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Chris Cuomo Threatens Man Who Called Him ‘Fredo’

In the YouTube video of the incident, Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor, said his conservative critics had frequently used the name as an insult against him


In the YouTube video of the incident, Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor, said his conservative critics had frequently used the name as an insult against him

The confrontation was shared on a conservative YouTube channel. President Trump criticized the CNN host on Twitter, writing: “I thought Chris was Fredo also.”

The video, originally shared on the conservative YouTube channel That’s The Point With Brandon, does not show the comment that sparked the incident. But it captures Mr. Cuomo’s furious response as he takes umbrage at the remark, which he called tantamount to “the n-word” for Italian-Americans.

On Tuesday morning, Mr. Cuomo posted a statement, saying, “Appreciate all the support but — truth is I should be better than the guys baiting me.”

“Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur in an orchestrated setup,” Mr. Dornic wrote. “We completely support him.”

, who often criticizes the Cuomo brothers, seemed to drive that point home, writing on Twitter: “I thought Chris was Fredo also. The truth hurts. Totally lost it.”

. Addressing Mr. Cuomo on Monday night, he wrote: “Take it from me, ‘Fredo’ isn’t the N word for Italians, it just means you’re the dumb brother.”

Mr. Recor claimed that “the guy listens to Rush Limbaugh a lot, and for whatever reason, Rush Limbaugh refers to Chris Cuomo as Fredo. So the guy was like, ‘Hey, Fredo, can I get a photo?’”

Mario Cuomo often pointed out that references to the Mafia, and his Italian heritage in general, had been used against him by political rivals — perhaps most famously by

“He acts like one,” Mr. Clinton said, after someone suggested that Mr. Cuomo had Mafia connections, in a recorded telephone conversation that was made public.

Andrew Cuomo has been the target of Mafia-related political attacks, too, with

But in recent years, some liberal commentators have also used Mafia comparisons to refer to Mr. Trump and his family, with some of them comparing members of the president’s family — particularly

At least one such comparison took place on Mr. Cuomo’s show, as his critics pointed out on Monday night. In January, the Republican strategist Ana Navarro

Donald Trump Jr. shared a short clip of Ms. Navarro’s comments on Monday night, noting that Mr. Cuomo did not object to her remarks.

Read more: The New York Times

cheryl_hoekstra He said this tactic was fine when it was used against Sarah Ssnders, Sen McConell and Sen Graham? inferiority complex, inflated ego, being on TV really screws with peoples heads, skews their sense of reality, normalcy. its pathetic. then they lash out. tv is toxic. grow the f up chris, get help with your insecurity issues.

Here’re is the FREDO CUOMO tape. I don’t watch tv. I saw him on after the Dayton and El Paso shootings when I was visiting my mom. Not commenting on this incident but I couldn’t watch. All the reporters I saw confirmed my suspicion that objective reporting has become monologue. ... hello Fredo...! Can we? fredo fredocuomo

Is name is Chris not Fredo! That trump cult member knew exactly what he was saying to Chris!! His brother looks a lot like Sollozzo, the dope dealer that tries to whack The Godfather. He's a thug. Jeez! Enough of this non-story already. No one besides Trump and his son care.

Chris Cuomo Threatens Man Who Hurled Italian Slur 'Fredo' at HimChris Cuomo threatens a man who called him 'Fredo.' Chris has a huge issue with being seen as the weaker brother. papascat fredo is not an italian slur

Way to clean that up for him. Seemed it hit a nerve. Poor Fredo. He defended himself. Good for him. What's the hobbit gonna do? And of all things, Sean the conspiracy theorist Hannity defended Cuomo Old Fredo, didn't mind people using that term on his own show. The left is so dramatic. That's why you going to get smoked in 2020. House, senate, White House.

Please report on Hong Kong thanks. Don't mess with Chris! Them people don’t want no smoke with Chris Missing the point he was having dinner with his family!! Would you accept someone approaching you and calling you out your name in front of wife and kids🤷🏽‍♂️

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo filmed in expletive-laden tiradeChris Cuomo seen in video of a heated exchange with a man he accused of calling him 'Fredo' — a term the CNN anchor said was a slur for Italians. IstandwithChrisCuomo 1000% !!! Fredo you never ever take sides against the 'family' in this case the family being America. U somiabitch. Give him a raise CNN!!! We don’t negotiate with terrorists or back down to bullies!

He should’ve punched him in the nose I’m with Cuomo. He is human to He should kxxk his Azer. Cup has a potty mouth Imagin if a conservative has this kind of meltdown it would be on the front page of this rag Lighten up, Chris . Trump is a child and Chris Cuomo should go away. Fixed. Chris bashes trump continually about his lack of morals. Chris was out of control.

