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China's Shenzhen bans the eating of cats and dogs after coronavirus

China's Shenzhen bans the eating of cats and dogs after coronavirus

4/2/2020 8:50:00 AM

China's Shenzhen bans the eating of cats and dogs after coronavirus

The Chinese city of Shenzhen has banned the eating of dogs and cats as part of a wider clampdown on the wildlife trade since the emergence of the new coronavirus.

Scientists suspect the coronavirus passed to humans from animals. Some of the earliest infections were found in people who had exposure to a wildlife market in the central city of Wuhan, where bats, snakes, civets and other animals were sold.The disease has infected more than 935,000 people around the world and killed some 47,000 of them.

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Authorities in the southern Chinese technology hub said the ban on eating dogs and cats would come into force on May 1.“Dogs and cats as pets have established a much closer relationship with humans than all other animals, and banning the consumption of dogs and cats and other pets is a common practice in developed countries and in Hong Kong and Taiwan,” the city government said in an order posted on Wednesday.

“This ban also responds to the demand and spirit of human civilization.”China’s top legislature said in late February it was banning the trade and consumption of wild animals.Provincial and city governments across the country have been moving to enforce the ruling but Shenzhen has been the most explicit about extending that ban to dogs and cats.

Dogs, in particular, are eaten in several parts of Asia.Liu Jianping, an official with the Shenzhen Center for Disease Prevention and Control, said that the poultry, livestock and seafood available to consumers were sufficient.“There is no evidence showing that wildlife is more nutritious than poultry and livestock,” Liu was quoted as saying by the state-owned media Shenzhen Daily.

Shenzhen’s initial rules, first proposed in late February, [L3N2AR2CQ] appeared to ban the consumption of turtles and frogs - both common dishes in China’s south.But the city government acknowledged this week that this had been a “a hot point of controversy” and clarified that both could be eaten.

The city’s campaign to stop the eating of wildlife has won praise from animal welfare groups.“Shenzhen is the first city in the world to take the lessons learned from this pandemic seriously and make the changes needed to avoid another pandemic,” said Teresa M. Telecky, the vice president of the wildlife department for Humane Society International.

“Shenzhen’s bold steps to stop this trade and wildlife consumption is a model for governments around the world to emulate.”Reporting by David Kirton; Editing by Robert Birsel Read more: Reuters Top News »

FINALLY, but it may only be temporary. Of course, it isn't just cats and's any living animal they can get their hands on. Plus, their way of slaughtering and ways of displaying their carcasses is DISGUSTING🤕😣😣😣🤬 victordibildox davalos_petro ynakiz Deben dejar de comer todo lo que se mueva, solo porque la mierda no se mueve si no ahí van detrás!!!

Filthy Monsters Enhorabuena 👏👏👏 lalocadeltaper Y en argentina deberian prohibir la venta de carne de vaca, pollo, etc ya va siendo hora no solo por riesgos sino por humanidad Misleading. The original announcement is to limit meat consumption to a number of farmed animals. The report instead indicates dog and cat meat is popular here. I never heard anyone eating cats. Dog meat is consumed in local regions (and around the world) but not in this city.

May god wipe them through their roots🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡 Only cats and dogs!! 🤔🤔🤔 Hay que acabar con el especismo It won’t stop. Banning it will just create an underground black market for it Too little, too late Fuck your gırtlak All wet markets should be banned. Not just in china, but worldwide. The wet markets in usa for example are just as disgusting. Poor hygiene, poor animal welfare.

No tenes que tener ni un poco de alma para comerte un perro What about other cities? Very good No pues, si quiera! Gracias! Omg that is so sad 1000 year tradition can not be banned from today to tomorrow...but asking for reparation for virus propagation can help expedite the ban... Eww what is the hell this

Stop eating rats too🤮 Disgusting No entiendes chino cochino Basuras Humanas 👎👎👎👎 Unfortunately, there are a lot of black markets that’ll continue selling them 😭 double standard No deberían esperar hasta mayo! Es tan repugnante que horror Puf ... digo yo... jajajaj oug Bueno, por lo menos después de esta Pandemia serán un poco más civilizados

Ehhh 🤬🤬🤬 Disgusting digamedoc mira por fin mugres chinos pasados! Perros ratas moluscos todoooo And the rest .... It is 100% true... and well done . Let’s hope the rest of China now follows Excelente noticia I guess it was time What about bats? I find it hilarious that people forget the whole world used to eat cats, dogs, and horses less than a hundred years ago. Now the FDA allows things like Pink Slime in our hamburgers and we gladly pay for that while saying we are civilized.

A todos los perros y gatos les gustó esta NOTA 🐾 🐾 Why eat cats and dogs? Is there no other food in China enforced? It took the Corona virus to ban this. SMFH. Espero que después de esta Pandemia que ellos mismo ocasionaron hayan aprendido la lección 😷 Qué se hagan vegetarianos. ! Y dejen de andar contagiando a la humanidad ! por sus pésimas costumbres de alimentación. ChinaLiedPeopleDied

Holy cow!! °○° RT : China's Shenzhen bans the eating of cats and dogs after coronavirus No volveré a comer jamás en un chino. No need to do that food experience trip to China Need to ban all the 'wet markets' in ALL Asian country's,not just China. Qué orror Dios mío ten misericordia dé la china Please consider changing the photo. We know u want to grab attention, but the photo is misleading, it suggests they r cutting up dog and cat meat. Reuters should have higher standards.

