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Chinese Dissidents Back Trump’s Claims of Election Fraud

Some of China’s most influential dissidents and human-rights activists based in the U.S. have come out in support of the president’s unsubstantiated allegations of widespread U.S. election fraud.

11/22/2020 8:30:00 PM

Some of China’s most influential dissidents and rights activists based in the U.S., who approve of Trump's tough line on Beijing, have come out in support of the president’s unsubstantiated allegations of widespread U.S. election fraud

Some of China’s most influential dissidents and human-rights activists based in the U.S. have come out in support of the president’s unsubstantiated allegations of widespread U.S. election fraud.

Nov. 22, 2020 10:09 am ETHONG KONG—Some of China’s most influential dissidents and human-rights activists based in the U.S., who approve of the Trump administration’s tough line on Beijing, have come out in support of the president’sunsubstantiated allegations of widespread U.S. election fraud

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.Blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng has tweeted prolifically claiming Mr. Trump won the election. Religious leader Bob Fu supports the allegations of attorney Sidney Powell, who has claimed “communist money” from Cuba and China rigged the election.And Wang Dan, a leader of the 1989 student demonstrations in Tiananmen Square, has said he wants to hold off recognizing Joe Biden as president-elect and criticized the media for what he calls biased reporting.

No evidence of widespread fraud has emergedin the election.Many dissidents who fled abroad after being detained in China for their political activism have been won over by President Trump’s willingness to confront Beijing. They have in turn been willing to overlook Mr. Trump’s actions at home that critics say have undermined media freedoms and democratic institutions.

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Shame on WSJ- biased reporting Lets marginalize the Asian what oppression expressed by the left post modern NY Times Do you remember those unsubstantiated accusations that Ferdinand Marcos had committed election fraud? Unsubstantiated. Yeah, right. NoTricksZone WSJ makes unsubstantiated allegations on what is election fraud and not. Time to unsubscribe to WSJ.

PLEASE........... GoAway rolandsmartin Don't they have enough of there own home grown problems to worry about during the pandemic virus. Statistically speaking, this election was another Dem goat rodeo of biblical proportions. communist party desperately needed Trump out, he was impossible to scam, they need weak biden to get back to stealing and cheating on us.

These people are fundamentally the same evil and lying communist types who happened to be on the losing end of communist internal fighting. They are no good for the people of both US and China. Yeah, it’s surrreal. More will be revealed soon. Trump Trump Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💓💓💓🙌🙌🙌 We need you SUPERTRUMP!!!

HahahahHA They know fraud and illegitimate authority when they see it. Clearly, the WSJ has been bitten in the ass by the Communist bug, another news bullshit like the NYT that it's not even worth enough to wipe your ass with it. Where’s the evidence. Stop writing these articles supporting sedition rolandsmartin And?

The know which side their bread is buttered. Seriously WSJ? What’s next? Big Bird & Cookie Monster two of Sesame Streets most influential children’s characters come out in support of the President unsubstantiated allegations blah blah blah? Alam_Chaudry Get some therapy . Trump lost. Time to kick the SOBs out. They are China’s spies.

Of course they would. Idiots. It was under Trump that Hong Kong was totally abandonned. So don't really care. In exchange for what I wonder... So they have sold their morality to Trump.? It's not their house, is it? Well, this article got an unfollow. What BS! He has no longer credibility by supporting Trump's allegations based on lies.

“Influential dissidents”? What a joke the WSJ is.... ‘cause they’d know. In general I respect your news coverage but this is garbage. I have no doubt there was widespread election fraud, in support of Trump. They're probably correct, only not in the way they'd hoped. Uff, this people dont understand that they are not in a position of been critics of the country that are protecting them. USA politics must be out of scope for them.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Those pepole believe Trump is an anti-China communism hero but unfortunately Trump is nothing but an ugly racist Fake news. The voting cheating is a fact 跳梁小丑 丢人现眼 Gordan Chang has been a very bad example. Because they’re terrified Biden is a Chinese puppet. Fuck them. They need to fight their own fight. We’ve got enough of our own friggin problems here. 🇺🇸

Remember he called the Coronavirus the Chinese virus🤷‍♀️ NoTricksZone I wonder why MSM didn't use that wording for the last 4 years with the Russia hoax and collusion. The unsubstantiated claims then were portrayed as 'bombshell', and 'the walls are closing in'. If election fraud allegations are not a bombshell, then NOTHING is!!!

We don't care what you think or support. Surprise, surprise. If you are wondering why, ask yourself. Cancel culture and bias now rampant across liberal and conservative media alike, especially liberal, is strikingly similar to what many Chinese descendants witnessed in the last century and what we are witnessing now.

Lol maybe because we are better at identifying party controlled press. Be it democrat controlled press or communist controlled press lol they're fa lun gong cult, they aren't Chinese anymore, don't call them Chinese, they need to be quarantine in desert or they will poison you Trump is plotting to overthrow the Chinese government. Those dissidents dream to become China presidents when the current government falls. Very selfish still by supporting their homeland's enemies. They are not dissidents but ignoble traitors.