Yes we have. He’s the dumb brother in The Godfather . Fredo! Temper and Crazy Coumo Fredo

President Trump Joins Chris Cuomo Internet Fray, Sides With Provoker Called “Jackass” By Sean HannityPresident Donald Trump has inserted himself in the barroom verbal brawl between CNN ’s Chris Cuomo and a stranger who called the anchor “Fredo” – and Trump, unlike his Fox Ne… Don’t do this. It’s “Fredo”, a name, not a slur. Yep, stop this. You are not helping Not a slur Chris Cuomo (Fredo) thinks it's okay for a grown man to share a bathroom with your 12 year old daughter and any parent that disagrees with that is 'intolerant'. Enough said.

Oh grow up, you lot. Stop trying to make this into a drama. Fredo was a fictional character who betrayed his younger brother in The Godfather. Back in the 70s. Brilliant film - no comparison with the childish chaos surrounding Trump. He used it on himself and he has no problems with his guests using this term. All on video

FREDO tells the students they should've walked away while they were being harassed, but poor FREDO doesn't take his own advice and equates a movie line about a weak brother to the N word, wow that's a pretty reaching statement. Dems said go Harass them wherever they are, well. Lol, yeah blame it on conservatives and he's probably blaming Trump also. He's a hypocrite he needs to man up and I admit it

Good, he wants to play 'The God Father?' Next time break his kneecaps. That ought to teach him a lesson. Hey, FREDO, own it. (And thanks for letting us know it gets under your thin skin.) “Fredo” Cuomo the Bigot So what ! Two days of this !fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo ! Which name? Of the slow brother? The one who dropped his gun and didn’t protect his father? The traitor who sold his brother to his enemies? That name? Fredo?

Chris Cuomo Rages at ‘F*cking Punk’ Who Called Him ‘Fredo’“It’s an Italian aspersion … It’s an insult to your people. It’s like the N-word to us,” Chris Cuomo says in a video taken at a bar on Shelter Island As an Italian, That's laughable. TeamCuomo

But yet Fredo can be hurled against conservatives and it's ok, right? And, on his own show. I had to listen twice bc thought Cuomo was saying he was an actor (anchor) on CNN. My bad. Boy, NYT, you sure can leave a lot out. lol frankly, Donald Trump Jr is as close to the ‘Godfather’ character ‘Fredo’ as any person in America ... he’s hapless ... Chris Cuomo is anything but hapless

ChrisCuomo AND I throw temper tantrums. Sticks and stones can break my bones but don't call me 'Fredo'! orwell4ever The only reason Chris Cuomo is still on tv is because his father was Governor of New York & now his brother is in the Governor’s office. He’s a Hack & Propagandist for the Socialist Democrats. He’s a hard ass when he’s calling people racists & Nazis but call him stupid 🤯

IM SMART Just as ‘giving’ someone ‘the finger’, calling people certain various ‘insults’ is NOT unlike the adage that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, in that, it’s human’s behavior & has a certain ridiculousness about it‼️The finger is just a finger, insults are from 💩 flingers❗️ Good for him You post a pic of Cuomo in from of a hero background? Bahahaha

Good for him. Why is it ok for Trump and his flock to do and say anything including Fox and not a word is said about it. I'm tired of always taking the high road.

Chris Cuomo took massive offense to being called 'Fredo' — here's the deal with 'The Godfather' characterFredo Corleone, considered the weakest brother, betrays his younger brother, ultimately costing him his life. I think it’s a bit over the top. He really lost his temper & I think BASED OFF HIS WORDS he was more offended because Fredo was the weak brother. I’m not saying the guy wasn’t rude but you gotta be thicker skinned than this because he threatened to toss him down the steps 😄😁😆 Fredo Has Anger Issues, But He Wasn't the Worst

I was hoping that Chris or fredo would have kick his ASS.. When a person uses so many f- bombs I tune out . Poor vocabulary , Chris ! Chris tends to be roid aggressive, I mean “real” aggressive. 😏 Isnt this what Democrats have been asking their constituents to do? Harrass officials in public There is no such word in the Italian dictionary “fredo” 🤔🤔🤔🤔

I always thought Eric Trump was Fredo. Sort of spineless, insecure and very dim witted. Staged... Moving on... Maybe they were talking about Frito lay and the corn chips ! The only reason Cuomo is so angry is because he knows its true. bullsh%t... CNN used that 'slur' against TRUMP multiple's the proof...1rst 15 seconds is Cuomo incident, 45 seconds of CNN using FREDO against Trump Family

Sean Hannity Defends CNN’s Chris Cuomo After Video Of Heated “Fredo” ArgumentA video of Chris Cuomo in heated argument at a New York bar has been making its rounds on the internet. In it, the CNN anchor is arguing with a man who called him “Fredo” — which was th… Heated Fredo Argument sounds delicious! Imagine conflating fredo with the nword because you threatened violence don’t you have different dumb shit to report

The person on the receiving end determines whether or not it's an insult, not the person saying it. I'd rather see Chris doing this than the Black dude tearing up on live TV. This guy clearly can´t handle stress correctly. Not the right man for the job. Then again he will speak the propaganda! He criminally threatened a man. There I fixed it for you

The fact Cuomo threatened to throw the guy down the stairs, an action that can kill the guy, demonstrates he’s a violent, dangerous person. He needs help. Thank god he didn’t have a gun on him, he might have used it. Sticks and stones.... Chris, you are way to angry, sensitive and aggressive. Ignore stupid people (always). Your last angry performance was stupid. Your reputation as a journalist has been seriously harmed.

