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China to Release Metal Reserves in Effort to Tame Commodities Rally

China’s state stockpiling body said it plans to boost supplies of copper, aluminum and zinc in batches

6/16/2021 9:45:00 AM

China’s state stockpiling body said it plans to boost supplies of copper, aluminum and zinc in batches

China plans to release national reserves of major industrial metals in an effort to rein in surging commodities prices fueled by a resumption of global economic activity.

Speculation that Chinese authorities would make such a move hadpushed copper prices to an eight-week lowon Tuesday, and investors worry Beijing may soon launch a broader push to temper rising prices.The reserves will be released to nonferrous-metal processing and manufacturing companies via a public bidding process, the government agency said.

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Beijing’s move came after Chinese officials in recent weeks repeatedly said industrial metals’ red-hot rally this year has gone too far. The State Council, China’s cabinet, last month said it would take steps to ensure adequate supply and stable prices for commodities, and regulators had previously warned industry representatives to take a zero-tolerance approach to market manipulation or hoarding of metals.

The benchmark three-month copper forward contract on the London Metal Exchange reversed earlier gains following China’s announcement, falling 0.15% to $9,555 a metric ton on Wednesday after declining about 4% on Tuesday. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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China urges NATO to stop exaggerating 'China threat theory'China's mission to the European Union urged NATO on Tuesday to stop exaggerating the 'China threat theory' after the group's leaders warned that the country presented 'systemic challenges'.

Biden kicks off first NATO summit with plans to focus on Russia, ChinaPresident Biden kicks off his first NATO summit, reaffirming U.S. support of the 72-year-old alliance in a stark shift from fmr. President Trump.

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China Nuclear Plant Leak Response Evokes Chernobyl as Taishan Facility Insists It's SafeA French company that partly owns and helps operate the plant claimed the radiation limits were above French safety standards, CNN reported. Children are full of dissatisfaction with why there is an Olympics even though there is no athletic meet Scary,but not surprising tht China tries to cover-up dirty secrets (Covid19 origin!) & twists&bends rule to suit its will. Let's hope countries around the world don't let China get away with all these so easily.Its ugly&brutal acts brings big impact for the region & the world! Channel4News

NATO Summit: Stoltenberg says China not enemy but poses security challengesThere is no new Cold War with China but Western allies will have to adapt to the security challenges the rise of Beijing brings, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says ahead of Brussels summit. So there is a new Cold War? In response, NATO will pose challenges for Beijing and vice versa. This is how a Cold War is fought. You fail to address the situation faced by Nato partner Turkey facing terrorism from usa and Europe funded pkk/ypg/sdf who recently destroyed a hospital in syria killing doctors/nurses/patients..and here you are talking about fighting China..

China denounces G7 statement, urges group to stop slandering countryChina denounced on Monday a joint statement by the Group of Seven leaders that had scolded Beijing over a range of issues as a gross interference in the country's internal affairs, and urged the grouping to stop slandering China. free taiwan / hong kong thanks The greatest virus to humankind is the CCP.