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China says people held in Xinjiang camps have 'graduated', condemns U.S. bill

People held in camps in China's Xinjiang region have now 'graduated&qu...


Chinese official criticizes a U.S. bill condemning the mass detention of Uighur Muslims in China

People held in camps in China's Xinjiang region have now 'graduated&qu...

Governor Shohrat Zakir also hit out at Western criticism of the camps and said the United States had launched a smear campaign against Xinjiang.

“At present the trainees who have participated...have all graduated,” Zakir told a news conference in Beijing. “With the help of the government, stable employment has been achieved and their quality of life has been improved.”

He also called a measure passed by the U.S. House of Representatives that condemned China’s treatment of the Uighur minority a severe violation of international law and a gross interference in China’s internal affairs.

Claims about the camps are hard to verify as China only allows periodic supervised visits and gives little information on their operations.

Human rights groups and former detainees have said conditions in the camps are poor, with inmates subject to psychological and physical abuse.

She said there had been no terrorist attack in Xinjiang in the past three years due to the success of the camps.

The U.S. Uighur Act passed by the House of Representatives last week requires the U.S. president to condemn abuses against Muslims and calls for the closure of the camps in Xinjiang.

Reporting by Cate Cadell; Additional reporting by Huizhong Wu in Beijing; Writing by Ryan Woo; Editing by Angus MacSwan

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A large degree of hypocrisy in the US given their treatment of Mexicans and their continuation of criminalising African Americans, racism and police violence against people of colour. What China is doing is not acceptable but how can anyone hope that the USA s criticism will help When's the last time China had a moo-slim knife attack, acid attack, truck attack, suicide bombing, or mass shooting?

How funny the world is nowadays. Providing education to religious extremists is evil but bombing innocent middle easterners are totally fine. Exclusion act ended decades ago but sinophobia is still thriving.

China says some held in Xinjiang camps have 'graduated', condemns U.S. billPeople held in controversial training camps in Xinjiang have 'graduated&quo... Hah! Since when does China care about international law? Chinese Communist Party is hegemonic So are having concentration camp 🤔

China claims everyone in Xinjiang camps has 'graduated'A Chinese official says people who were at vocational training centers in Xinjiang have all “graduated' and are living happy lives. But Uighurs and other Muslim minorities say their family members continue to be arbitrarily detained in camps and prisons. Why would anyone ever believe anything a 'Chinese official' said? Stop doing this to your people Hundreds of thousands have seemingly “graduated” to prison

Uighur in Netherlands: I leaked documents on China re-education campsA middle-aged Uighur woman living in the Netherlands tells a Dutch paper that she was a source who leaked secret Chinese documents, which were the foundation of stories last month by NBCNews and journalists around the world, and now fears for her safety. Fully understand how inhumane and murderous China Communist did on dissidents. Praying for her safety. Her braveness is saving the lives of millions of Uyghurs and Muslim minorities. No one should turn a blind eye to the crimes of ccp . What we need to do now is to BoycottChina and StandwithUyghurs All countries must open their eyes to these crime which violate human rights.

In response to Trump, China gets meanWhat's good for the goose... Thanks Trump China has learned that bypassing the middle man ( media ) is faster and shows insight into the thought process of an individual... and they own the media .. think about that

Peugeot rescue pays better for China than carsDongfeng has made some $2 bln from its 2014 rescue of Peugeot, which aims to merge with Fiat Chrysler. The state-owned car giant can cash out and euthanise its stalled JV with Peugeot too. Both moves would be financially wise, if strategically embarrassing, for China and France.

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