China threatens U.S., Europe on AI

Gina Raimondo’s Google collab — Amazon tangles with the administration

3/2/2021 7:20:00 PM

On AI policy, time is of the essence: If the U.S. and Europe don’t put aside their differences on how best to collaborate on AI standards, China is likely to set the global agenda — with dangerous consequences for privacy, civil liberties and democracy.

Gina Raimondo’s Google collab — Amazon tangles with the administration

AROUND THE WORLD: CAN EUROPE AND THE U.S. TAME CHINA ON AI? —China is pressing ahead with artificial intelligence technologies that make the West nervous, including systems that track its people or facilitate other authoritarian behavior. If the U.S. and Europe want instead to push global standards built on principles like privacy and civil liberty, they will likely need to agree on their own rules for the powerful technology,

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.— So far, though, the long-time allies are not a united front:Europe will soon propose strict AI regulations as part of a push to wield greater influence over the world’s emerging technologies. Meanwhile, the U.S., which is home to the world’s leading AI developers, has chosen instead to draw up voluntary guidelines shaped in part by industry.

— Ready or not, here we come:Lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic see an urgent need to work together, and several pledged as much during an EU parliamentary hearing on Monday. But Europe is determined to forge ahead with its own playbook whether the U.S. comes along or not, and it’s possible that Brussels' approach could ultimately fail to bring Washington on board.

“Nations that do not share our commitment to democratic values are racing to be the leaders in AIand set the rules for the world,” Rep.(D-Ill.) testified at Monday’s EU hearing. She urged Europeans to take a “narrow and flexible” approach to regulation while working with the U.S. to stand together against China. “We cannot allow this to happen.”

— Meanwhile, a dire warning from America’s AI commission:The U.S. National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, chaired by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt,stressing the urgency of the issue and that China is a reason for worry.“Big decisions need to be made now

to accelerate AI innovation to benefit the United States and to defend against the malign uses of AI,” Schmidt and Vice Chair Bob Work write in the report. “America is not prepared to defend or compete in the AI era. This is the tough reality we must face. And it is this reality that demands comprehensive, whole-of-nation action. … America needs to enlist its oldest allies and new partners to build a safer and freer world for the AI era.”

SENATE CLEARS WAY FOR RAIMONDO CONFIRMATION —The Senate voted 84-15 on Monday to end debate on Raimondo’s nomination to be the next Commerce secretary. The action overcomes a hold placed on her nomination by Sen.(R-Texas) and sets the stage for a final confirmation vote today.

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— But before she heads to Commerce … Rhode Island teams up with Google:The Rhode Island Department of Labor on Monday launched, powered by Google Cloud, to help state residents find job opportunities as pandemic-driven unemployment and economic fallout continue one year into the crisis.

Google’s collaboration with Rhode Island, which was described to MT as “Gov. Raimondo's baby,” is using AI and machine learning — as well as Google Workspace tools like Google Meet and Google Docs — to make those matches. (People can use the online dashboard to meet with career coaches, get feedback on their resumes and schedule chats with potential employers, among other services.) Raimondo conceptualized the project with former Rhode Island Department of Labor Director Scott Jensen, making Rhode Island the first state in the country to launch this type of job search platform with Google.

WHERE ARE OTHER TOP TECH PLAYERS ON PANDEMIC RESPONSE? —Amazon said Monday that it had answered Biden’s call for the private sector to help his administration bring the pandemic to an end. (Remember: Several top tech companies have pitched their services and resources to support Covid vaccine rollout, and

to figure out how the giant could help.)To that endoutlined on Twitterwhat it has done so far: “We’ve administered over 1.5 million COVID tests in our facilities, readied our sites to administer vaccines to employees when they become available, & set up community vaccination events. We’re all in this together.”

— FWIW, the positive public positioning comes at a good time:Biden on Sunday all but endorsed Amazon workers’ formation of a union,coming out to strongly supportAlabama workers’ right to try. The quasi-endorsement was weeks in the making, fueled by private talks with labor leaders and Democratic officials, and unions hope it’s a sign that organized labor will have staying power in the Biden White House and that the message adds momentum to a potential broader overhaul of federal labor law.

— Meanwhile, Twitter expands approach to Covid vaccine misinformation: Read more: POLITICO »

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Thanks to trump we are even reading this It’s about time. China is still us blind. Even Russia is more honest than China. This doesn't make much sense. China is likely to do what it wills, regardless. The U.S. is part of the world community again with Biden sleeves rolled up ready to contribute to the problem solving community. That is a very good thing.

It’s gonna be dangerous consequences no matter what (as if the creeps at Google can be trusted with the power of advanced artificial intelligence; already they’ve done everything in their power to suck up peoples private data and evade regulations)