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China reports eight new coronavirus cases in mainland

China reports eight new coronavirus cases in mainland

7/5/2020 4:29:00 AM

China reports eight new coronavirus cases in mainland

China reported eight new coronavirus cases in the mainland for July 4, compared with three cases a day earlier, the health authority said on Sunday.

China reported seven new asymptomatic patients, up from four a day earlier.As of Saturday, mainland China had 83,553 confirmed coronavirus cases, the health authority said. China’s death toll from the COVID-19 remained 4,634, unchanged since Mid-May.Reporting by Min Zhang and Tony Munroe; Editing by William Mallard

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Don’t believe anything they saw ever again Even if it is 8000, China is still doing a better job than India and USA. The 9/11 happening made world aware about Islamic terrorism. Corona is making world aware about China's true colors It really is just 8, dumbasses. The UK had 624 new cases! The pandemic is not over!

realDonaldTrump VP SecPompeo thehill WSJ nytimes cnni CBSNews business USATODAY SpeakerPelosi JoeBiden SenSchumer China Communist lies, cheats and reports fake numbers. Multiple cities in China are in lockdown. China Communist merely reports 8 new cases. 'Pandemic Love'... So cool If they are saying 8, it will be atleast 8000.

If you believe this, there's a wall in the middle of Germany for sale. BS LOL How about US If it formally reported then it must be more than 8000 in actual 8? 8 code word for 8000 People around me think coronavirus stays that way. STOP WITH THE FEAR PORN. 全世界的人都戴口罩,晦气的社会风气。 an the U.S. media believes it 8000 in reality

1.4 billion population.. Fake... According to IMF China wont fall in Recession this year. Chinese economy would increase 1% in 2020. If that is right they have controlled coronavirus. The world should stop giving any significance to these Chinese virus reportings. They are done just to divert the attention of the world by saying that we are also suffering. When cases are rising in 100s of 1000s, these ignore them. Chinese will cure with the vaccine they have.

Make it 8000. These bat ,dog, cat , snake eating people don't tell the truth. 因为口罩 Wait🤡 I might be holding a v Gina in my hand. There will be a party tonight. Commies are telling the truth, rest of them were rounded up and made into iPhones. The trump virus causes people to ignore legitimate news sources/actual facts. Warning signs are the following 'merica' if you agree with the term 'kungflu' or making fun of any nonwhite is okay. Lastly if your still struggling to make ends meet despite trumps promise to help USA

The illegitimate CCP doesn't even believe itself. This is why it is trying divert attention and undermine the legitimate governments of Hong Kong and India. Bullshit Sure they do. 8? Car accident case? That means a minimum 8000 in one day And don’t they all wear masks all the time? They shut down a city for 8 cases? I don't buy it...

The numbers out of China are pure lies! how many new cases in France? Please don’t send anymore cases to America, too many people have died already-:)) For a legitimate news outlet you should be embarrassed. How is this news? Must be nice lol

What's on TV Saturday, July 4, plus Sunday talk showsWhat's on TV Saturday, July 4, plus Sunday talk shows

Beaches close across California for Fourth of July weekend as coronavirus cases surgeAs beach closures went into effect to stem the spread of the coronavirus over the Fourth of July weekend, Southern Californians mostly followed the rules on Friday. I bet you didn’t know Maybe 2.5 weeks ago this happened? I am now starting to feel this is true. After the last few weeks how can you not.

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Hit New Single-Day High Ahead of Fourth of July WeekendCoronavirus cases in the U.S. rise to another single-day high as the nation enters the Fourth of July weekend; “This virus is just as contagious and deadly on a holiday as it is any other day,” North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper says. Good news Didn't stop him from mingling............

Public health experts urge caution ahead of July Fourth as U.S. hits record number of cases'Your patriotic duty this July Fourth is to stay home,' said a hospital official in Houston, where the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients has nearly quadrupled since Memorial Day. People don’t care about their patriotic duty, they can’t even agree on what’s patriotic. It’s all been perverted to mean whatever sounds good to them. Ahh, realDonaldTrump says go ahead and re-open. And don't wear a mask -- just like him! Who are you going to believe -- Trump or them fancy disease control experts? TrumpLiesAmericansDie CoronavirusPandemic

Trump will host a scaled-back July 4th party at White House as coronavirus cases spikeThere won't be armored military vehicles on display at the Lincoln Memorial, as happened last year, but the White House still plans to host hundreds of people on the South Lawn for music and fireworks. kimguilfoyle going to be there? Giving realDonaldTrump a big sloppy wet kiss? Military probably told him to suck it Trump and his followers should be given one of Dakotas and have all Trumpers migrate there. Secession would be granted - call it Magaland, Trumpland, whatever. Build a wall, put tariffs on everything, no immigrants, etc. Then when incorporating new gov't, think North Korea.

As coronavirus cases skyrocket, US marks July Fourth with pleas for people to skip the partiesAfter a week of skyrocketing coronavirus cases in the United States, officials are issuing a stark warning this July Fourth: Skip the parties. Nope not today or any other day Satan! BUt mY FrEEdoM