China Trumpets Trump’s Attacks on American Protests to Counter Criticism on Hong Kong

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China is flagging the unrest in the U.S. and Trump’s call for tough measures to push back against American criticism of Beijing’s actions in Hong Kong

HONG KONG—China’s state media have carried prominently images of the recent unrest in the U.S., the police response and President Trump’s threat of force against protesters, while Chinese diplomats are using the events to counter criticism of Beijing’s efforts to stamp out demonstrations in Hong Kong.

“Why did the U.S. have so many problems with the restrained and civilized way of law enforcement by the Hong Kong police but have no problem at all with threatening to shoot at and mobilizing the National Guard against its domestic...


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.... and I’m flagging Chinese and American government leaders for human rights violations while I still have some First Amendment rights left.

And LamestreamMedia is in China side


They have a good point.

I knew that is what this is all about the moment it started.

You know what?

China / Communist alway are The certified antisocial, intellectual terrorist. Radhe Radhe

i can't breathe

Yup. regardless of your belief about the HK situation, the hypocrisy of the American govt is so obvious.

RyanLizza Yeah let me know when we're forcibly taking organs from a religious minority. Otherwise quit falling for Chinese crap.


Turn about is fair play. US senators criticized the handling of protestors in HK, claimed Americans stood with HK protestors, called on sanctions, etc. Some senators very vocal. China now can throw it back on US, senators and et al, over riots currently across the US.

Stop buying Chinese made goods. You dont really need them. Really, you don't!

Ohh let me think 🤔 a racially diverse society that struggle with balance OR a communist regime that control, imprison and kill ... (pardon ... this people misteriously disappear)

А вы с этим согласны?

Trump need to get over himself. He enjoys dishing dirt out while name calling like a 3 year old and, sticking his unwanted nose into other countries business. Now that China and other countries serves him his just deserves, he cries like a baby. HardenUp if you dont like it STFU

America: courtesy of Trump has lost all moral authority, to speak or act in defence of freedom anywhere in the world.

You need to know the Hong Kong police behave just like a gentleman, while the police of the USA, they are mobs too.

China has the right to criticize USA, just like what the USA has already done.

Oh yes, this is the part where dictators frown on other dictators to seem less dictatorish

Screw china as a cold war sanctions against CCP as Hongkong lose everything ChinaUncensored DrTurleyTalks congressdotgov GOP realDonaldTrump SenateDems

We're trying to re-establish order... China is crushing democracy and freedom of thought.

Nowadays, every news is about US or China. Please, there are 6 billion people living in 195 other countries.

Finally we have someone (Trump) to stand up for us! He is right about China!

Nonono, we do not support the violence actions at all, peaceful protests are understandable, but we just want you to support what happend in your country just like what you did to Hong Kong.

American media is helping the Chinese cause though !!

when failure starts, blaming starts.

CHINA CHINA CHINA 🤪🤪🤪 Don't cry, Trump. Daddy is here

CCP doesn't value any human lives, why they speak out now? Coz they provoke and intensify the chaos in USA?

Tit for tat👏🏼

Beijing is too soft comparing with Trump.

America stick the face on China's hand, then said slap me.

They barely shoot the rioters since they been looting for years in Hong Kong

America is looking very hypocritical towards China right now but too wrongs don’t make a right. Fuck both of them

Yeah, you are right, and we feel very comfortable doing this.

People are so happy to compare a democratic government to a totalitarian one. What's the point?

The HK police were infinitely more humane than the US police and military. Not even comparable. HK riots would be over in less than a day if the US authorities handled it.

usa only cares about china human rights.

And Chinese ambassasy pay riots to take violent actions in the US

Hongkong should be free from the clutches of China,so should be Aksai Chin,Laddakh and Tibet.

It’s kinda true.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - for ever.” - 1984 by George Orwell

US was trying to promote anarchism in HK, but finally got hurt by it in their homeland, remember, when you support the riots in HK, you are encouraging the riots all over the world

David Dorn, George Floyd. Protect local business. BlackLivesMatter

So...the CCPS's oppression on their own citizens and human rights abuses toward more than 1 million Uyghur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang region...does not count anymore😴😴😴

China is asshoe!!! Never forget!

If China have democracy & President elected by all citizens, CCP at least has a brain to think & figure out what's the difference between a peaceful protest & looting.

MAO KILLED up to 100 Million Chinese ! Xi Jinping is incarcerating 2 million Uyghurs and other POLITICAL PRISONERS TODAY and SELLING THEIR ORGANS overseas for CASH! What’s next? Government Sanctioned Sex Trafficking Of Minors? How far can that be? CNN ABC MailOnline nytimes

Since when Freedom of speech became 'FEEL FREE TO LIE'

We're doing the same thing they have a right to talk smack

The hypocrisy of America is showing.

China its people are looting the stores and also encouraging other people to loot.

Isn’t the US always on the moral high ground to criticize everything in China?

realDonaldTrump needs to be careful about the mixed message, what’s going on in Hong Kong is wrong of course but the riots in the US against police brutality are a reflection of USA own issues with violence before democracy GeorgeFloydProtests

Every country's democratic activities will be used and infiltrated by some thugs. The US always stops other governments from controlling order and supports terrorism in other countries. In his own country, he is doing the same as other governments. US will not admit any practice

Trump, tough at mouth and weak in the side, the world knew you. Look at America. Free America, fire everyday.

Q: Are they looting stores, burning down places and assaulting innocent people in Hong Kong?

The CCP has arrested 1.4 billion Chinese people who are watching the beautiful scenery of the American Democratic Parade

If I were China, I would, too.

Antifa and the Chinese government share the same belief-communism

Trump is one terrible mistake Americans made for a president, but China is no saint whatsoever. their authorities have treated Africans worse than white supremacists in America. A case of a pot calling the kettle black

China Gov doesn't care about the chinese in China for decades, suddenly so considerate on a Black in USA since six days ago. When will Beijing and Shanghai and Guangzhou host a BLM March and let million people join that? (If the CCP dare to do so.)

But realDonaldTrump was making America so great. We were never as respected around the world, and our only problem was winning too much. Now you’re saying foreign governments are interfering in our politics and pushing propaganda!?

Remember: ButchersRuleBeijing

And June the 4th

realDonaldTrump ICYMI

Trump lacks the moral authority to lead the world.

Comparing the U.S law enforcement & national guard did, the HK police are more gentle. And comparing the looter & rioters, the mobs in HKare exactly the same.

They have a right to 'criticize' in a same way that Americans do. Deal with it you wimps

China still has slaves. Like for real. And death camps.

wsj did trump really participate with Epstein ? Receipts from Anon fake? Whos investigating this b.s.?

Just cause China doesnt like critics. So make sure you poke that stupid beast. I hear they dont like their national anthem being made fun of. Someone got something?

Yeah you get this...

The U.S. has lost all moral ground to criticize China now.

India's coronavirus cases reach 2,07,615 still be very far away for the peak...

This ingrained, systemic inequality and resentment is precisely what Putin recognized when he sent Trump to exacerbate that fragmentation to destabilize the US. The World sees us more clearly than we do. Can we fashion a mirror and heal before fate chooses for us?

For good reasons.

I wonder how much China invested in these riots?

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