Suuuuuuuure they did..wink wink Hard to imagine this headline is needed Anda a comer murcielagos la concha de tu puta madre. Chino villero Thank you China! But how can you guys eat anything and everything? This is insane. Tendrían que haberlo hecho desde que su existencia hpd Asco Intprofessor only bat soup will now be allowed.two wongs make one white

Nomamen The least they can do. Learn from the terrible experience and reality the world is going through. Our animal consumption is already such cruel and inhuman and also health risk... They shoud eat each other, and dissapear from this planet and the vampires? 谢谢你 Shenzhen Spanish people eat rabitt. But the picture shows the famous beef hot pot restaurant in Shenzhen.Most of them don’t know corona is originated from the LAB, but they know coronavirus will comeback soon.They still stay at home except work.They know so many re-confirmed cases, very panicky.CCPLiedPeopleDied

Don’t believe China. They also ban Twitter, but there are so many wumao Too little too late. Y que pasa con el murciélago aún podre comerlo no? Malditos chinos de mierda Yuhuuuuuu good news m_ale187 Live & Let Live Glad to see so many racists and haters here as usual. Always easy to critique and OFFER NOTHING intelligent, isn’t it?! I say bravo China! And let me tell you the younger generations have no interest in eating wild animals and animal rights are something close to their 💓.

Bout freaking time ChinaLiedPeopleDied they can’t get rid of eating any animal alive. Please eat your self thoughtful of you guys. Love u all again. Barbaric people. Period. CCP most evil empire ever of humankind. CCP needs to be destroyed for the atrocity it has done to its people and all other countries.

病毒应该跟野生动物无关 To right and the rest of the shite they eat Kitteh! No trus china china is asshoe! Only in Shenzhen because it’s a propoganda city for China to the world Se van a morir de hambre, pobrets 😥😥 And they eat bats mouse parrots peacocks camels bear koala etc etc CCP_is_terrorist If you read Leviticus 11:1 through 47 from the bible, it clearly states what animals are good and which ones are prohibited. Every animal listed as prohibited is eaten in these, “Wet Markets.”

Esa prohibición es temporal, siempre que ha pasado algún tipo de relación con el consumo de animales silvestres prohíben su consumo... pasa y la gente sigue comiendo esos animales y a nosotros nos los hechan en el arroz chino 🤦‍♂️ ldyazmin6 mira, ya es algo Poor animals why tho? Fucking Chinese 😡😡 u trust them? haha ChinaLiedPeopleDied WuhanVirus

Ojalá que se cumpla,son asquerosos! Depends on who you are. China also bans Twitter. Hateful cruel race😡 coburn4brexit China also needs to put an end to that horrible, disgusting, cruel YulinDogMeatFestival too! Highly Commendable! So sick Let food be the medicine, the medicine shall be the food.- Hippocrates Well said, relevant to present situation.

“After”... Before would’ve been nice... but China! 🤡country. Chinese propaganda, dont copy their narrative guys. Disgusting people A lot of racism in the responses- I was in Shenzhen in November on vacation and from restaurants to night markets, I did NOT see any cats or dogs being eaten. Additionally, I'm not engaging with the discourse of 'what should people eat.'

Hasta q llegamos a esto lo deciden, todo el mundo afectado, vamos a ver si es cierto More lies!! Así se que cumplan Now China n Ed’s to stop eating wildlife. 😡😡😡😡 İğrenç çinliler ,bokunuzuda yersiniz siz Sure they did... Tweet: 'wHaT!? I thought that was Banned in the 90's!? OMG, Chinese Food Segway... 🤓👽' Ref: Growth Rate of Animals, Birth Numbers, Food, ...

Man, who made this? 🤦🏾 if this doesn't target Asians in the most fucked up way possible idk what does... It's comedy!!! Ojalá sea una medida permanente. 😒 Do they tastes good Vergüenza deberían de tener Finally. Now bans bats, rats and wilde animals. Why China having the money of world eats so bad Communism is pest.

Actually most Chinese never eat dogs and cats、rabbits、horses、frogs and etc.. Bats, pangolin? They wont give up on bats though.. they even gave up on cats, dog, rats etc .. but bats .. that is a red line for chinese.. CarlosDuendeTf 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Por sus asquerosidades el mundo está muriendo 😡 If you happened to have time for research, you’ll find out that there are already markets in China offering dogs again to kill there for their clients. All govts spread lies to cover their wrongdoings.

« After » Coronavirus? Dam the beasts that eat our pets‼️ They better stop eating all this rubbish because it has cause the entire world alot Excelente decreto Excelentebdecreto ElSrSanto ya ni con un chingo de limon And from May 1, a new black market will emerge No disrespect but that’s nasty !!! And rats too !! I just couldn’t .

