Chris Christie Tears Into Trump's Legal Team: 'A National Embarrassment'

'As much as I’m a strong Republican and I love my party, it’s the country that has to come first.'

11/22/2020 7:13:00 PM

'As much as I’m a strong Republican and I love my party, it’s the country that has to come first.'

'As much as I’m a strong Republican and I love my party, it’s the country that has to come first,' the former New Jersey governor said.

Though Trump campaign lawyers have pushed unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud and ballot-counting irregularities in public, they have scrapped such allegations in court.In a lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania, a judge asked the Trump campaign legal team point-blank whether they were alleging fraud. “To my knowledge at present, no,” the Trump team attorney responded.

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“Listen, I have been a supporter of the president’s,” Christie said Sunday. “I voted for him twice. But elections have consequences, and we cannot continue to act as if something happened here that didn’t happen.”He continued:You have an obligation to present the evidence. The evidence has not been presented and you must conclude ― as [Fox News’] Tucker Carlson even concluded the other night ― that if you are unwilling to come forward and present the evidence, it must mean the evidence doesn’t exist.

That’s what I was concerned about on election night, and I remain concerned today. I think it’s wrong. I think ... you’ve heard lots of Republicans starting to say this ― I said it on election night ― and I hope more say it going forward because the country is what has to matter the most. As much as I’m a strong Republican and I love my party, it’s the country that has to come first.

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Screw up I Christie when your party needs you the most your throwing them under the bus shame on you!! Election integrity! You did nothing for your country the last 4 years. You supported a man and his dismantling of democracy. He is wrong that's all need to be said Then why did he vote for a man he knows is a fraud, a con, so totally wrong to be governing anything? Is it because he stole the R next to his name?

Well at least he hasn’t lost his soul to Trump He’s not condemning Trump. He’s condemning the legal team, there’s a difference. All this nonsense starts at the top and Chris Christie should have the backbone to say WTF to his buddy. Or better yet go close a beach to the public then show up with your family and your lawn chair law makers have lost touch with reality

ChrisChristie have a seat try watching an episode of AGT and watch those poor Ukrainian kids tell you there is no jobs nothing to do under the Obama administration while the Biden’s became millionaires Prove me wrong Chris I don’t wanna hear nothing from Christie he kissed trumps ass for 4yrs until COVID almost took him out at 45 superspreader

There is no more Republican Party. You all sold it down the river for a couple of pieces of gold. R.I.P. Chris Christie said this because Trump lost. He should have said this many many more months ago. Finally! What!? Now? WTF Another loser trying to back-track his way into peoples good favor. Nope! Not going to happen. We know who you are Christie - crying isn't going to help you...

Republicans need to get together, their is more power in numbers and go to the President , tell him this has stop for the good of the country. The Republicans party are losing ,the people for Biden will not turn to Trump after see his vindictiveness. And Christie refuses to refuse gooey food. Mr Christie has is spot on. Despite the fact that he said he voted for Trump (two times), I was heartened, and believe he is the first Republican to say 'the country has to come first'. Spot on. realDonaldTrump gop ProjectLincoln

I cannot believe I actually agree with him Country is coming first. ElectionIntegrity By admitting he voted twice for tRump, ChrisChristie isn’t putting our country ahead of the Republican Party. It tells us he endorses having a white Supremacist, racist, sexist and xenophobe as president. tRump, AmericasGreatestMistake

Oh please the Republicans had a chance to remove this traitor Trump from office didnt. Republicans are more loyal to their party then they are to the US. ChrisChristie Thank you sir for being the voice of reason when the GOP has lost their minds and huevos to 45🤦🏻‍♀️ bidenPresidentElect YoureFiredTrump

The light is beginning to penetrate the darkness and a new day is coming for America. Seriously it’s the truth, if there’s evidence it needs to come forth, yet they still have a little more time! Christie is probably riding the fence now, at the prospect there’s not sufficient evidence & Biden will be the next Commander in Chief.

