China says tickets for Winter Olympics will not be sold to general public due to Covid-19

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Sport, Winter Olympics: China Says Tickets Will Not Be Sold To General Public Due To Covid-19 - Cnn

1/17/2022 3:42:00 PM

China cancels plans to sell tickets for the Winter Olympics to the public amid Covid concerns and will invite selected spectators instead

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China olympics sucks 🇨🇳😂 China mentioned that one of the infections was mail received from Canada. They were just trying to 'return' the virus back to sender. 🤔🤷‍♂️😷🇨🇦 And of course, selected spectators will cheer and chant on CCP cue. Can't take a chance of a few voices shouting 'genocide', 'human rights abuse', 'lying about pandemic numbers', or something else that's not approved. Don't think for a minute it's just about Omicron.

I agree with this. It will slow down covid so if they have it cases will rise most likely. BerardiXHS awilsonxhs 116gov Is privilidge & royalty destroying our companies, like Activision Blizzard? Women give male victims of sexual discrimination no voice, while they use it to destroy males' careers & game millions in settlements from companies-men are their victims. Stop feminist hate crimes on men

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So this is no longer a pandemic? I will not watch one second of the Olympics Corrupt IOC will let these games go on. They do acknowledge that nobody will come.

Health Officials Describe Winter COVID Surge At 'Near Crisis Level'Southern California experienced yet another weekend in the winter COVID-19 surge driven by the Omicron variant.

The first ten to send a direct message to me I will bless him or her with $5000 fast figure asap This is a reaction to the diplomatic boycott. It is like having a birthday party, and after the invitees have said they won’t attend, changing the guest list and uninviting them. This is so classically China.

Will not be sold or couldn't be sold ? I don't remember anyone planning to go and mainly because the games were in China. This time two years ago Chinese were spreading Covid all around the world. BOYCOTT's China CBDC IS NOW $32 🔥 🔥 🔥 china Dear CHINA…thanks for the covid. Can’t wait to see the Winter Olympiad with no snow and “selected guests” ie CCP.

It is The same policy as Tokyo Summer Olympic in 2020 because of pandemic Going for the jugular (so to speak).... 1. LAB LEAK INTENTIONAL 2. PANDEMIC ON PURPOSE Look up John Hopkins conference in 2017 on Duck Duck Go (NOT GOOGLE) I'm making a point per Joe Rogan's podcast. spreading word would be very useful!!!!!! changing the wording to try to avoid

You will get big trouble when you are given a ticket without showing up.

LA County Reports 43,883 New COVID-19 Cases As Winter Surge ContinuesLos Angeles County Sunday reported an additional 43,883 new coronavirus cases as the winter surge stemming from the Omicron variant continued. 🦠😳 But it still makes sense for kids to go to school, those who tested positive to return to work after 5 days..... like returning to work will not cause others to get sick. Makes sense huh Walmart Management. Ridiculous, positive COVID-19 associate forced go back to work & Work among customers & children & co-workers. Only paid 5 day leave force return to work 2100 N long Beach blvd, Compton, 90221 🆘 🥺

Great as China will lose all that money now ! Collecting ID's Beijing style. 😂 GenocideGames And yet county's still send teams Yeah, Hunter Biden 🤦🏼‍♂️ So what Makes sense China!!! Regrettable, but KUDOS FOR PROTECTING THE MANY PEOPLE'S LIVES!!!!

Clap, don't chant: China aims for 'Zero COVID' OlympicsAthletes will need to be vaccinated and tested daily at the Winter Olympics in Beijing next month 鼓掌,不要吟唱:美国新冠病毒死亡86万人了,美国正在创造历史!这是一个公知鼓吹免费医疗的国度,这是一个历史罄竹难书的国度,这是不摇碧莲的国度!

Do you want to develop your business? Probably not a good idea developing Covid in a lab. FireFauci Bet their favorite news broadcasts will be there,CNN. So loyal Communists will be in attendance? I nor anyone else commenting here was planning on attending anyways…. I hope I am the one of them,look forward Olympic in Beijing

BTC I never believed it until I invested. For a start I deposited €1000 for a test, in 4days I got a return of €5,500 am so happy I invested under your platform. Thanks once again Contact admin via Telegram: 📲 Cryptysophia Oh rejoice control seekers. We shouldn't be holding the Olympics in a country that openly violates human rights. But y'all don't wanna report on that.