CCP just lies all the time. Disgusting dirty markets. WTF is wrong with these people?! Jueputa ya era hora. How come that you eat cats and dogs? Yikes. Waiting for the ban on eating all animals... it's no different. And just as unnecessary. And no I'm strictly veggie or vegan; it's just common sense. Thank God

And they don't want to be directly related to the plagues that they have caused throughout history. Disgusting pigs!!! This is what happens when you eat roadkill. arzupolatay İğrençsiniz çinliler arzupolatay Bok yiyin Awesome I'm going to throw up 😷 Go Vegan! 🌿✊ How very civilised of them cursed cats???we never do that

Ok we love China 🇨🇳 & the Chinese But hey wait! Eating pets, Wild animals, rodents are what makes the whole world thinks chinese 🇨🇳 people aren't human and the world feels little bit sorry to what happens to you Not mentioning many believe China 🇨🇳 is the reason for Covid-19 After 3000 years, a small part of China grows up

The eating of dogs cats bats etc although is totally out of order has nothing to do with this virus. China released this virus from the Wuhan laboratory more than likely as a bio chemical test Yeah well the world needs to double check that or refuse to import goods from China Good to see something finally being done about these sickening animal meat markets. COVID19 started because of things like this. Now more countries like Switzerland, Nigera, and South Korea need to also start banning them as well

About 10 years late.... Hope they respect that. Retarded people Uyyyyyy no que es esto.Eso es satánico Eat fruits/veggies like the rest of the world! China must be held accountable for keeping quiet about this until it was too late. My friend was in Taiwan last summer & they heard news reports about a “mystery” illness on the mainland from Wuhan ... so they had cases that early

It took a pandemic and several thousands dead bodies for Chinese to realise this. Están criando cerdos de 600 kilos.. así se ahorran 100 gatos. Medida acertada. RafaelTimermans Imagina 600 kilos de matanza. Mas de chorizo o de morcilla?Y los jamones? Habría q lonchear y al vacío para tirar todo el año...como 40 kilos de jamón

Chinese government is responsible for what their citizens consume or what is leaked from biological labs. No one can believe what they say or what they supposedly do. They need to be sanctioned & held accountable for withholding key info about Wuhan Flu. “We’re all in this together” 😉 How about banning eating anything that is still moving?

But to balance it out they have encouraged the eating of other, less favourable, household pets...not a chance, don’t believe a single thing from that part of the world. Unfortunately this is what happens when you want to take over wildlife nature and so boomerang to all the world now!!! How about banning eating bats too! COVID19 COVID_19

What about Bats? lacornetafm EVIDEGARAY jrsestaca y ustedes pendejeando a CarmenSalinasLo miren no mas!, qué logro! Jaja Not where it came from, but it's a start Chinese people had been consuming such foods since past thousands of years but no one was harmed,its not their eating habit which caused the havoc across globe but it's certainly BIO WEAPON designed and deployed by chines government.

This should be a given! Better late than never, but Chinese wet markets have been a threat to world health for many years. Ye khud bhi marenge aur dusro ko bhi marenge Alf esta enojado it is a terrible popular to eat dog and cat.they enjoy it हे महादेव पूरे चाइनीज लोगो को कोरोना वायरस से भी खतरनाक मौत दो ताकि मै न्यूज देखू और तड़पते हुए चाइनीज को देख के मै खुश हो जाउ और उन्हे पाप का अन्त पता चले

Wet markets are actually illegal. It doesn't stop them from existing because there's no enforcement. China would have to impose extremely strict sentences to end this culture. If they don't, they'll face the economic consequences as I suspect businesses will look to cut ties. Por favor gracias 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Don't worry, rhere are many other pets. Coman pescado 🙏🏻 Finally and keep this ban forever please 😢 When will those barbarians stop eating strange things China has so many eat-animals to ban... 😣 Way to go! NEVER trust 🇨🇳 Bueno, bueno, He leído que hoy en día, la práctica de comer perros en Francia está casi desaparecida pero todavía en una pequeña parte donde se consume. No está prohibido por ley, pero no lo comercializan formalmente por ilegal su comercio. A principios del siglo XX sí era común

matthewbate FAKE NEWS. ¡ Ándale perro!, Ahora sí libre. Ban other wild animals too They should also ban eating bats and pangolins. China must to pay 💰 Finally 🙄 Cat and dog is friend, folks , its not food Can someone tell them to extend the ban to bats and pangolins too ? justsayin Thanks FFS. the photo is beef hotpot,idiot

Dirty disgusting people who have brought all this illness to the world by killing gods creatures and endangered animals The world needs to stop all their abuse now Ya era tiempo, hijos de puta Never believe any news coming from China The Chinese people are just freakin disgusting!!! This culture is just unbelievable! Eating Dogs, and Cars? Just criminal conduct!

What about Bats ? It's so disgusting. I don't know how to eat them🤐 Thanks plz in the future don’t eat cats,dogs and insects for the sake of other human How about eating Human ....? Una decisión que beneficia a todos! 🙏 Fucking chinese, eating dogs and cats and selling monkeys in the market. I really hate them, sorry but it’s what I think.

Finally! Please tell me this is just the beginning They should never have been eating these beloved animals to begin with. How about gerbils and lizards? We no longer trust China, this is fake news propaganda by the Chinese government. bycottchina bycott_chineseproducts danieloso Disgusting disease infested creatures these people

Well that’s a step in the right direction! p_von_eulenburg Still can fry shit though so ha jokes on you And if you believe that then I’m Father Christmas Thank you Shenzhen ! Hope it will ban forever ! 🙏🏻 They should stop eating anything that moves. Not only pets. Please! All lives matter. Are bats still cool ?

Would have thought they’d prioritise bat munching . How about including shark fins? Never in my life eating at chines restaurant Unbelievable they shouldn’t be eating dogs and cats in the first damn place unbelievable It's a multi billion dollar market. I highly doubt they will enforce it. Can someone please, please, please, explain to me why we even remotely deal with this nation?

