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Chinese Warplanes Lead Taiwanese to Think About What to Do in an Attack

“Where would you even hide?”: Some people in Taiwan worry they aren’t sufficiently prepared for a Chinese invasion.

10/21/2021 9:00:00 AM

“Where would you even hide?”: Some people in Taiwan worry they aren’t sufficiently prepared for a Chinese invasion.

Residents of the self-ruled island are used to living in the shadow of an authoritarian regime, but rising tensions with China are stoking uncertainty for some.

China released footage of soldiers throwing smoke grenades and storming a beach in a province directly across the strait from Taiwan. WSJ looks at how tensions have escalated, threatening to pull in the U.S. and disrupt supply chains. Photo: CCTV Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

Ocean Worlds

Ocean Worlds

Some serious huge holes in this. When you say that PRC has been flying “war planes near Taiwan,” are you referring to the so-called Taiwan ADIZ that extends for kilometers into mainland China? Civilians will be not targeted by government force. There is no need for civilians to worry since nowadays the ammunition are all accurate guided and the militar action would be quite swift.

If it happens,there will be no escape. Sure hope they don't rely on reading this tweet to survive. china doesn’t stop winning All people had to do was be human lol there wouldn't have been a problem lol I'll figure it out 😆 my life depends on this lol Simply resist The Tsai regime in Taiwan is counting on the US for its independence drive, while the US is using Taiwan to counter China. Both are playing a dangerous game that will spark a war someday.

install defensive missile turrets and and tell them to enter at own risk Taiwan is a province of China

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this is reunion, like American Civil war Can we consider this as an example of a Civil War? taiwanANDchina

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