China Spotlights U.S. Unrest in Pushback to Criticism on Hong Kong

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Beijing is calling attention to unrest in the U.S., the police response and President Trump’s call for a tougher crackdown on protesters to highlight what it regards as American hypocrisy

HONG KONG—China’s state media have carried prominently images of the recent unrest in the U.S., the police response and President Trump’s threat of force against protesters, while Chinese diplomats are using the events to counter criticism of Beijing’s efforts to stamp out demonstrations in Hong Kong.

“Why did the U.S. have so many problems with the restrained and civilized way of law enforcement by the Hong Kong police but have no problem at all with threatening to shoot at and mobilizing the National Guard against its domestic...


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Double standard

China currently has people in concentration camps.

HK police sympathetic to young impressionable protesters and reporters.

Both are raising the issue of the wrong happening in institutions. The big difference is that people don't go disappear or a law that will silence your voice. In the end, US history always made it better because change happen for citizens and governments.

The riots are a direct result of a FAILURE to acknowledge the communist threat which has been growing in America for decades! Congress took an oath to protect Americans from enemies foreign and domestic. How do you protect America from an enemy by refusing to recognize who it is?

Once again trump makes our authoritarian geopolitical enemies look like they have a point.

they are completely right. If Trumpo had an ounce of intelligence in his brain, he would be attempting to reconcile not divide

So China lets violent liberals beat up old ladies?

Rightfully so with they way our police have treated Journalist

'what it regards as'

painter_nancy Time for sanctions against the USA. I'm with China on this. BlackLivesMatter auspol

Where’s the lie?

We knew this was coming.

Wow seriously? Both situations and protests are very different, surely you can see that!

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China has a good talking point there.

China shouldn't have a leg to stand on. But there are eerie similarities between how law enforcement deals with protesters in both countries. That's not a reflection of how good China is, it's of how bad US has become!

Are you a propaganda agent of Chinese Communists Party (CCP)? HK protests vs US riots: 1. CCP illgally hijacked HKers from HK to China for years. From last year, it forced the puppet HK gov to pass a law to extradite more. It triggered HK protests.

What ignorant people the US has. People tweeting on this,comparing the freedom of the US democracy to China's communism by China called on US hypocrisy. They do not see how dumb they look. US with first Amendment is calling for military. Now what is more hypocritical than that!

Beijing = Democrat Party =Antifa

At least people in US has means to protest and make change

Wall Street Journal turning more and more every day into Chinese propaganda

JCOviedo6 Trump finally has the banana republic he always wanted TrumpDictatorship

Barr and Trump need to be charged for tear gassing a peaceful protest yesterday. If our country refuses to do it. The UN needs to.

China tries hard to mock the US & Pres Trump-all bc of COVID and trade deal. You China are ruler of a dominant leadership with no regard for human rights-just take one look at today’s ppl of Hong Kong and you see a future reenactment of 1989 Tiananmen Square🙏realDonaldTrump

Beijing is just telling the truth. They don't laugh at America. Comparing what US did in Hong Kong, Beijing is so kind.


A lot of people are missing the point. China is actively working to persuade large portions of the world that they can offer an alternative to western liberal democracy. This is true socially and economically. Your 🇺🇸 view on it isn’t import because your aren’t the audience

Like we didn't see that coming.

And China is most likely sponsoring AntifaTerrorist

Wall Street Jpurnal : and here we are parroting Chinese propaganda

At least in the US everything is in the open and a police chief can actually tell the president to shut up or a governor can tell the president he is not welcome in her state. Try telling that to their leaders in Beijing or Moscow or Ankara

Hong Kongers kick yo ass please! We'll kick Trump's.


.it is... But it's not enshrined in law,cwhat Beijing does is of a far more serious level as there's no voice, no laws, no transparency. trump's insanity is a pale immitation.

What is China hypocrisy?

equalization policy best, the extremes policy cause and effected!

What Beijing fails to understand is that protest is a legitimate form of expression in this country and, where those rights are impugned, there is a Constitution that can be brought to bear. This is the greatest weakness of a free society; and, its greatest strength.

China: US is stupid can simply send tanks to crush protesters

The kettle calling the pot black. Typically CCP poppycock rhetoric propaganda to deflect from CCP abusing citizens rights, imprisonments, rehabilitation camps, suppression of religion & dominate Han Chinese suppressing non Han ethnic groups.

They always resort to such violence as peaceful civilian protest.? 😆 Marxists Maoists RadicalLeft or what you call UrbanNaxals in India, are criminals by birth, education & training everywhere in the world ..!!!👍 They are creating chaos everywhere in the world..!!!

China can fuck right off

China’s lecture for US: no racial problems when minorities aren’t allowed to open their mouth.

The difference is these people have the RIGHT to protest. They also can change their leaders. Communist China can learn even from USA chaos. Its not the same Communists. Not at all.

Strangely sharing same interests. Definitely a coincidence. Because intentional geo-politics is about fairness and pink bubbles.

hipocrits chineses.


And still ButchersRuleBeijing

The Chinese should know that the difference is that the Hong Kong protestors are peaceful while many in the US are not! Besides, China has a terrible human rights record and are hypocrites for criticizing anyone else on this issue!

They are correct. 100% hypocrisy. However, it will likely end when Trump the wannabe dictator is gone next Jan. China can't say the same.

China is hardly the moral authority but of course fake news enemy of the people will still run with it

I’m sure they are exploiting it. They have mass concentration camps and forced labor. The Chinese are a true dictatorship that will never answer to voters. They’ve literally KILLED MILLIONS of their own citizens. There is no moral equivalence

Stop conflating the protestors with the rioters God.. You're outlet has gone to sh*t. How many times are you going to be so bad at wielding language. You have ONE JOB

Why the fuck would I care what the Chi-Coms think? Quit parroting Chinese talking points

China been looting USA tech for 25+ years.

Seems the difference is the protests in Hong Kong are pro-democracy, while in USA they are anti-democracy.

Which looks indeed like a double standards.

CCP China is interfering as per usual.

So we are furthering their narrative by posting this? Does the US control our citizens use of the internet? what books we read? what we say? Do we have prison camps full of people who said what was on their mind, or knew someone who did? Wake up WSJ. You should be better

The have 1 million Uyghurs in concentration camps. They have no room to talk shit.

Yeah it is hypocrisy...but y’all ain’t off the hook either lmao we can got tit for tat idgaf WE HAVE TIME NOW

Trump is ugly inside out

A treasure trove of video for brutal dictatorships. And they didn't even have to pay Hollywood to produce it.

Hey if the shoe fits we got to wear it...

they're not wrong

Join me in following this broadcast 👇


Chinese are probably funding the riots

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