CORONAVIRUS is the Chickens coming home to roost. The revenge of animals when you think about it All non Muslims should stop 🛑 all non Hilal meat 🍖 🥩 like 🐖 🦇 🐕 🐈 🐀 🐎 etc to prevent from future 🦠 disease china must StopWildAnimalConsumption BanWildAnimalConsumption BanWetMarkets Shaolin is healthy

Nonono..we Chinese eat foreigners,this is not beef,but human meet False. They will neve do this. You people are idiots ...covering up Chinese virus. A ban on eating cats and dogs, welcome to the 21st century China They can't eat chicken, fish or vegetables? Oh my god 😱 pls stop 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 China liar liar about every thing and about covid19 victims . International sanctions are required on China , don’t believe anything they say . They will eat any thing dirty

Salim8Said They jus do it in the news but not in real life Inhumane. Yay!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ If my shit had legs Chinese would have been eating that too Wutttttttt Why am I conflicted about believing this ban?And, why am I now wondering about whether to eat (or not to eat) at Chinese restaurants? China liar liar 👎

fuck Chinese Clarivethxoxo Thank God. That is disgusting. How about bats? Abhorrent Only dogs and cats? What about reptiles, rodents, and others? Not enough ! There should be a ban countrywide. Otherwise, one can undoubtedly wait for another and then another wave of every kind of viruses. Expect Wulin's anual dog carnage. In cold blood, just like how they like it.

توه الناس They want to add bats and all other creatures into it as well About f**king time! Now they just need to ban the eating of other rare and endangered animals. Bunlar nasıl insanız diye gezdiler ortalıkta şimdiye kadar ? But will they close the wet markets? I can't see how they will but these provide opportunities for viruses to jump cross-species.

Anyone else hope they get bombed off the face of the Earth? But bats are still okay? Have these people. Ever heard of c pi was and pigs? What about bat's & other shite they eat? 🤔 One good thing about China's when they ban something they ban it. Someone is called eating a dog or a cat and that province at this time it's pretty much lights out for them. However the US when people are told to stay inside I'm still go out it's laughable.

🤦‍♂️ The other white meat. Why would they eat it anyway?! Disgusting 😬🤢 I think I'll only eat ramen noodles and coca cola if I ever visited China!! These guys are terrible, what a taste for food!!! How about banning eating bats as well. Curious how long this will last Finally Virus no virus, nobody, no single human being, should ever eat cats. Jaysus. 🙀

They’ve got a lot to answer for the bats... THE BATS!!!! Yeah for what a week? What about rats, bats, etc? Read it Riangcu Only in one city? How about others? Now for all of Asia Good Luck enforcing this. How do u u force a billion people to stop eating weird shit that they’ve been eating for centuries under the belief that this bizarre food is an aphrodisiac? World Health vs. Sex (viral risk) , pretty sure we know the winner here

🤮🤮 Thanks for realizing that we're not your food cats_and_dogs 🐈♥️🐕 About time They need to ban the eating of horseshoe bats. So what’s left ? Best News i have heard all day!🤩 lord help us!....isn't there anything not out of bounds for these people! ChinaVirus finally , they will start eat like human.

let them eat shit..... ... need a longer list than that... and some guarantees... They keep eating BATS. Slow claps👏 Our beloved pets are stolen for their meat industry. Missile strike those areas any body listening yeah do it. It ain't just the cats and the dogs Stinking people they can eat anything It's just for the show and even if true, they will revert

simple politics totally unpoliceable Impossible chaina can't stop eat dog and cats have you been there in the wet markets, did you see it? do believe chines government can implement and teach them to eat meat like the rest of the World? I don't think so. Don’t tell me they still eat dogs and cats Bats too?

About time it’s a dirty,disgusting, hateful practice! It should be banned all over & not just replaced by some other poor animal. Chinese markets again selling bats -- likely source of deadly pandemic -- reporters say ChinaLiesPeopleDie Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us 1400 years ago not to eat these meats

its nowhere near enough..... enforce the law on illegal trade of exotic animals..... put deterrents in place to stop them..... and ensure the total ban is maintained long term. And bats too,🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 what about other wildlife - bats, pangolins and what not, Cats and dogs are domesticated animals! They did not transmit any virus. What about all the WILD Animals?

Sophie_Mokoena Why MaChina a e ja dimpša, magotlo, dikatse le mankgagane? Haai maan these ppl 🙄 Really or another drama? but other wild animals still sound delicious to them... What a great patient 0 origin Can we extend this to a ban on Rhino horn And all it took was infecting the world, well done China well done 😉

Nasty and disgusting chinese Are bats still on the menu? Don’t believe it , don’t believe anything they say Disgusting people. I think these people should eat their own dicks their population does not increase in this way. About bleeding time, my heart breaks when i see those poor dogs, or any other animal they treat so badly, that country needs education & quick. 🤬

Well done. Now cease the other 80% of disgusting behaviour that has killed people globally please. Doubt it Is it just a ban or is it law ? Les chinois propagateur de virus doivent arrêter de manger n’importe quoi . Que fait ce gouvernement chinois ? A part emprisonner des Ouighours ? What about bats 🤔 Before any ban, just teach them to wash their hands after using toilet...

Thank Goodness... In fact, most Chinese don't eat and dogs Finally Throw the whole country away china I'm sure the replies to this won't be racist at all. Its about time normal shit for a change.... Get onto a high speed rail train and travel to Yulin in Guangxi. Problem solved. Or to Wuhan for bats.