Us this even an issue? Please 'unsubstantiated allegations' ⁉️ 🙈🙉🙊 Do you know how many people China's far left has killed in China? In Mao Zedong's time, tens of millions of people were persecuted to death, and Chinese Pro democracy activists hated the left. The value of the Republican Party is more in line with China's traditional values

This is just like Venezuelans and Cubans supporting Trump because of how much they hate communism Shocking - not! Is this news? Question is not why dissidents believe allegations of widespread U.S. election fraud might be true rather is why are nytimes & washingtonpost all of a sudden claiming no fraud while have all been selling us Russia hoax & other unsubstantiated falsehoods 4 the last 4 years.

Oh this is really going to improve relation's Dissidents against China or the US ? They owe trump money or he paid them to say that, like the rest of his actors These people hate China and they believe Trump anti-China sentiment is aligned with their beliefs. Trump is anti- Chinese - and there is lo distinction to many between China, Chinese and Chinese American.

Again there is NO FRAUD. Stop pushing this like its credible. Just wondering: WHO GIVES A SHIT? Good And we care because? Are you saying, 'well hell, if CHINA thinks it so, then it MUST be true!' Another group of racist people. *clicks on link* rolandsmartin Unsubstantiated Unsubstantiated should appear somewhere on his tombstone.

They hate China, thwy think he hates China, they are used to authoritarian leadership. They just assume this supplication is required. Not shocking really. rolandsmartin Well at least America have an election, unlike China!! So dissidents can’t STFU! 我一个中国人,听都没听说过这些人物😂 最有影响?睁眼说瞎话👎 Well THAT wasn't in my 2020 fuckery bingo card.

Oh? So they don’t care for democracy after all, huh? Stop even reporting this nonsense who gives a fuck? are they wearing a mask? Do-re-mi Who asked China to comment on our elections? China is kinda on thin ice with the world with Rona still on the loose. Sit down China, we have had enough of you. are they in business with him?

Why not. Trump will have burnt this nation to the ground and the countries that hate us will be jumping up and down for joy as they take us apart and finish the job Trump started. Hmmmm, maybe it’s cause they know what corrupted and fake elections look like and they also understand how important not letting commie suck scum win is.

Because they are highly capable of identifying frauds (due to past experience) and they know what tyranny is like. Another group wants America fight their wars. Not yet substantiated. There i fixed it. That's part of the coverup! They're in on the big steal in case it didn't occur to you! well its pretty blatant

Sure, blind leading the blind lol this is gold They're afraid JoeBiden and KamalaHarris will not be as tough on China as realDonaldTrump has been. Completely empathize. And a lot more neither believe nor deny there is widespread election fraud, but feel there will be a thorough investigation in the election proccess, to ensure 1, every voter has the ability to check his voting record in the system and make sure it is how he voted, and ....

I swear some of your articles are a Fox headline devoid of real evidence Notice how the WSJ puts a negative spin on this post. Yes! They’re so obsessed with him, most overseas Chinese language social media whole heartedly believe his conspiracy.They deliberately spread rumors,misleading their ppl.if against trump you’re communist.They warship him like Ppl in China warship Xi. auspol 美国大选 Chinese

Trump Trump Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪We need you SUPERTRUMP!!! So the allegations of specific incidences of narrowly focused election fraud have been substantiated? The use of the word “widespread” is widespread in the media but meaningless in regard to the subject of voter fraud. Plus don’t you conduct investigative journalism?

Actual journalists used to applaud the courage of dissidents to speak out ... sad to see the WSJ joining the shill squad on behalf of The Swamp and China. Shame on you. yes china is desperate to get Trump out of office whether legally or illegally, they want a weak president biden to deal with. We know how CCP works, Democrats just learned some from them

Dont believe them. They playing mind games. The truth is Chinese who loves CCP , they also biased Biden. People who have been persecuted by the CCP, most of them like Trump That’s what’s great about this country. Everyone has a chance to voice their opinion. Just like the almost 80 million opinions we heard on who should be our next president.

All the 'democracy supporters' US has been touting, bragging and praising about, suddenly slap on its own face and bite on its own ass. You'll get used to it. This is just a beginning. Cheers. No surprise here. It's all about the ca$h. Mainstream media propaganda alert: 'unsubstantiated allegations'. Fight the mainstream media, don't let our country become China or North Korea.

He is not 'China’s ' most influential dissidents, not anymore. It is to easy to take a stand against someone Re China in someone else's yard. Please stand in your own and do it. Irony Vested interests and whatnot. None of that is sincere. realDonaldTrump People flee dictatorship and corruption in their countries and when they arrive on U.S. soil, they support crooked politicians like Trump who want to bring the same things they fled here.

Mind your ow business . You can not criticize your president in China stay out of the USA politics. B Yeah we know how that works. Bush & Cheney listened to a Iranian dissident who claimed there were WMD’s Thanks Wall Street journal, could’ve left out the unsubstantiated in light of all the evidence they’ve put up to justify themselves

They can probably see more Xi in Biden than Biden's voters. Trump is the fraud.