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China’s Hong Kong Law Drives Wedge Between EU and Western Allies

Anxious not to become entangled in the escalating rivalry between the U.S. and China, the European Union emphasized the need for dialogue over Hong Kong

5/30/2020 5:15:00 AM

Anxious not to become entangled in the escalating rivalry between the U.S. and China, the European Union emphasized the need for dialogue over Hong Kong

The European Union faces a fresh breach with Washington over China’s handling of Hong Kong and a potential split with the U.K. on a major foreign policy issue for the first time since it left the EU in January.

May 29, 2020 2:40 pm ETBRUSSELS—The European Union faces a fresh breach with Washington over China’s handling of Hong Kong and a potential split with the U.K. on a major foreign-policy issue for the first time since it left the EU in January.Anxious not to become entangled in America’s escalating rivalry with China, EU foreign ministers on Friday emphasized the need for dialogue over Hong Kong, although they described China’s moves to tighten its grip on the territory as a matter of “grave concern.”

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EmmanuelMacron What did conversation with ccp in the past 20 years bring? WuhanVirus that killed 30k French and 10k Germans, a global bully censor freedom of speech in other countries, spy on foreign governments. History taught us appeasement would only make dictator stronger Trump has had many missteps as president, but in regards to China he has been spot on, and hasn’t hid under the cowardly blanket of neutrality like Merkel and the EU EU_Commission

Yep, 'head in the sand' , just like Neville Chamberlain to Hitler's rampage !!! … Smarten-up E.U. !!! The US is rather heavy. EU is hoping to sell more cars to China. European countries only fight after their capitals are destroyed just as the same as in the WWII. 香港问题是中国内政,这点根本没得谈! The EU is taking a sensible and reasonable approach. Everyone knows the necessity for some rules to bring back stability in HK. Many are outwardly voicing concern but privately celebrating the pending security law. At least stakeholders can get back to doing profitable business.

Aquí una opción rápida bloqueo las rutas comerciales a china, india y Japón tienen que bloquear y terminar con todas estas amenazas del régimen comunista de XI jinping en contra de las democracias de todas las naciones del mundo Just wait until businesses around the world cave in. The west will lose freedom. The Chinese censors information to a point where Chinese can't even play animal crossing with people outside the great firewall. Soon, business will censor the smaller market instead 'the west'.

Far be it from the EU to take a firm position in a fight between right and wrong. Whether democracy is good or bad is not complicated. There are not two valid sides on whether China should live up to its commitments on Hong Kong’s autonomy. Is BLACK PEOPLE death normal!!! More than 10 yrs of 'dialogue' with the ChiNazis & look where weR today. Dialogue didn't stop previous totalitarian dictatorships - there's no dialogue when criminal fanatics in power only pretend2 want dialogue as tactic2 buy time4 evil plan. This includes the globalist EU.

Hong Kong is China ’s Hong Kong, and it is shameful to interfere in other countries ’internal affairs. The EU is a disgrace and everyone knows it. Massive unaccountable bureaucracy - the least democratic feature of modern European history The European Union is such a sad excuse for a political body. Their response to just about everything is to call for “dialogue.” What’s wrong with them?

Trump will be gone by November. Xi Jinping will not. That is the right course of action. There is totally lack of leadership in the world now, in America and in Uk, the two most important countries in the world is being governed by clowns, even Bush junior looked like a saint now China: This is our internal affair. Sino British Joint Declaration is a historical document. It is none of UN and UK business now (*it is legally binding ,registers in UN. )HK is a part of China since 5000 years ago. Hong Kong people enjoy the highest degree of freedom.

I am SHOCKED! Sure, because that approach worked out so well for Neville Chamberlain.... Hong Kong rioters as defined by the China Communist Regime.. Hong Kong shows China is a threat to EU must defend Taiwan. Talk? EU can’t even talk to UK. China emphasized the need for dialogue over Minneapolis. The EU is one of the most feckless, unstrategic organizations on the face of the earth. Stand up to CCP now or later, or kowtow forever.

EU seeks tougher China policy, concerned by Hong Kong lawEuropean Union foreign ministers agreed to toughen their strategy on China on Friday to counter Beijing's increasingly assertive diplomacy against a backdrop of concern about China's new security law for Hong Kong. Sometimes, it's better to have a mirror at home. Don’t BS. Action speaks louder than words. European has already forgot who started the Virus? Who sold unsatisfactory medical supplies to you? If you don’t stop this lion today, today’s HongKong, tomorrow’s Europe. EU Europe do they have the spine the toughen the policy towards the US where shooting to protests has started...

Lawmakers ejected in Hong Kong debate on Chinese anthem billThree pro-democracy lawmakers are ejected from Hong Kong's legislative chamber, disrupting the start of a second day of debate on a contentious bill that would criminalize insulting or abusing the Chinese national anthem. This is just the stuff amyklobuchar who is dropping out of the Veepstakes after tonight, used to do to me and Chicano activists at the UMNews when I was in the government there. More building of democracy is needed in our age. MinnesotaDFL IndyMN If you throw out those that will vote against you , you win every time.

Opinion | Will President Trump Stand With Hong Kong?In Opinion The editorial board writes, 'America and its allies may not have the levers to stop the new China in its tracks, but they do have ways to let Xi and his comrades know that they will exact a price for limiting freedoms in Hong Kong.' Your editorial board doesn't know how to make its verbs agree with their subjects; 'make' should be 'makes' in 'His treatment of dissidents and minorities like the Uighurs make clear that he has no tolerance for any challenge to the Communist Party’s rule.' realDonaldTrump You people must be smoking crack! Donald Trump doesn't stand for democracy in the U.S, never mind Hong Kong!

U.S. business to Trump: Go slowly on Hong Kong responseBusiness groups are urging U.S. President Donald Trump to go slowly in responding to Beijing's planned imposition of new national security laws on Hong Kong, warning revoking the city's special U.S. privileges will hurt the territory and its people. davelawder reuters is trying to do business in don't disturb davelawder Lua davelawder Hes a coward He does not defend democracy

Hong Kong no longer deserves special U.S. status, Pompeo saysU.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Congress on Wednesday that Hong Kong no longer qualifies for its special status under U.S. law, potentially dealing a crushing blow to its status as a major financial hub. HO-LEE-SHIT

China approves controversial national security law for Hong KongChina's legislature has approved a proposal to impose a highly contentious national security law in Hong Kong, in an unprecedented move that critics say threatens fundamental political freedoms and civil liberties in the semi-autonomous territory. Why are there still politicians and leaders in Western countries who believe in China ’s commitment HK independence is the only way out for HongKong. It was the CCP government who denied the Sino-British Joint Declaration - HongKongers have every right to self-determination. StandWithHongKong So, what’s the Donald Trump going to do about it? Tough talk on China but for nothing but tariffs that hurt the working class. Another foreign policy FAILURE for the best deal maker.