Decisions And Verdicts, Yujing Zhang, Mar-A-Lago, Trespassing, Spying And Intelligence Agencies

Decisions And Verdicts, Yujing Zhang

Chinese Businesswoman Found Guilty of Trespassing at Mar-a-Lago

Yujing Zhang brought a host of electronics equipment with her to President Trump’s Florida resort. She was convicted of trespassing and lying to federal agents.


The Chinese businesswoman Yujing Zhang told federal agents she was attending a political event at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. But she already knew the event had been canceled, prosecutors said. She was convicted of trespassing and lying to agents.

Yujing Zhang brought a host of electronics equipment with her to President Trump’s Florida resort. She was convicted of trespassing and lying to federal agents.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A Chinese businesswoman who talked her way into President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort with a cache of electronics and a story about wanting to use the pool was convicted on Wednesday of trespassing and lying to federal agents.

But the three-day trial shed little light on the question of whether Ms. Zhang was a spy penetrating a place where the president regularly holds meetings or a tourist on the worst trip of her life. Some information federal prosecutors collected in the case was filed under seal and remains secret.

the charge of making a false statement to a federal agent

The trial got off to an unusual start on Monday, when during jury selection the judge asked why Ms. Zhang was appearing in court in her jail uniform. It was because she had not been supplied with any undergarments, she replied — though her standby public defenders said she had, in fact, been offered a full set of civilian clothing.

When the prosecutor, Michael R. Sherwin, proposed entering into evidence a list of text messages exchanged between Ms. Zhang and a contact of hers in Beijing, she objected, saying the texts were “personal” and “sensitive.”

Ms. Zhang had paid for a vacation package that included a banquet at Mar-a-Lago. She arrived at the resort with a laptop, an external hard drive and four cellphones.

Ms. Zhang had paid for a vacation package that included a banquet at Mar-a-Lago. But the gala she had paid to attend had been canceled when

The former owner, Cindy Yang, had sold the parlor and become active in Republican circles in Florida. She bundled donations for Mr. Trump, including some that had the appearance of being illegal donations by straw donors. The event she had been selling tickets to was canceled in the wake of the scandal.

raised questions about her motive for making the trip

“I’m not going,” she wrote back on March 27, after hearing that the Mar-a-Lago event was off. “Forget it,” she wrote in another text shortly afterward, referring to the trip.

As the trial started to wind down on Tuesday afternoon, the judge asked Ms. Zhang whether she planned to deliver a closing argument in her defense. “Um, I’m not ready,” she replied.

“She was bound and determined to get on the property,” he went on. “And she lied to everyone to get on that property.”

An earlier version of this article misstated the timing of Yujing Zhang’s visit to President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. It was in March, not April. The error was repeated in a picture caption.

Read more: The New York Times

Yujing Zhang, would not have been 'Prosecuted, for (allegedly), 'Tresspasing on Orange Fuherer Trumpoops 'Estate'. If she is a member, of the 'K.K.K' Or Saudi genocidal Despots terrorists.' 如果你破译了这个,你手上有太多时间。 Her boss is CCP. Woman look deadly. An ugly woman, with nut-sized brain. She wanna come back bragging about her powerful connections, the first step of a con-artist to fool other Chinese.

FALSE FLAG OPERATION If she IS a spy, she should be fired. I know better ways of infiltration. Strange one this. Just someone who want to offer a deal. They approach people in the malls too who are by themselves (and they are not part of any mall store). She's the over the top version. Pfftt. Chinese spy is more what she is.

Chinese businesswoman convicted on trespassing and lying charges in Mar-a-Lago caseZhang, a 33-year-old business consultant, was convicted by a 12-member jury in Florida federal court. She faces up to six years in prison. Wait! You can be charged with lying? Hold the presses!!!! Red China is as dirty as our FBI and CIA and DOJ!!!!!

So how many years is Mr. Trump going to get for lying to the American people? I wonder how many didn’t get caught...

Jury finds Mar-a-Lago trespasser guilty on 2 counts Yujing Zhang , the Chinese woman detained in March for trespassing at Mar-a-Lago, has been found guilty of lying to federal agents and for entering a restricted area. President Trump vindicated yet again! MAGA She wasn't charged with wearing NO panties on a day that clearly was not No Panty Friday? She should have gotten a permission slip. Journalist have those privileges. To collect and share biographical data and information on the individuals true characteristics that have to be made in person or proper mannerial contact. Honestly if u messaged the president for a tour..

Accused Mar-a-Lago trespasser proclaims innocence; thanks USFORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — A Chinese businesswoman defending herself on charges that she trespassed at President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club and lied to Secret Service agents gave one of the... Everyone had underware on so they were able to select a jury? Fuckin sketch looks like the singing of Bill of Rights or something She was commanded by CCP!

Chinese businesswoman found guilty of lying to gain access to Trump's Mar-a-LagoJUST IN: A Chinese businesswoman charged with lying to a Secret Service agent and trespassing at President Trump's Mar-a-Lago club in Florida was found guilty following a bizarre trial. RIP not even a spy and she got access lol what a joke admin Perhaps she had a secret Meating with Trump? No i didn't Misspell it.

Chinese businesswoman convicted in Mar-a-Lago trespass caseA Chinese businesswoman was convicted Wednesday of trespassing at President Donald Trump&39;s Mar-a-Lago club and lying to Secret Service agents. The 10-woman, two-man federal jury reached the verdict after four hours of deliberation Wednesday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the case of Yujing Zhang

Chinese woman in Mar-a-Lago trespassing case fights criminal chargesA Chinese national arrested for bluffing her way onto U.S. President Donald Trum... I prefer to read this as ' … fights, criminal charges.' It's more drama than one usually finds at that drafty old place. She wasn't trespassing! She was there to schmooze trump, maybe get a photo op and gather intel. I'm guessing she's the only one🙄... ...that got caught.

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