The cancer of racist will 🛑 spreading. Too much ego for little man I WONDER IF HE'LL EVER FULLY RECOVER EMOTIONALLY. ESPECIALLY SINCE HE'S REFERRED TO HIMSELF AS FREDO IN THE PAST Ive often heard Don Jr. referred to as Fredo- but never Chris Cuomo. Last I checked- Fredo was a dim witted errand boy.

Lol! So ChrisCuomo doesn’t like to be called Fredo, yet it’s ok for cnn to continually call conservatives racist, disgusting, deplorable, etc.. it’s nice to have a name we know gets under your skin, now realDonaldTrump has a new name for you. Wah He’s an amazing person and good looking. Chris Cuomo was baited by this dope who insulted him. And he knew very well he insulted Cuomo. But the tough guy didn’t have the guts to take a shot at Cuomo who would’ve clobbered him. Gotta love Chris Cuomo! What a New Yorker! Born in NYC!

CNN knows all the words used to insult people because they use them 24/7. Why do they not bleep the word out like they do the N word? Why is it ok to use against Don Jr? Cuomo is a poor example for his child. Fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo They called Trump Jr. the same thing.... it was OK for them to do it. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😗

Ha ha ha, they are both douches. The guy with the cam is clearly baiting. I don't fault Chris for getting angry but he's a TV personality and should have known better. Who cares about some rando when you're on CNN spinning ultra-left propaganda? Sometimes the cup runeths over! I call him cumshot, yet Cumshot Fredo works also, he is the runt of the family and the name fits.

One jerk confronts another jerk, and it news at the NYT... His over reaction only means one thing; deep down inside he knows he’s a Fredo. Good for Chris Hey Chris it’s not a slur. Remember the light headed brother in “Godfather Two” his name was Fredo. Guess what’s rumored about you is true after all. How is ChrisCuomo different from realDonaldTrump ? Same personality just on opposite sides of the same coin. CNN DNC GOP

I saw the video. The guy was clearly lying when he said he thought that Fredo was his name. Shame on him. ''Fredo'' no Different that DAGO OR WOP no different than the N-word When the executive order from the President comes out that fines Tech Companies for Bias against the Alt-Right expect even worse ''Guinea'' ''Fag'' ''porch Monkey'' will be used by White Supremacists to attack

But ChrisCuomo is smart. He's smart. He can do things. Not like everybody says. FREDO means dumb. just 'punching 10x as hard' and 'fighting back' what's the prob, MAGAs? Bit cavalier! He could have smiled, rolled his eyes, shook his head, and walked away But he has a mental imbalance, though slight, that prevents him from doing that Chris/Fredo, needs a 'safe place' to get some good 'timeout' time He does love to preach, continually giving advice to us all?

Good job!!! Really. I guess Fredo is the racist calling himself Fredo in 2010. What a hypocrite! The left are all the same. They cry and moan untiul they themselves get caught doing the same thing! Hah Chris Cuomo handled the situation in a classy, well-controlled manner. Seemed of stable mental state. Certainly did not act like a Fredo in anyway. Or do you think he did?

So, we can all agree that Conservatives are racist?

This is why US is fucked. Media like New York Times sees a CNN anchor throwing his toys out of his pram as news. Thousand other real life problems all across America worth highlighting & putting scrutiny on but no, this apparently is what matters, this apparently is newsworthy. I feel sorry for Fredo!!! Being compared to anything from CNN or any one on the left is the actual insult. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

Distractions, distractions, distractions. Another subplot in the American reality show. CNN: Fredo Is An Ethnic Slur VIDEO -- Network employees have used the word in the past The word 'conservative' has a new meaning since Trump regime . It now means unAmerican. I thought Fredo was Eric Trump. Odd how is perfectly fine to Cuomo if people harass those who he disagrees with politically. Yet call him a name, and yikes!

This is normal news. Unfortunately, as public information shows, 45 has allegedly skewed the news space. And. Guess this is another reason why he is no longer working for ABC. New York Times = FAKE NEWS!!

realDonaldTrump “Cuomo is such a loser. Millions more people have called me a ‘racist’. More than any other U.S. President in history.” Kashmir and Hong Kong are powder kegs. U.S. stock markets are volatile. The gun violence epidemic continues unabated. Racial tensions are at a tipping point. N. Korea is firing missiles. And PresidentTrump focuses on THIS?!? He's many things. But he's not a leader.

He also gave the guy the opportunity to take the 1st swing so he could kick his a**... Not surprisingly the loud mouth coward backed down lolz See you don’t get it... the racism will not end, first the blacks and Hispanics. Muslims and then south Asian, then East Asian then Jewish then Italians then the other Catholics so the point is ; white Anglo Saxon Protestant...

He is so programmed to make everything about race that he just went with it. It's very sad. He might not think that that is who he is, but it is who he is. Poor Fredo.

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