For 1000 years ago Islam has banned the eating of such primates.... lovely and hygienic way of life. BoscoWo42122490 Using VPN is also prohibited in China but you can see the fact is, only ppl using VPN to spread true news will be punished Eating cats and dogs are immoral. Most Chinese don’t eat them. Only few people eat. Don’t hate all Chinese pls. The origin of the virus is unknown so far. Just imagine about 26000 to 52000 people were dead of flu in the USA from October 2019 to February 2020. That is not simple.

First of all, dogs kept for meat are not inappropriate to kill and eat, rationally they are no different than cows, lambs, pigs or chickens, dogs do not spread Coronavirus or some other disease that only on few particular kind of animals. About time the dirty bastards! WHAT ABOUT BATS? Finally? I think no need rules to ban the eating, civilised people will never eat cats and dogs.

ZandileMtimkul1 Them Asians need to slow down on eating pets... great news 👏👏👏 Thats why we say it's a Chinese disease ...even the frog they love to eat Meat protein is meat protein that's all what about civet cat and other exotic animal dose this people ever lean what next they want a combine of SARS & COVID 19

its about time China should learn from Vietnam. Go vegan! It’s just shenzhen, don’t get so excited.. It was illegal before so what’s new. And the rest. About time it should be banned through out China, look at the problem that has been caused eating animals not regulated There are seldom people eating bats in China

Bans the eating of heavy rain. Study those dogs! Don't eat them. They don't get sick from Covid The Chinese should stop eating tigers, rhinos, snakes, bars, sharks......... the list is too big to fit in this post. Tunechiress Why were they eating them to begin with?😔 Everything has an upside. About fucking time

To little to late , these nasty mofo’s unleashed a pandemic on the world. F your customs . If this wasn’t intentional that is ... ? Bok yesinler It's the pangolins they have to worry about. But they can leave the cats and dogs alone, anyway. Their neighbor country,India , has the same population as China, just compare them how they treat animals

Can you believe china ? When will my number arrive Maybe they should ban creation of biological weapons..... It's taken this virus to do the right thing, What a pathetic country, I hope the rest of the world remembers what China has done .late but better than never How about black market cats, dogs, bats, snakes, rats and monkeys?

oh yeah, so they still can eat bats!!! Sick Society 🤮 This shit should have been banned decades ago ... don’t forget bats, pangolin ... 🙄🙄🙄 This is fxxed up. I’m glad they’re doing this in Shenzhen but a nationwide ban should be considered. That said, let’s not be naive, bushmeat trade is happening everywhere - the US only banned eating dogs and cats in 2018 ...

photo_journ No way. I love dogs 🐶 That’s no fecking harm fatma_karume Okay, that's a story i never expected to come across Why can't these Chinese eat real human food instead of domestic animals? 😡😡 So bad 👎 Chinese disgusting propaganda I am afraid.... Won jebi. Awon eleribu 😒 Eww, how can you eat your lovely pets?

Why don’t we just cut that twisted culture off before we have more diseases because if them! Nice Shenzhen!!👏🏻 What about all other states in China? When are they going to wake up Please respect China food culture! Don’t be racist! As Densely populated as they are, they are also dense at eating culture ..Happy they are beginning to ban eating of some of these animals

Are penguins still in play They're cute AND delicious! Waiter, there’s a claw in my beef stew Shame and dirty China killing the world They ‘claims’ No kidding! All wild animals consumption should be banned including for so called 'medical' usage. Wild animal market should be banned to. Not enough space, summary: the country itself should be banned COVID19

🙄 How about banning live animal markets that always seem to be where these viruses cross-over to humans? Eat tacos! Is healthier! lies. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Come on, eat dogs and cats? We don't!We pet them. Why? It is a lab made virus made in China.China wants to exterminate the human race🤔👍 But why is this pic showing chefs cutting beef tho?

What about other wild animals? akrockefeller Craving fr dog meat ummmm sentleL69 A human can swallow cobra venom and never become toxic. But those who eat food that God has not untitled them with have committed sin that result in many death globally. 🤞 🇺🇸:🌭🍔🍟 🇰🇷:🍗🧀🥘 🇯🇵:🍣🍱🍙🍢 🇮🇹:🍝🍕 🇮🇳:🥘🥙🍛 🇹🇼:🍠🍗🌭🍔🍟🍕🥙🧆🌮🌯🥘🥫🍝🍜🍲🍛🍤🍣🍙 🇭🇰:🥮🍜🥟🍗🌭🍔🍟🍕🥙🧆🌮🌯🥘🥫🍝🍜🍲🍛🍤🍣🍙 🇨🇳:🐶🐱➡️🦇🐭🐰🐻🐮🐷🐸🐵🐔🐗🐴🦄🐛🐌🐞🦂🕷🦗🦟🐢🐍🦎⏩

Yeah for 5 minutes. fuck these people Perhaps stop offering bats cooked medium-rare too?! And what about bats, rats, Crocodile, scorpion, spider, snake and other reptiles , octopus and other insect's and poisonous fishes. 🙄🙄🙄 The thing is, will people obey these rules ? I bet this is what Hindus think of the west when we eat cow... That being said, please stop using endangered species for Chinese 'medicine'.

