China, China's About To Administer İts Billionth Coronavirus Shot. Yes, You Read That Right - Cnn

China, China's About To Administer İts Billionth Coronavirus Shot. Yes

China's about to administer its billionth coronavirus shot. Yes, you read that right

'Within days, China will reach a staggering 1 billion doses in its Covid-19 vaccination drive -- a scale and speed unrivaled by any other country in the world.' Analysis by @Nectar_Gan & @lauraliuhe

6/18/2021 11:30:00 AM

'Within days, China will reach a staggering 1 billion doses in its Covid-19 vaccination drive -- a scale and speed unrivaled by any other country in the world.' Analysis by Nectar_Gan & lauraliuhe

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Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe More than happy to see plenty of brain washed people in US. Keep going Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe LOOK AT THE POPULATION OF CHINA THERE'S YOUR ANSWER. Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe And my dog speaks French. Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Also unrivaled, the CCP’s imprisonments of an ethnic group - the Uighurs.

Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Sucking up to China Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe CNN - Chinese News Network. They don't even care that they just parrott the communist propoganda. Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Doesn’t work lmao Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Has CNN been bought over by a Chinese SOE? Asking because just saw two China positive news in less than an hour

Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Yay China! Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Is cnn a news channel or a perception building news channel . India is leading vaccine drive with data , where is Chinese data . Do some fact checking . .

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Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Give us proof😂😂 Chinese vaccine have low efficacy. Chinese are afraid of CCP. They can't deny their vaccination as there is no democracy. They are forced to take their vaccine. They didn't give us COVID proof, how can anybody trust CCP. CCPLiedPeopleDied CCP_is_terrorist Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe I’m sure China is being honest.

Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe No one should ever trust the CCP Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Yeah of course I'll trust numbers from China Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe China, undoubtedly, has made the best vaccine policy among all the nations, of development, manufacture, and administration. Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Why does CNN repeatedly print CCP propoganda?

Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Hope Xi sees this Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe What can this possibly mean? The US was routinely hitting a million doses administered a day back in January. By March, it was more like 2 million a day. Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe CCPNN

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Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe In a video, ajounalist is being abused by the military who we pay our taxes to protect us.Atrocities are so much in the ugandan regime. The international community is still deaf. StopFundingDictatorMuseveni UgandaIsBleeding Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe An opposition supporter being abused by the military during 2021 ugandan elections which HEBobiwine won but UgandaEC announced Museveni🇺🇬. Stand with the ugandan citizens and speak out hrw TheGardianNews UgandaIsBleeding StandUp4HumanRights

Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe I'm sure we can trust these numbers. Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Go China! Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Sinovac has no impact on COVID spread. They're distributing saline injections, and if CNN wasn't whoring itself out to Beijing for access, that would be the story.

Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe It would be impressive if their vaccine worked Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe CNN are the Chinese state media mouthpiece... Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe This is the Chinese vaccine that doesn't work, yes? Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe

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Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe CNN working overtime for Xi. US has vaccinated more per citizen so has Israel, but don’t expect CNN to actually research anything. Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Communist China News Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Incredible 👍 Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe China unofficially started vaccination from August 2020 to their citizens. Why you compare with China

Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Not hard to do when they had the vax along with the virus they released Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe If it is not for an authoritarian system under the premise that the vaccine effect is not clear, there is also a design of a green code to restrict your daily necessities, food, housing and transportation. If you do not vaccinate, it will become difficult to move.

Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Political yahoos unite! Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Watch Trump try to take credit for this one too. Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe You either take the vaccine or they send you to prison works very well in China

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Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe They probably developed a vaccine before deciding to release the virus from the Wuhan lab. Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Great achievement but it is commensurate to its population. A billions and a half people in an organized society constitute a resource in itself. Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe It may or may not be the 1B’nth dose. After all, any data coming out of that country is not transparent.

Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe Less than 2% Nigerians vaccinated so far! Buhari government is a disaster. Nectar_Gan lauraliuhe CNN (china news network)

NASA Administrator Statement on China Crewed LaunchNASA Administrator Bill Nelson released the following statement Thursday regarding the China National Space Agency’s launch of the first crew to its Tiangong space station: SenBillNelson Nazis built NASA And the CIA Study history SenBillNelson All this but I can't close youtube and continue to play music SenBillNelson 😎

China launches three-man crew to new space stationThe mission brings to 14 the number of astronauts China has launched into space since its first crewed mission in 2003. comon, sit at home dont create more trouble for the whole world I am telling you all. Keep China in mind. Constantly. Western first world civilisations as we know them will very soon be displaced by a new leader(s) in the world