problem and I do have a problem. It's not like, months down the line everything's better. I need to do work on that."

D'Elia most recently appeared on the Netflix series Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

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Is he still justinbieber fave comedian? LOL one year too late bud Being a nonce isn’t a problem it’s a fucking disease It’s Hollywood, who cares? They have zero moral compass out there bunch of animals. He’ll rebuild his career as long as he can make someone money. netflix is here to support Chris asking minors for nudes is illegal. period