TOOK YOU SO LONG. No shit... wtf is that all about anyway, really? About fucking time Bats and pangolins and are still fine so? but whatever will they eat? They have done this many times. It never takes. That's... unexpected to say the least What about bats, snakes, pangolins, porcupines, rats, and all other crawling wild animals?

Let it be known that as a Chinese, I’ve never eaten any of these animals nor do I personally know anyone who eats this stuff. My grandpa ate wolf and horse before but that’s cuz he was starving. glynmoody and rats and bats, or anything that moves ? It is a perfect decision to ban the eating of cats and dogs in China. Such eating habits can be hazardous Latest updates | Countries with confirmed cases per million population of COVID 👇 COVIDー19 COVID19Pandemic

ban is good, but likely no evidence it caused the disease anyway. Eating bats and shit is disgusting, but it’s not a bat to human transmission. There’s likely an intermediary host involved like a pangolin or snake. I should bloody well hope so and stop poaching while they’re at it. Duuh kachembenho Gut✓✓✓

Well Whoopty f****g Doo, welcome to the rest of civilization But what about bats And Pangolins They should be banned from eating all animals this people are weird asf!! 🧐👏👏👏 It won't be enforced. And the eating of cats or dogs wasn't what caused this to begin with. I don't have a problem with people eating cats or dogs of necessity. Cat meat is garbage and I find it hard to believe anybody is eating it other than out of necessity.

Then Corona is good for something!!! Chinese have always been perverts to the deepest soul. Are we winning yet? Yes, we have the most cases in the world. No they haven’t. Heard Indonisians love eating bats. Don't understand why they are fine with bats. Maybe their bats carry no virus. Or maybe Indonisians are already immune.

Hallelujah & welcome to civilization And bats Asmali77 Long overdue can they add bats on tha list too... In the future, the Chinese will eat humans.😡 Finally it was time. I could return back in Beijing and Hong Kong so. What about bats ? Ban eating wildlife as well Good for Australian Beef exports. BATS .... PANGOLINS..... Ever heard of such creatures bro ? In tomorrow's news, China bans the sale of lamb and headless chickens !

Try bats next, it’s the virus link A few months before the pandemic hordes of pigs were culled in china because pigs had swine flu. The american farmers were cheering the premium they could sell their pork meat for. Clearly nobody found that be inhumane. What impact does this have on climate. Sick bastards for killing dogs and cats for eating in the 1st place.

मतलब ये lockdown के पहले कटे कुत्तो को नही खायेगा। पार्टी तो अब शुरू करेंगे। ChineseVirus19 Panademic bycottchina It is nothingburger, though they are mainly sold in the black market I hope this is true. Et les rats? This is a picture of beef hotpot place! • The Irish can’t go to the pub • The Brits can’t go out for fish & chips • The French can’t go to restaurants • Aussies can’t go to the beach AND NOW • The Chinese can’t eat cats or dogs When will these deprivations end? COVIDー19 COVID19Pandemic CovidLockdown

Btw they should also do the same in America... There more tigers and lions in America than they are in the wild.. Plus they have the biggest markets for exotic animals in the world and they also create new species like the ligra.. A lot of people died because of the scum damn😡😡😡😡 Eating pets is disgusting

Doesn't concern me. I would never set foot in China. Filthy place - as the whole world knows. We should all stop eating meat ? And I am not a vegetarian let alone vegan. Didn’t smallpox, chicken pox, Ebola , HIV all come from eating animals. It is impossible because eating meat with dogs and cats is the cause of the covid19 virus

Don't be too happy. Guangxi implemented a dog ban in 2017 as well. One week before the dog meat festival, restaurants and street vendors are prohibited from trading dog meat. But dog sellers and dog eaters seem to be completely ignored. I suspect they are cannibals too I don't think so, they lie all the times, still believe their words?

Chinese stupid beliefs such as eating Bats and Pangolins could prolong life backfired on them, and tragically, the world is suffering now- lives have shortened because of Chnese nonsense superstition! FILE PHOTO: Workers cut beef at a restaurant in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, September 6, 2019. Picture taken September 6, 2019. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha/ what the fuck?

Not only in shenzen, but also in all provinces of china eating wild animals&cats and dogs should be banned, And bats! And other wild animals! If it is their tradition then just have some very strictly controlled and clean teaditional restaurants. Not wild animals bazaar! Only there? FILE PHOTO: Workers cut beef at a restaurant in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, September 6, 2019. Picture taken September 6, 2019. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha/ what the fuck

I hope the rest of the countries who do same stop also. South Korea is even worse... And there many many other countries who do the same Wait!! They eat dogs and cats? Wtf I thought that was a joke 😱😡🤬 in a backwards world 1000 years ago sure but today when they don’t need to Wtf!!!!!!!!!!!! Невиліковні ідіоти!!!

But they reopened and are secretly operating wet animal markets behind blue barriers. What a shithole! Lets add swine flu to the list...stop eating pigs. The western nations setting high moral ,ethical standards is a bloody joke. They are human beings or beasts 🤮🤮🤮🤮 To people commenting saying it’s no worse than eating other animals OR saying it should be banned because pets are cute you are both missing the point. This is about a practice which delivers UNTOLD suffering. Boiling, skinning, roasting LIVE animals. Those bastards have no soul.

