China's Xi Jinping lectures Justin Trudeau over alleged leaks | CNN

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Chinese President Xi Jinping was captured in a rare candid moment, where he was filmed chiding his Canadian counterpart, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, over what he described as 'leaked' discussions.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping was captured by Canadian broadcasters in a rare candid moment on Wednesday, where he was filmed chiding his Canadian counterpart, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, over what he described as “leaked” discussions. On the sidelines of the G20 summit in Indonesia, Xi chatted with Trudeau in Mandarin with a smile. But the English translation of what he said was a little less friendly.

” “Let’s create the conditions first,” the translator said on behalf of Xi in the video. The Chinese leader then shakes Trudeau’s hand and walked away with his entourage. The exchange offers a rare glimpse of how Xi, whose public appearances are highly choreographed, interacts with other leaders. Their exchange comes as Xi looks to reassert China’s global influence at the summit in the island of Bali after a nearly three-year absence from the world stage.


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Uh oh. These political parasites were enriching themselves off of people's savings and retirement monies.

Yes! My prime minister! Now the rest of the world leaders knows he has a big mouth!! Terrible! I love President Xi’s actions toward Trudeau. Why can’t men keep their mouths shut. Lol😇

The Leak XiJinping 🚽

Does China's dictator Xi even know the definition of democracy? If you did not study this in school, maybe your advisors need to do a better job. No hissy fits in public next time.

Justin Castro is a clown no one respects him no one takes him Seriously

And Justin basically told him to go pound salt. We don’t listen to commies. If we stop buying all their cheap crap their economy will collapse.

Caught on film? Really? I’m seventy one and I know that’s not true.

That's how leader Talks Straight... Politicians like to go around corners

Che figura Justin!

Trudeau got dressed down, looks like he’s about to start crying, and has difficulty walking away!

Loved how Justin responded to him!!

I’m paralyzed and I’m trying to raise money to help me get treatments to help me walk again. Can you help please share and donate to help give me a chance please. Anything will help please

This is actually a story on CNN... shows how their Corrupted News Network censors its stories. Today the Republicans started their commission to get to the bottom of the Hunter Biden laptop and held a news conference which is actually news. Don’t see it here! They want sheep!

JT getting schooled by big boss man

Strangely, JustinTrudeau NEVER leaked his secret conversation with Joe Biden to the press. But he claimed Canada practices high media transparency. POTUS SecBlinken DeputySecState SpeakerPelosi SecDef jakejsullivan PressSec SecYellen StateDeptSpox CanadaNewsHunt

Una buena pareja de dictadores🤔

This is a big mistake by PM Trudeau. The way to deal with China is in private, do not reveal details to the public. By-all-mean be tough, but do it in private. This is so obvious.

Hopefully trudeau told him to pound sand. This aint china, and Xi is human garbage

lbpyyz Canada beat China to the punch on the read out. China can't use their typical talking points. Nanner Nanner.

LOL China owns Canada. ever been to Vancouver?


Trudeau is known as the “gossiping queen” by all the globalists. No news here

Well done Xi. These amateurs need to learn some rules

Imagine getting lectured by a guy who pays his workers $1/hr

two communist.

Anyhow, CNN also reported this news impartially.

When your boss is giving you wrong

Counterpart That boy was getting schooled

Canada is a good country but its president has proved to be a disappointment for his country.

China is clearly running shit. America better really wake up

'lecturing'... media always made me smile...

Nice father and son moment caught on camera.

Lecture or explaining something? You’re what’s wrong with the world today

'Counterpart' Lmao, he's an employee getting dressed down by his boss.

Next Halloween Justin Trudeau intend to go has Xi that he has done the blackface enough

Xi Jinping is a level higher than Trudeau, he’s just like a flag, waving in every direction the wind blows. Terrible man

many same countries have sold their own national pride out to China, for over a century now. While the woke nations has remained cowardly quiet in order not to loose the Chinese blood money. Yet, China blackmail to whole world politicians would be more directive and assertiveness

As the Reuters,BBC said, it was a closed-door meeting. Since the meeting was a close-door meeting, according to the diplomatic principles, who is the rude one?

never trust China's promise. because the CCP and xi Jinping are both evil liars.

He's going to raise your taxes now.

The West don't know that in Chinese saying, Faces other give but Shamed you did it to yourself.

your govt have close door meeting too, and leaking contents from close door meeting without notifying, is bitchy...

IRGC forces opened fire at peaceful protesters in Izeh. (Mercenaries of the Islamic regime used war ammunition.) So far, at least five protesters have been killed and the number of casualties is increasing. MahsaAmini

call it but worldporn....

Xi is asserting his strength by bullying his counterparts. Maybe he will test his power with starting WWIII

China applies the same 'standard' to the world as it does its subjects. Ironic the cameras 'caught' a 'leaked' conversation over leaked conversations..

Justin has been known to gossip.

Chinese president seems to think that the rest of the world is like the CCP and nothing goes public.

Western leader is so weak, has to follow devil communist to lead his country

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