Chris Cuomo Fired by CNN, Network Suggests New Evidence

Cuomo Prime Time is no more ... the guy's been terminated.

12/5/2021 1:29:00 AM

Cuomo Prime Time is no more ... the guy's been terminated.

Cuomo Prime Time is no more ... the guy's been terminated.

is without a cable news job -- the longtime CNN anchor just got fired ... and it sounds like there's more to the story on the help he offered his brother this year.The network just announced Chris' termination, saying they retained a respected law firm to conduct the independent review of his conduct -- and in light of that digging, they say they found further evidence that they felt warranted kicking him to the curb.

CNN writes,"While in the process of that review, additional information has come to light. Despite the termination, we will investigate as appropriate."

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Good, one more needs to go is the lemon guy Noooo! Not my baby daddy.😆 Seriously! I really liked him as a commentator. 🥴 CNN, should hire back, right now! Why fire him for being there for his bro? He wasn't in the Gov This makes me SO SAD! CNN has screwed up badly. Get him back!! 😭😭 I hate that Chris Cuomo , was let go / CNN , pay attention to your ratings

Bye bye 🙋🏻‍♀️ Seeet Justice! Absolutely ridiculous. I’ll tune in to MSNBC. I’m going to miss him. But I do understand why they let him go Hell be back in 18 months with a new book and a new show. Hosts are NOT NEWS Sad...

Why No One Told Chris Cuomo NoOn What Next, why Chris Cuomo thought he could help run damage control for his brother.

Good one less person to lie to the public There's no running away from troubles, being alive is trouble in itself. But getting into trouble for helping your brother when he's in trouble is the best trouble any one can get. No words can explain how happy this has made me. YES!!!! YES!!!!! I’ll miss Chris.

Let’s go Fredo! Then TMZ is next going off the air…rumor has it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sad , CNN , Sad. Got what he deserves …….

Opinion | Fire Chris Cuomo alreadyDan Froomkin: Every day CNN doesn't outright fire Chris Cuomo, it loses more trust — and its decline hurts everyone in the industry. - NBCNewsTHINK THINK You need him fired to improve YOUR ratings THINK Compared to the Republican criminals, this is a far on the wind. THINK From the network that ignored Matt Lauer’s behaviour for years. Cool cool cool

Wow Fredo Leave him alone Yet, Tucker Carlson and the rest of Fox News can continue to lie to people. *gasp* Poor Fredo. A lot of older Americans are having health problems & cant work due to high risk of serious covid. Also mental health issues are compounded by the virus. Please, OLDER ppl NEED $300/mth too! Please donate if possible🙏PayPal KimEilyasov I AM STRUGGLING due to covid😟

FREDO! LOL He has been annoying for so long. Nothing lasts for ever. Good.

Michael Smerconish to Fill in for Chris Cuomo on CNN Next WeekMichael Smerconish, the popular radio host who also leads a Saturday-morning hour on CNN, will show up in primetime next week when he fills in for Chris Cuomo at the WarnerMedia-backed cable-news o… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Harvey and TMZ are crying Sorry Fredo New ownership taking CNN in anew direction. A direction that results in real journalism. I felt it was going to go this way I wonder if he will go to FOX. Don Lemon must be heartbroken!! HE GETS A NEW TIME SLOTT!! 🥳🤩😝 This is sad news!!

The Feds Are Also Investigating Sexual Misconduct Claims Against Andrew CuomoThe inquiry is reportedly focused on potential violations of federal civil rights and labor laws.

I enjoyed watching his show RIP 🪦 cnn Good riddance. I ain't got time for propaganda from politico for extreme leftist campaign masquerading as a 'news' program It all started with Jody Aries!!!!! That Leo The Lion should’ve kept his hands off that cancer……..So I started talking about the LION 🦁 and then Castro popped upAnd then Joe Mixon Kareem hunt Tyreek hill Kevin Spacey

Leo The Lion 🦁 you believe me now don’t you……EYEEEEE Tried to tell you I was gonna wake up America the fuck up……..That other Leo The Lion from the bachelor didn’t believe me either 😂👍🏼😂👍🏼😂👍🏼 Didn't Jeffrey Tobin pull out his wang during a meeting and not get fired? Why was he in that position in the first place? It was a clear conflict of interest to have a prominent politician’s brother in that seat.

Next up donlemon !! I will always love Chris. CNN 's loss.

US started inquiry into Cuomo sexual harassment claims | AP NewsALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The U.S. Department of Justice began a civil inquiry in August into sexual harassment claims made against former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York officials disclosed Thursday. The exact nature of the inquiry and its current status was unclear. What about Trump's? But hey nbd about the dozens of accusations against Don 'Florida man' Trump

Yeah! Now go after the other 2 haters. Poor Fredo

Andrew Cuomo Under Federal Investigation Over Sexual-Harassment AllegationsThe Justice Department opened a civil-rights investigation into former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive chamber after a state report found the Democrat sexually harassed multiple women, people familiar with the matter said I find it amazing and disappointing that Cuomo Is suspended ,while trump has been accused of assaulting 23 women and walks around with a shit eating grin on his face and his third finger in the air to DOJ ! How about that AG ? 😆😆😆 “State report” by the progressive Attorney General who is now trying to take his former job. Totally not sus