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China’s Field of Dreams Attitude to Opening Markets Won’t Work

The quotas on western investment into Chinese financial markets are no longer the main limiting factor on inflows.


Heard on the Street: The quotas on western investment into Chinese financial markets are no longer the main limiting factor on inflows

The quotas on western investment into Chinese financial markets are no longer the main limiting factor on inflows.

If we open it, they will come. Or so the logic of the Chinese government goes, when it comes to Western investment in its financial markets. That dream is unlikely to become reality.

On Monday, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, or SAFE, abandoned the ceiling on its two Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor programs, scrapping the total quota limit of $300 billion.

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Megan Rapinoe Is Winning On and Off the FieldOutspoken U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team cocaptain Megan Rapinoe has emerged as a model for a new kind of activist athlete. Here, she discusses it all.

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Poll: Biden, Sanders top Dem field among LatinosJoe Biden and Bernie Sanders are the top choices for Latinos planning to vote in the Democratic presidential primary, according to a newly released Univision poll ahead of Thursday’s debate in Houston Biden was a fair VP. I don't picture him as a bright president. He is a no no to me. Bernie is the only progressive in the race. This is what establishment Dems are doing, taking money from fossil fuelers. Why? They do not care about ClimateCatastrophe but they do mumble about it from time to time. NoMiddleGround

A women's field hockey game at Kent State was canceled for football pre-game fireworksA women's field hockey game was halted during play so personnel could prepare pre-game fireworks for the football team on another field. There was a social media uproar, with questions about why Kent State would have fireworks ahead of a Division I match. What are you saying CNN? Spell it out! Women again being patriarchy by mean men! Of course I am being facetious. You guys are pathetic and transparent You dont even hide it anymore. For those of you quick to justify KentState’s decision denying that it was grounded in sexism, I hope you don’t have daughters. But if you do, I hope they get to play sports. And if they become D1 student athletes, I hope they never get disrespected like UMaineFH and TempleFH The football team generates revenue. Women’s field hockey actually loses money.

China opens soymeal market to No. 1 exporter Argentina in 'historic' dealChina will allow the import of soymeal livestock feed from Argentina for the fir... Thanks Trump... 💰💰🇮🇳🇮🇳 Kinda knew they'd make new soymeal deals after US stopped that biz w/them. China doesn't need the US as much as the US needs them. They know how to adapt & find new sources better. This won't be their last new global soymeal market deal.

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