Shut up. That “I was just following orders” ship has sailed rat. So cheating is ok? We all know it happened. Biden even admitted it. Well, it is NOT ok with me. I hope Biden and everyone that supports him is happy with his deceit. We are going to suffer. What took you so long? I must say kudos to you. The people come before the country. There’s a reason Trump beat Christie

No mate, you are just fat cunt Finally I do feel that Chris Christie is a decent human being. Did he just notice that? Yes it does. Time to go sir. Have some honor. Come back another day. AS SUSPECTED, CHRISTIE IS A RINO !!! THAT'S A QUICK EXIT FROM TRUMPS ARMPITS 😆 IJasonAlexander Maybe he should have expressed the same sentiment at any point over the last four years of absolute lunacy. fraud backtracking wewontforget

Tell your friend because he still HAS NO CLUE! He needs to grow up & take it like a man. He is not the first 1 term president, & is embarrassing himself & our country with his frivolous lawsuits. He would need to find 6 million illegal votes to win! This guy has filip-flopped so many times, I’ve lost count. At one time, he supports DT and on other times he talks smack about DT. He’s like a Sado-masochist.

USA is trying to legitimize a fraudulent election orchestrated by democratic thugs, media etc. Way to go governor i am a big fan I hope joe biden reaches out to you !!! To work in the WH I think you would be a great either SS or head of the FBI or national security Thank you for putting our country first

Big Fat Rat scurrying off a sinking ship. He will be kissing Biden’s butt and so will Graham. T06414569 Sure, as soon as it's politically existent for him to do this, he does it. Where was this spine for the past for years? 5 years too late, but progress? but he didnt care about people when he made the Bridgegate mess.

Not really Gov.... for you, not really! And it begins who next?👍 There is no Republican party, just the Trump Train that you hopped on years ago. A little late for country 1st. More like an embarrassment on a global scale. This presidency has been an epic fail and the GOP better come to terms with this fast !!

jimmaxcricket Rats and sinking ships...... IJasonAlexander Too.Fucking.Late. Then y yr words don’t match yr actions? Who do u think DT fighting for? He doesn’t need this kind of rubbish, when he needs United vision, at least from his own! So u do nothing constructive & then obstruct those who do? If u are so smart y didn’t u run for Pres, win & deliver?

does he think if NOW he goes against the trumpty dumpty he has a chance at 2024? I hope everyone remembers how many time he was validating the lies that was spread on the American public If you can't win in court, you can win by subversion. He's fired Anyone who, at any time, thought that djt was in any way, shape, or form qualified to serve as president of the United States should never be taken seriously by any rational human being.

Agree...the party is losing loyal Republicans due to this fiasco. No one person is larger than the greater good of this country.RepublicanParty CutTies GOP - Party over Country. Omg trump has been a national embarrassment the whole time. And you, too. Bravo Chris 👏👏👏 The republicans are a joke I hope your party never wins another race. You should of supported trump when we had a chance to make a difference. Your no better than the far left

Making sure our election system is free of manipulation and fraud IS making sure that our country comes first. Without that America is a third world country. Christie is not a strong Republican or a patriot! These are the secretive Neo cons that are really for globalism 'Save me, Mittens! I want to be in your good graces when you re-brand the Rethugs for the good white folks!

T minus 4 hours until Trump tweets an attack on Chris Christie It’s called saving face people! He knows this is not going to go down well in the history books and he is just trying to save what is left of his reputation... soon many others will follow! Thank you GovChristie now will you be the adult in the room and go talk to him? He is embarrassing himself & our country around the world! Int’l news shows are questioning not only Trump & his voters but YOUR party! Plz convince him to concede!

Chris Christie, like a broken clock, gets it right for once JayEmme00 Suddenly. Seems like most of these politicians and MSM 'reporters' are worried bout sumtings. I can't wait til this goes to the SCOTUS! I want to see who's been in who's pockets, taking bribes & all! Show the people all the evidencesss! If nothing happened, there's nothing to worry about.

Maybe you should have a sit down🤔🤔🤔 I’m somewhat disappointed in GovChristie at one time I would have voted Christie for president. Even though he has been very logical during the Trump presidency. I feel he may have clouded judgement to have not seen through that disaster sooner. Bwah! Chris Christie!

