China, China Passes Sweeping Hong Kong National Security Law: Report - Cnn

China, China Passes Sweeping Hong Kong National Security Law: Report - Cnn

China passes sweeping Hong Kong national security law: report

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6/30/2020 5:36:00 AM

BREAKING: China has reportedly passed a wide-reaching national security law for Hong Kong, which many fear could be used to override existing legal processes and further erode the city's civil and political freedoms.

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People, I hope you understand the truth about why the Dems are adamant about removing the history of slavery. Because, it was the Dems that owned the slaves and the Republican that freed the slaves. No history no proof. Think people think!!! I think they copied US National Security laws. Must be very similar.

So Hong Kong should be the only place in the world where sedition is legal. What would CNN say id I argued that sedition should be legal in the USA What can demonstrations change? Will it make white people not discriminate against black people? No, it just makes people more annoying black people This is what happens when you have world leaders with the attention span and intelligence of a bug hitting your windscreen and who are consumed by self interest. This sort of s**t gets missed and goes unopposed. BJ and DT remember the real world. It’s the one that’s not flat.

我们通过国安法仅仅是为了让破坏国家安全的人受到惩罚,避免在和平稳定被破坏时无法惩罚罪犯,没有人想让一个烧了自己的家的人逍遥法外对吗?国安法不会影响普通市民的任何权益 POS CNN Communists Democrats love CCP! DemoCCPs China has implemented one country, two systems in Hong Kong and Macao. In 2009, Macao passed national security legislation. Look how harmonious and beautiful Macao is now. However, you are even afraid to travel to Hong Kong because you might get killed in the street!

Did Hong Kong independents give money to CNN? Why is anyone surprised? The Chinese are HumanRights monsters. They are a global threat. The Chinese proved with their actions that they are not completely evolved beasts. The beast needs a whip, a chain, and a cage. Not democracy and freedom. I don’t get it…why ppl still call what happens in HK protesting while the same thing in US is called riot…

you will be making a big mistake to allow china to rule hong kong just take a look what they are doing in india you should ban china products or they are the next nazis 🎷 我真的很喜欢看你们这种双重标准的报道,新闻本来就是具有政治倾向的不是么?在美国为了Floyd的死而抢劫,纵火就是犯罪,而在香港就是争取民主,哈哈哈哈。香港警察如此克制,美国警察随意杀人。真是讽刺,面对不同的政党,你们当然会抨击,会谩骂,不过中国人民不在乎,现在我们都在看你们的笑话😂😂

Hey, fakenews why don't report from Seattle Chop? Banned👆 管你们屁事,爪子拿来点,把你们自己管好就阿弥陀佛了。 How about a story from chicago and the trouble there. No, instead we get china news Do you think that North Korea and Iran’s nuclear technology will leave China and Russia for technical assistance to succeed? Think about how poor Pakistan will become a nuclear country in a short time.

Definitely The Free and Great America is doing so much better job while black people still ruthlessly being killed by the police for decades. RIP HK! so grieved and angry!! And once again, the world just watches as China does as it pleases. UE to apply sanctions on china gouvernement 取消通行证制度,解除口岸,深港自由往来,这才是中国人民需要的自由

If USA is so concerned about rule of law. Give back Guantánamo back to China. Get out of Iraq. Do you think CCP will take over USA Is all that Covid Part 2: Swine Edition stuff just a distraction then from this story? THE TRUTH... Where’s the lead from anyone lower then realDonaldTrump , won’t look that up along with her Black guest.

It's their country, they can do whatever they want! We got same type of problems in US Fake news,next KING OF THE WORLD Peace is coming You should be talking about the new king of England.......... Their God the Queen is gone. We are in the Aquarius years people where everything is coming to light. ------28TH PLACE -CNN HAS LIED 20 TIMES A DAY FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS-EVERY TIME THEY SAY THE WORDS 'BREAKING NEWS WHEN ITS NOT-THATS 145,600 LIES---WOW----🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

CNN is fully supporting China and is right behind this move. I like getting a suntan at the beach. My skin goes really dark brown. Does that mean that I will now be labelled as using blackface. The leftist lunatics are that stupid. This is what Trump has in store for us if we don't get him out. Nuke china not even kidding

Why are you worried about? You are far away from Hong kong and china. And last thing is don't play like a police. Mind your own business Can you stop breaking other countries and spend more time helping those killed by COVID and police in the US first? Freedom of speech is dead for sure. Will trump denounce the move? 🤔

It is not your business Do not withhold your mercy from us, O Lord. May your love and your truth always protect us. For troubles without number surround us. good news for ordinary HK people .... bad news for those rioters, cockroaches ! No one could have anticipated the architects of Tiananmen Square would have acted thus...