No “wet” market businessman follow WuhanCoronavius CCPVirus , b kkk ko o ko loo l k o kill o monk kòo oooh PlankOut Why they eating cats & dogs in the first place 😐 They shouldn’t be eating them in the 1st damn place What disgusting individuals eat cats and dogs😭😭😭😭 BanChina Imagine this: A beef packing plant butchering 5000 cows a day. Multiply that by 100 packing plants a day. OMG! Why aren't cows extinct? Now we know there are more than 100 packing plants & more cattle than 5000 being slaughtered. Made me really rethink my beef & I'm Texan.

Well there's always the black market. They can eat even human flesh who cares It will rain cats and dogs What about snakes and bats It's been foolish and wrong from the beginning, how on earth someone would be eating dogs really, as much as we love to do business with China some how we have to question these people what they supply us we have been eating dogs too more especially these tin meat from China

anti-mainstream at its finest Sorry to tar them all with the one brush but I really can't believe the variety of animals both wild and domestic that this nation wants to eat ! Do they ever think about animal welfare. These people are cruel beyond belief, NEVER visit China, they MUST address practice. I need help! Pigeon, rabbit, pheasant, dear, pig, lamb, chicken, crab, frog, donkey, camel, cow, octopus, prawns and more... We eat them, wild or farmed. All animals are beautiful but we DO eat them!! Unless there's hard evidence that some are harmful, then can't see the problem.

Ya think? Welcome to 2020 I think we have enough to eat already. 开局一张图,内容全靠编! Best news ever They still eating them... Oh, so cow, ox, buffalo, chicken, fish and pigs are not your friends? [Authorities in the southern Chinese technology hub said the ban on eating dogs and cats would come into force on May 1.] Huh? So they can continue to consume these animals for the next one month & what’s preventing black markets from being created for these animals after May 1?

They bans eating of wild animals, which is a good thing for future control, what's your aim to say cats and dogs here you just try to imply that chinese people are curel because they eat pets. In my whole life I've never see a Chinese eat cats. Do not report fake news! Don’t trust China anymore! how will they survive

Well that's good. pls add bats and snakes Well oh buddy, we're safe for now Shenzhen only Its not just a Chinese problem folks, its EVERYONE'S problem: Date of due: 1 day. Why don't they control their appetite? Ok good, they r moving in the right direction. The next step is to ban the eating of all the sh!t they eat.

china=shit peoples I doubt that the Chinese government will be able to control compliance with the law prohibiting the use of cats and dogs because it requires changing the much of centuries-old barbaric mentality of the people of China 知己知彼,百战不殆!傻逼媒体,鉴定完毕! what about bats? We should just isolate China. Nothing in nothing out until they get the message. The world has had enough of this!

fake news,i am in shenzhen,we never eat dogs and cats It’s 2020. They need to realise their and our eating habit need to change. This ban is just a gesture to outside China which won’t last. China eats about any creature that crawls! Wow. How nice of them. Imagine eating cats and dogs!😮 That's terrible! Makes me feel I'll already to see this...😫

They should ban all kinds of meat. That is uncalled for let the people enjoy their delicacy in peace. Thank you Coronavirus for saving the lives cats and dogs. Tiger penis, bear gall bladder , sea horses..... Green house gases, viral transfers to humans, loss of animal habitats all can be reduced by at least scaling back the consumption of any meat. It wasn’t but a few decades ago when meat was a once a week or few weeks thing in many parts of Asia

Awon were... hope they also ban eating of lizard and crockcroash too... About F%king time! Only 6months too late! What about wuhan market they started sale.. As usual.. But bans for eating of cats and dogs are throughout China’s ? In wuhan market people are consuming different creatures. You cannot imagine. bat wolf & Exotic animals ect please bans for also eating exotic animals 😬😬

Better! DO THEY REALLY OR were you TOLD to write THAT Finally.... Pislik insanlar temiz çiflik hayvanları varken iğrencçsiniz çinliler. What about bats and monkeys and pangolins? Need to add to the list! can they completely transform as Non-Vegetarians.... CATS, dogs?human are evils. We have a turkish idiom about that subject... Köpek bok yemekten vazgeçmez... Dog never gives up eating stool

Only took them trillions of dollars and thousands of deaths to finally get the message 配图什么鬼?图片是潮汕牛肉火锅 fake news. in big cities in China ESPECIALLY like shenzhen, guangzhou. i never see people can publicly sell cats, dogs for eating. this is illegal. pls reference your friends who ever been to China or currently in China tell u.the truth.

jakejakeny will this stick? Should also ban eating and boiling alive animals “Shenzhen’s bold steps to stop this trade and wildlife consumption is a model for governments around the world to emulate.” Are they serious? The rest of the civilized world does not consume wildlife like China. Good, they are trying to change their behavior to something normal.

Shame on China for eating bat , rat and snake No worries, they will eat bats and rats Ban use of wildlife in Chinese medicine Bohat acha ho raha hai in chutiyoun kay sath. Eh... finally, I should say? should ban all meat, killing a chick is no mercy at all Don't mind them, they will not ban anything... Chinese are not to be trusted...meanwhile, they ve a lot of questions to answer.

