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China's Hou wins 49-kg weightlifting gold at Tokyo Olympics

China's Hou wins 49-kg weightlifting gold at Tokyo Olympics

7/24/2021 10:10:00 AM

China's Hou wins 49-kg weightlifting gold at Tokyo Oly mpics

China's Zhihui Hou won the gold medal in the women's 49-kg weightlifting at the Tokyo Oly mpics, lifting a total of 210 kg, with a comfortable win over Indian and Indonesian medalists.

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people using this photo to say she’s not a woman, making dirty rumors that’s she’s a man with balls. which country stand out and said something? Western media humiliate her by making rumors, Chinese even don’t have the right to say it’s not a proper picture 😔 double standards! What did you say? He's so Ugly he's Cute.

Poor taste All of these people getting triggered over a photo lmfao. Get a life. Lol! I make that same face on the toilet. This is Meme Gold. 🥇 🏅 🏋️ Only CCP and whiny Chinese trolls would complain about a photograph of someone winning their gold medal. Can we just rename them Karen-country already. China Olympics

Made in China 🇨🇳. 🤣 fraud Olympics Olympics All this shit for a picture? Long live the free press. All this nonsense over a photo of a strong woman competing reminds me of the times when men have told me to 'smile' (even at the gym). No one would object if an 'ugly' photo were taken of a male Olympian. I'm sick of people who expect women to conform to their idea of femininity.

Can't believe people care about a photo like this I'm sure she won't give a shit sat at home with her gold medal no one would of even gave it a second look till it got plastered all over the news because of of embassy comments

China has won the first gold medal of the Tokyo OlympicsThe Tokyo 2020 Summer Oly mpics formally kicks off with the Opening Ceremony after the Games were delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Follow here for the latest news on the Summer Oly mpics. It's Nerf or nuthin. Air Rifle? 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😴😴😴. Next events: Slingshot, Mumbly peg

Why post this picture to say that?Please respect our athletes and respect my country. Please don't use dirty tricks Is this the only photo you took for the champion? I wont say a word if western champions were shot the same way. No wonder chinese ppl hate western media. What agenda is this? Which men's event did Hou win? Sorry the tweet didn't say... 🤣

Did you take your drugs today? This Chinese look kinda like a woman. If you see these negative reports about China in the Western media, just think about this tweet: they are doing their best to present negative news, no matter how positive the news actually is. 😆

All 14 workers lost in tunnel flood in China confirmed deadBEIJING (AP) — The bodies of all 14 workers trapped when a tunnel under construction was flooded last week have been recovered, authorities in southern China said Thursday. A brief statement on the Zhuhai city government’s social media site gave no further information about the cause of the July 15 disaster or the deaths. nice The people who make policy decisions about tackling Climate Change (or not) never need to live in fear of personally experiencing these events. not central china but southern china

What I saw behind this photo is an ugly, shameless REUTERS. 'Hou broke the Olympic records in all three categories of snatch, clean and jerk, and total with 210 kg, three kilos short of her own world record. She also holds the world record with 96 kg in snatch, which she didn't attempt in Tokyo.' TokyoOlympics

You think you have humiliated China? In fact you humiliated YOURSELF!!! This photo…You really should learn to respect others. reuters is the shame of media Beastmode Drug function Watched this live. It was an easy win. Congrats to Ms. Hou and Team China Dont u have other photos to report this I haven't watched weightlifting at the Olympics for years. It doesn't fall within my definition of 'sport' .....

China rejects WHO audit of labs in second phase of Covid origin probeChina has dismissed the WHO proposal to further investigate the lab leak theory, which was deemed ‘extremely unlikely’ in its previous report but has since gained traction. Chinese scientists who uncovered the cause of the mysterious disease should be given a Nobel Prize. WHO needs to investigate possible origins in the US/EU, etc. The US has refused to provide or share any data, definitely not from pre December 2019 potentially infected cases.

Yah yu really should get a better editor, or Reuters is deliberately making Chinese look “unpleasant” to serve some certain agenda. Marvelous! I can't help but laugh at her expression. 😂😂😂 どのような訓練を積めばあのような重い物を持ち上げられるようになるのじゃろうか。 Saynomore This man look sad Among other good pictures, u choose this one. U medias... smh

China again Cheers!

Death toll rises as passengers recount horror of China subway floodsAt least 33 people have died and eight remain missing in central China, as authorities ramp up rescue and recovery efforts following devastating floods that submerged entire neighborhoods, trapped passengers in subway cars, caused landslides and overwhelmed dams and rivers. 👍👍👍 Now they are unleashing floods on the world? Actually....they are with their pollution. TRUTH. Didn't ask

might as well give all the gold to China, let their team go home and let others compete over silver. How much is that in pounds

Didi shares drop on report China is planning unprecedented penaltiesBloomberg News reported China is planning a slew of punishments against Didi, including a fine likely bigger than the record $2.8 billion that Alibaba paid, good luck But jimcramer gave his approval to buy this stock.

China evacuates tens of thousands as storms spread northTens of thousands of people were being evacuated from flood-hit regions of central China on Thursday as officials raised the death toll from heavy rain that has deluged Henan province for almost a week to 33 people. If past is prologue then the death count from China's flooding is easily ten times the number claimed by the government. Karma in play for spreading corona virus to the world