Coward, not standing for what is right! The sucker and loser voted for Trump twice. Twice! Who cares what he says. He has no integrity and no business being in public service. GovChristie this is what happens when you and the GOP supported a megalomaniac w/ dictatorial tendencies for the past 4 years. Refuses to give up power and thinks he’s always right since no one has ever stood up against him. You are to blame but we all will suffer. Your legacy

The truthful and courageous Republicans are standing for an honest election! ashishavyas Don’t buy Christie’s (or Hogan) press manipulation. Both are KochNetwork DarkMoney members... same group behind trump, Barrett, today’s GOP, trump’s lawsuits, & the Astro turf reopen & steal the vote protest groups 👉

He was an enabler of Trump’s as well, so he’s just as much to blame as Trump himself. This is guy that shut down a highway for his gain now gets to tell wolf wolf, christ crawl in your joke and go away!!!!!!! Trump does crap like this a lot politians should investagate fraud by obama biden Clinton. End story!!!!

Funny how chrischristie did care how realDonaldTrump ripped away at our democracy the last 4 years. It because of supporters like Cristi we are dealing with a man who feels he about our constitution. You helped creat this mess Christie own your part. Too late to distance now. Thats quite a bridge to cross. Wonder why he got delayed saying this?

When a liar says the right things for self interest and self promotion, enter Chris Christie. Where were you 4 years ago dick head GovChristie GovChristie GovChristie Got_It 👊🏻 Finally a Republican with a spine will his walk back up his talk Is that why he voted for trump AGAIN? 🤣👎🤣👎🤣👎🤣👎🤣 Thank you. It’s about time.

Thank You ChrisChristie ChrisChristie4 I hope more republicans will follow your lead. Country must come first. IJasonAlexander And the rats start to swim away from the sinking ship So GovChristie when are you going to have the Come to Reality meeting with realdonaldtrump ? So why now? It should always be that way...

Damn, he looks like shit. Like even more than usual... What is the Republican party seems to me lairs and cowards, Creating massive debt massive conspiracy theories and fucking Gutless Cowards IJasonAlexander Please liberals, I beg you: do not start stanning republicans again for trying to damage control their images by speaking out now.

As much as He is crooked as all the other Reps. Now he's turning the other cheek? What a joke!! GovChristie PREACH! IJasonAlexander Lil late! IJasonAlexander Politely remind them that Biden won and they need to do their job: The Republican members of the Michigan Board of Canvassers are: Norman Shinkle and Aaron VanLangevelde Please retweet

IJasonAlexander That would habe sounded great 4 years ago ChickenChristie GovChristie a loser who does not defend the values and principles of our nation just watches for his own interests, he does not have the courage that realDonaldTrump has defending our nation against socialist and communist invasion at this time MAGA🗣️🇺🇸🦅🇵🇷

IJasonAlexander Surprised trump hasn’t got nuclear yet. 🤯 What's interesting is that it's taken an assault on republicans personal brands & livelihood before they've been willing to stand up for the best interest of America. This 'president' has put our nation in danger for 4-years with no response from reps until his loss of power.

The Republican Party has devolved into fascism. Shameful! thepeoplehavespoken trumplost IJasonAlexander Really Chris? You still love THIS Republican Party? The party of Trump. The party of caged/separated kids. The party of graft, corruption, nepotism, lying, golfing, dictator loving, incompetence, Covid 19 deaths, climate change denying, court packing, smear tactics, and cheating?

And he knows about being a national embarrassment IJasonAlexander Chris Christy, you found your balls from under your gut? ChrisChristie A country that Trump has torn into bloody chunks of chaos, violence, since GO Putin Party keep enabling him to whip it with lashes of lies, conspiracy theories, false allegations of voter fraud, forcing it into frenzied circus of recounts

Keep repeating to the GOP Senate, especially Mitch McConnel IJasonAlexander Fatty Arbuckle sees the ship is sinking, trying to hop in a life raft IJasonAlexander And if anyone knows about national embarrassments, it is Chris Christie. My hats off to you, I wish the current president had your character.

Chris is still hoping Don will be presidential 😂 Too little, too late ChrisChristie Makes you wonder WTH Chris Christie is doing! Is he a friend or a foe If I were Trump I would cut him out of my life fast! He's a backstabber & probably getting $ from Dems or involved in some way. I never trusted this big mouthed loser!