Why? Will this implement some sort of psychological-factor which will lend some sort of growth factor on their PATHETIC LITTLE COCKS? This is the only reason why these tiny-cocksuckers do THIS! Greedy to the max Yoh le ja katse le Mpya 😲 The fact that this had to be said.... And bats too and a few other animals as well

pls stop taking medicine that contains bear bile too! 🖕🇨🇳 DNC SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer AOC SenWarren SenSanders RepMaxineWaters RepRashida BarackObama cbsnews abc nbcnews foxnews nytimes thehill washingtonpost CNN MSNBC This was the right thing to do.... 400 years ago like most civilized countries

The world must stand up and make then stop their bile abuse Rats ? Bats ? Still enough options for them Hallelujah 🙏 Please extend this ban to entire China and other countries where all such living things are being eaten.. please Sick!!! bloody hell... like there isn't enough options for meat! if you want to it at all

Rats 🐀 also About fucking time wouldn’t you say... reddogsusie JayneMarie007 Und der Rest, der nicht bei 3 unter der Erde ist FILTHY COUNTRY You see this serpentza laowhy86 ? These vile asian abuse of gods animals needs to stop and the world after this should make sure it stops their dirty vile torture is the cause of all our pain

We hope bats also guys 😂 Oh NO... they gonna start eating humans now?!! Full time BAN china if they don;t stop Cruelty on Animals / Wildlife. Wuhan South Korea is doing the same? Because they eat more dogs and cats there dogs taste good. You western folks should try some. What about 🦇!! Morons!!!!!! fake news!only the Yulin city they eat dog,NO ONE eat CATS in CHINA!

It's about time. Seriously. What about 🦇 🐊 🦁 🐅 🦎 🐍🦖🦕🦈🐘🦍? But bats are ok. Poultry Fish & Plants - Can we make a sustainable earth now? We have the time EarthUnite People should understand Nature has not given those long and sharp teeth to the humans for eating animals. See your teeth's before eating animals ANI myogiadityanath narendramodi BJP4India JaiShriRam WHO UN

I mean.... Reuters say what JFC I like to remind my pug that I could eat him. It keeps a little pep in his step. He eats better than I do cause he's a organically fed cheeseburger umbrella for a rainy day. Emmmmmmm, acabarán con la proteína que los mantenía vivos?Lynx_581 And Batsoup Damn good. Stop eating animals of that kind,you beasts.

VOnyango_ They never learn I never eat cats and dogs. Even pigs. They are forbidden in Islam. Those dog eaters and cat eaters must be amazing people. They should leave poor cats and dogs alone and resort to cannibalism. Except they won't eat Panda All these cats, dogs, bats and some other animals are prohibited to eat (Haram) in Islam for more than 1400 years. Now world is moving towards that model. Should have thought earlier.

Let see for how much time Saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand, walkin' through Soho in the rain, He was lookin' for the place called Lee Ho Fooks, gonna get a big bowl of bat chow mein... WahHOOO! The cultured shocked redneck says what. Gotta keep bats on the menu though, right. Fuckin stupid report. I mean, good for the cats and dogs, yay, but they didnt transmit the virus to us, at least not from what research has shown us. Its bats so far. So, uhm. Should probably ban bats. Just saying. Don't eat bats. Nasty.

China and Australia target Pacific with coronavirus aidBeijing has ramped up its diplomatic push into the Pacific, pledging coronavirus aid and medical advice, although its efforts are being impeded as islands close borders to stop the spread of the disease from hotspots including China. The WHO has lost all credibility. It's just a mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist party. They not suppose to show shake hand this time around too. What if I say the People's Republic of China is just a pseudonym? His true identity is the Soviet Republic

China starts to report asymptomatic coronavirus casesChinese health authorities began on Wednesday reporting on asymptomatic cases of the coronavirus as part of an effort to allay public fears that people could be spreading the virus without knowing they are infected with it. China virus distroy world Okay We’re closing in.. 2 more and we’re free. Long live China and the future of the economy.

Huawei warns China will strike back against new U.S. restrictionsHuawei warned on Tuesday that 2020 would be its most difficult year yet due to American trade restrictions which dealt a blow to its overseas sales in 2019, and predicted the Chinese government would retaliate against the United States. *due to “I can’t allow a chinese IT company grow so fast.” A good company, but hurted by a Gov , this is not unfair, everyone knows Hawei is a innovative company

Trump antagonism of China could hurt coronavirus cooperationDonald McNeil, science and health reporter for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about why the coronavirus expertise and resources of China could be an opportunity for the U.S., unless Donald Trump's behavior makes cooperation an impossibility. He is too proud and has too big of an ego to do that first he let the whole country die , but didn’t he used to say they were good friends You sick bastards push Chinese propaganda. Another NY Times flake pretending he’s relevant.

China Chases Indonesia’s Fishing Fleets, Staking Claim to Sea’s RichesTrying to avoid offending China, Indonesia’s largest trading partner, the Indonesian government has played down incursions by Chinese fishing boats. “Our fishermen feel scared,' one official in the Natuna islands said. The failing NYT is still trying to discredit China even at this critical time of combatting the virus. This country is not only the world's virus, it's the biggest bully in South East Asia.

McConnell: Impeachment trial 'diverted' attention from coronavirus crisis in ChinaSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested on Tuesday that the impeachment trial of President Trump distracted the US government from the growing coronavirus crisis in China. 🐂💩‼️ Trump shouldn't be impeached. Christians all over the world should fast and pray to God . Antichrist is looking for an opportunity but has failed. As for corona virus. Jesus Has destroyed it If our legislators cannot do more than one thing at a time in our congress, they have no leadership skills and have no business being in government offices. Good heavens... 🤷🏼‍♀️🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🙏🏼