Nobody wants to go to China, ticket sales are nil. Going to fill the stands with military as a holiday for them before they invade Tiawan.

Beijing Reports Omicron Infection Three Weeks Ahead of Winter OlympicsA domestically transmitted case of the highly infectious Omicron variant of Covid-19 was detected in Beijing, raising fresh concerns weeks before the city is set to host the Winter Olympics Omicron is a variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, not the Covid-19 disease. How do I go viral so that I can sell my book to only 99 people in a pool of 290million. If you like short stories and can spare a little bit then help me out. I can't ask you to help me if I can't offer you something(my story) . Check out my pinned tweet if you can help😇 relax like a baby with this wonderful rain music

How was China awarded any of these Olypics in the first place? Can’t expect much more from the CCP They shouldn't have allowed china to host any games. They plagued the world, isn't that enough? 👍👏👏 Selected guests Lol Wow somebody has a Brain! 🧟 The only people who will be invited are people with high Social Credit scores, like John Cena.

China once again says “screw you” to the people of the world. When will we call China out for being what it is - pure evil the comming story will be 'how great of the chinese communist party' IOC will only sell tickets to Chinese citizens .

Beijing Records First Locally Transmitted Omicron Case Weeks Before Winter OlympicsThe Winter Games are scheduled to open on Feb. 4. Everyone started with 1 ' Records ' may be the critical input there.

The Olympics should be delayed. The country is going to allow only invitees to view the action as part of strict virus control measures . Elite trafficking rings, back into the pre-1900's are we I know we all probably might have heard about Bitcoin but don't know how it works, I tried it in a week ago by a woman who recommended me to Diana_Massangi on Twitter he guides me through and i made a return of $10500 after a week of trading, connect with her

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Weeks ahead of Winter Olympics, Beijing records first local omicron case, state media reportsChina's capital Beijing reported its first locally transmitted infection of omicron on Saturday, according to state media. This comes just weeks ahead of the city's staging of the Winter Olympic Games. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her Diana_Massangi Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success

(CNN)Tickets for the upcoming Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing will not be sold to the general public in response to Covid-19 but will instead be distributed by authorities, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee announced Monday. "In terms of the grim and complex situation of epidemic prevention and control [and] in order to protect the health and safety of Olympic personnel and spectators, we have decided to change the original plan of public ticket sales," the committee said.Groups of spectators will be invited on site throughout the Games and will be required to"strictly comply with Covid-19 prevention and control requirements before, during and after watching the Games."In a statement on Monday, the International Olympic Committee said those in attendance will be residents of China's mainland who have the required"Covid-19 countermeasures."Winter Olympics: What you need to know ahead of Beijing 2022The announcement comes after Beijing reported its first case of the highly transmissible Omicron variant on January 15. Read MoreThe Beijing Winter Olympics are set to begin on February 4, before the Paralympic Winter Games start March 4. Organizers intend to hold Beijing 2022 in a closed loop system which will only be accessible for Games participants -- a plan that has remained in place amid the rapid spread of the Omicron variant.As outlined in a Games playbook published in December, the closed loop system will encompass venues, official hotels and the event's own transport service.Fully vaccinated participants will be able to enter the closed loop without quarantining, while those who aren't vaccinated will need to quarantine for 21 days upon arrival in Beijing.Medical exemptions, considered on a case-by-case basis, may be granted to those who are unvaccinated. Some countries, such as the US and Canada, have mandated that all team members be vaccinated.During the Games, participants will be subject to daily health monitoring and testing and will have no contact with the general public.Returning a confirmed positive test will mean participants cannot compete or continue their role in the Games; those who are symptomatic will stay at a designated hospital for treatment, while those who are asymptomatic will be transferred to an isolation facility.CNN's George Ramsay contributed reporting.