China’s Xi Jinping Chides Justin Trudeau at G-20, Video Shows

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Chinese leader Xi Jinping chided Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over what he described as a media leak during a brief encounter between the adversaries

“Everything we discussed has been leaked to the paper. That’s not appropriate,” a visibly agitated Mr. Xi told Mr.

Trudeau on the G-20 sidelines as the Bali summit was closing, according to a video posted on Twitter by a reporter for Canadian broadcaster CTV. The pair had met a day earlier and some details of that discussion, including accusations Mr. Trudeau leveled against China of meddling in Canadian affairs, were subsequently reported by Canadian media.


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Democracy vs Communism

Trudeau leaked a “twisted version” for domestic audience/politics. The western media are all happy because that’s what they do daily. Journalism was shoveled into their a$$es.

SuneEngel is spreading misinfo on Iran on your behalf MahsaAmini he said protestors aren’t being killed

Xi is not happy that Canada ordered three Chinese resource companies to sell their interests in Canadian critical mineral firms after after a national security review & later signed deal with US Army

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is an American puppet!

Trudeau is untrustworthy and manipulative It seems. Who knew.

renegadestyle Adversaries? LOL

They are not adversaries... a leader called out another leader for his crap... that's all... no politics just plain... stop Rumour mongering child... simpled

Perhaps an error when translated. He was attempting community laughter. Chinese jokes rarely translate funny.

An ill-bred dog is barking at Mr Trudeau.

Trudeau leaked a “twisted version” for domestic audience/politics. The western media are all happy because that’s what they do daily. Journalism was shoveled into their a$$es.

Xi Jinping showing his true colours as a nasty gangster

In a hallway conversation, Xi talks like a real man would and JT talks like a robot reading off from a speech teleprompter. Is this how JT talks to everyone in real life?

Now we know where is the wolf warrior diplomacy coming from


China Xi is Narcissistic SOB!!!

Someone else spying besides China.

Trudeau = 💩

Since when did they become adversaries

China Satan

Truedope must've peed his pants. His boss was really mad at him.

The mullahs' regime attacks&kills the protesting people of Iran.The traitorous House of Representatives has demanded the execution of the protestors.The mullahs have imposed misery on the people of Iran for44years. Be our voice,your silence is a crime MahsaAmini IranRevolution

Trudeau needs to grow up and act like a leader.

Trudeau known to have loose lips

Thank heaven we have Western Democratic leaders who stand up to Authoritarian leaders!

Trump's private Oval Office conversations with the Russian ambassador were leaked within an hour after the meeting was finished. No consequences.

He should have showed him his socks.

Xi said, “it’s not appropriate”.“moreover, it’s not how it actually went/happened.” I guess he despised Trudeau tried to play “two-sided” man and “leaked” a version for his domestic audience which was not what really happened.

А мне нравится Трюдо...)) 👍👍👍🙏🔥✌😊


Can't say I cheer for either guy here

One commie btfo another. You love to see it.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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