All it takes to see the error of your ways is to almost die from a worldwide plague that you completely ignored and encouraged others to ignore until you actually got it yourself. That's pretty rich coming from a guy who had a beach closed from the public just so his family can enjoy it for themselves

Trumps corrupt cronies don't have a future and now they want to put their country before party. GFY Christie... Thank goodness! He only cares about the long term damage being done to Republicans. Sit down and shut up. Please A Trump truck parade driving up and Main st in Mendham as he speaks. So, no thank you to your insight. GovChristie

GovChristie Welp, looks like you’re really late to the party, boy. Those of us with intelligence knew this a long time ago: you know, during all that time you were budding up with the asshole. 🙄 What a lot of us have been saying for years!😤 ..and my paycheck being a regular now on leftist FakeNews. Rhinos ! Justice coming for you as well

Sure, somewhat late however. 😩 Incoming shittweets from realDonaldTrump about 'everything he's done' for GovChristie as soon as the donald finishes his round of golf. When THIS is the bare minimum for Republicans to put country over party, we're still losing. And he can take pride that he helped enable this want to be dictator. He could have cost him his life like the 250,000 + that have died from virus.

Christie is a traitor and NWO plant inside the Republican party ! Hes on the take !! Too little too late Chris! Im not a fan of ChrisChristie but at this point...i ll take it. More Republicans need to stand up for the country and put a stop to this absolute insanity because they know this is ridiculous realDonaldTrump

Exactly It’s not a good sign when even Christie bails on you. “...we cannot continue to act as if something happened here that didn’t happen.” Maybe round up a few of you like minded individuals and stage an intervention in the Oval Office. Definitely wear a mask and maybe a hazmat suit when you go. Do something!

He the only one trying to save his party. thank you for showing you can be a normal America! realDonaldTrump. How many times do you want to lose? Your cases have been tossed for lack of evidence of substantial fraud. They are meritless. Concede whilst you still have a gram of dignity. youlostagain ConcedeTrump concedenow

Before Trump went into politics he often said ' politicians are stupid ' . Once he leaves office he will confirm it but saying ' one was freaking out and the other side was kissing my ass ' Complicit Republican Just like New Jersey came first when he closed the beaches for everyone but himself. Yes, even though it means cheating in elections.

This feels so good for every New Jerseyan Trumper that I know or have seen or have felt. It's and embarrassment to the party. Reputation destroyed. Someone needs to stop the bully! Too little too late. These same Republicans should have said stuff like this years ago when he invited foreign interference into the 2016 election and the multitudes of crimes he committed over the last four years. Now they only care because the tides are pulling out

I have no pity for any Republican. Now that the president* has almost totally destroyed what is left of our civil society and has days left, NOW they cry out? I gree. I’m embarrassed by all the crap Trump and team are doing. You lost, sir. Please go gently into that dark night. Hold your head up and exit gracefully. Please.

What a concept. Especially for a Republican! Isn't it amazing what almost dieing from a deadly virus will do to your perspective. Trump needs to put up (show this evidence that he won) or zip it up (stop lying to the American people!) Trump has not been able to show any evidence in court that he is the actual winner. He should not be allowed to continue to make these horrendous lies! This is fraud.

Just his legal team? How about his supporters? Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is living up to his role model - Donald Trump. Christi, you’re like Lindsey skip from side to side whenever the heat is on you. Despicable Thank you, Mr. Christie. Too bad he didn't remember the country has to come first before he started backing Trump, who has never put the country first.

Who would listen to a 'strong' Republican who voted for Trump twice and then claims that the country needs to come first? It took a virus almost killing him to get him to admit he was an imbecile to go without a mask around Trump. He's no political genius! Too Late. TOO late go away. Hope none ever hires this Man ever again

You use to be a Democract. “The conduct ... has been a national embarrassment,” Correction ‘ International ‘. As an overseas American I’m avoiding people not just because of COVID-19 but because I’m tired of the non-stop ‘what is wrong with DT’ and ‘what is wrong with the GOP’ questions. Impeach again!

I would answer the coward but he blocked me...... big baby. Expect a Christie run in 2024. He has already started the mind game play..... chrischristie Trump: “Chris Christie? Hardly know him. Don’t think I’ve ever met him. He is a disgrace to the Republicans.” It is a national embarrassment. Trump lost fair and square.

You know you're in trouble when ChrisChristie and Scaramucci are the'voices of reason'. Oh my my ... Look who finally got his BALLS back The house needs answers from GSAEmily now on y she is undermining the peaceful transition of power for the President Elect. Subpoena her if need be. Her actions r putting American lives at risk. SignThePapersNOW TransitionNow

WACTH, Trump will start with the Disgrace tweets Today!! Why his head look like a ripe jersey tomato Georgians: If you turn 18 by January 5, 2021, you are eligible to vote in the run-off elections that will determine whether we take control of the Senate from Mitch McConnell. You have until December 7 to register to vote. Please tell your friends. BlueGeorgia votedemocrat .

It’s hard to defend that when Rudy’s on their team. omg this coming from a man who sent a woman with three kids to prison to cover his own misdeed He's always been for sale! Chris Christie has used the fix, I’m willing to bet. His party is actively undermining American democracy. He lost me at “I voted for him twice”. But we do have since semblance of sanity with his remarks.

Also an Internationale embarressement. Really Chris? You won't shut down any bridges for political purposes? Gtfoh Save it, Christie. You don't get to help burn the house down then throw a piece of lumber on a pile to pretend you're trying to help rebuild it. Your cognitive dissonance is astounding. What? It’s kind of hard to clone a spine and implant it at this late stage. You hadn’t noticed the idiocy before, or are you admitting your orange-nosing tRump’s rump was a cowardly ruse?

It's not Trump you have to be talking to. Trump is selfish and is incapable of caring about anything but himself. What he is doing is to be expected. You should be talking to the RNC, Mitch, cabinet members like Pompeo and Barr. A true American at its finest~ Says Trump’s toady. Gee, the obvious becomes obvious...

Wow!!!! Finally someone gets a pair of balls!! Trump attempts to change the out come of the election is called Voter Fraud! All the barriers the Republican Party has put up to make it harder to vote should be eliminated. Now we know what real voter fraud looks like and it's coming from the Republicans.

yeah, uh huh. GovChristie you’d join them if asked. That soul was sold cheap. can’t raise the price now, boy. aaaaand this means what? NOTHING! 🤣 YouLoveTheDon AdmitIt HuPo 🍅 tomato tohmahtoe hugs and kisses Only took 6 years and a dose of Covid for him to say this- pathetic and despicable I think that is the sanest thing I have heard coming out of the mouth of a Republican! However ... Trump will start to trash Christie on TV soon enough I’m sure!

How many times to Christie go to Mcdonald's to get Trump his Hamberder? He is just as culpable as Trump.. Trump: Make America into a bully’s world. Chris Christie has aged. He looks pale and his hair looks more gray Did someone finally pull off that nasty controlling leach that Trump placed behind Christie's neck?

He made sense today. realDonaldTrump lost. he said it’s time for trump to accept it. Ok Chris, now run off and tell your GOP little friends that the party’s over, mommy’s tired. They need to call their mommies and go home. No more cake or games. And I don’t want any temper tantrums, we’ve had enough! ConcedeNowTrump

The dual realities of Trump “wreaking havoc” on the GOP for years to come, and facing hundreds of indictments the day he leaves office makes me feel some kind of way! These pricks are arriving too late to save a drowning witch. A moron, in this case. Is flip-flopping Christie's thing? Christie trying to sound credible Worst gov in NJ EVER

Did he come off Trump’s payroll after Covid? The closer we get to Inauguration Day, the more GOP attacking Trump we’ll see. Cowards coming out of the woodwork. What a spineless disappointment he is. He’s aging well Go eat a hot dog man Chris Christie is such a useless parasite. Of course Trump’s law team is a national embarrassment but why do we keep going to Chris Christie for I put on ANYTHING?!?!

Lol he’s not a strong anything Yea right, too little, too late thank you very much for your work If you cared. Investigate Dominion? Its almost too late for that bullshit, Chris. Sorry He says after 4 years of promoting Trump non-stop...