Many fear... Translate to the Americans and English.... can we turn back time and cede Hong Kong to the British? The west do nothing again and let CCP keep growing until the day they strong enough to take over the world😂 It is a sad day for Hongkongers Why The international law don't do anything about this?

Another breach by China and the West does nothing China is dengerous our Entire Human community This is bad for Hong Kong they are doing it when the world 🌎 is in a pandemic they created They after atrocities commited on the Uighers now are trying to control their new births, China 🇨🇳 is the most dangerous country Happy Whats happening here?

China is a communist dictatorship. Leaders do not want people to have basic rights and freedoms already. Therefore must try to enact rules to oppress the head of the civil liberties of citizens who oppose it. Like a military junta seizing power and a coup in Thailand ... Hmmm.... Any problem here? OH wait CNN is more concerned with what Trump says or the plight of poor demonstrators not being treated fairl...y

realDonaldTrump will hence 4th b called Donald Xi TrumPing. His ideologies r same as Xi Jinping's (Screw t people, Screw t climate, Screw t allies, Screw t neighbors, Screw t veterans, Screw t Army, Screw t borders AngelaMerkelCDU JustinTrudeau GretaThunberg usvetsinc USMC I was worried about political freedom, but I saw many people worrying that they would not be able to infiltrate the territory of other countries, incitement and destruction.

Covid19, Hong Kong, India, their crappy Products of all kinds, ➡️ couldn't happen to a better country 🚫china 18 dead in Chicago this past weekend. What the FUCK is wrong with the Dem Mayor, Gov, city council? 什么叫多管闲事啊 Is there a reason CNN isn’t coving the 2 black kids killed and injured right outside CHOP yesterday? I guess FakeNews only cares about BLMTerrorists BLMprotest when cops are involved.

CNN is fucking way behind. The world would be a better place if everyone who complained about “sedition” were immediately hurled into the nearest... pile of puppies and kittens. Eventually the Hong Kong citizens will riot for their freedom. We riot just for the hell of it. This is the direction the US is headed. Freedom is dying.

Do not forget Hong Kong is China teritory and people are Chinese, just because HK people have British Colonialism stamp on their asses they think are something superior. Britain should stop sending agitetors to HK as now there will be law and order. newhongkong to see just what y'all can do together! Start now. Get together. Formulate plans. Borrowing someone else's saying 'just do it'.

Hopefully it doesn’t result in more protests O Liberté, que de crimes on commet en ton nom! Fake news CNN is concerned. Now they don't know who to blame more, China or Don? Just worry about ur own business. This law should be published long time ago. if ppl from Hong Kong don't like it they can go whereever they like. Go to America to get corona.

Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam refused to comment on the progress of the bill in her weekly press conference --- CarrieLam will forever be enshrined as the 'leader' who allowed Hong Kongers to lose their freedoms it's been a done deal for several weeks now, I don't know why this is being reported as 'breaking news' as if it's a surprise

Thank you for saying China CNN. so what? In a related story Donald trump says China is doing a great job I mean, come on! What did they expect was going to happen when China took over? That they were going to be separate and free like they were when Britain had them? Seriously? Knowing China like we do? 🤷🏽‍♀️

FuckChina and Winnie the Xi Hey cnn if you gave a shit about the people of Hong Kong you wouldn’t turn around and report lies as truth to the American people in an effort to keep us divided. How valient of you to report on the injustices while also spreading disinformation here in USA msmenemyofthepeople

“Freedoms” And the hits just keep on coming. Not gonna lie I thought this said sedation and I had to read it three times Fuck. viriyabot Sanction is needed! Sanction is the only language CCP understands. No one believes in Communist China anymore! China has lost our trust after COVID-19, Tibet , HongKong, Taiwan and now India. We should make CHINA accountable! China DominicRaab MarisePayne

Guess what. Hong Kong people dont even have a chance to see any words of the law. This is pure fascism: legislate for allowing secret police of CCP to arrest any dissenters and pro-democracy advocates. Literally One country one system now. MakeChinaPay StandWithHongKong 看怎样的撞车 ForaMaia ForaDoria ForaAlcolumbre FolhaLixo GloboLixo ForaWitzel MoroTraidor BrasilComBolsonaro BolsonaroTrabalhaPeloPovo NaoVotemnoDem NaoVoteNoPsdb ForaJoiceHasselmann STFVergonhaNacional

China reviews heavily criticized Hong Kong security bill China 's legislature is reviewing a controversial national security bill for Hong Kong that critics worldwide say will severely compromise human rights in the semi-autonomous Chinese region. Lol semi-autonomous ABC doesn’t really believe that do they? never trust the chi-coms.. never.. That was a stupid deal to begin with. Giving Hong Kong back to China was the same as if they had agreed to allow North Korea to take over control of South Korea after a few decades of capitalism and prosperity. WhatABunchOfDumbFucks

China to impose visa restrictions on U.S. individuals over Hong KongBeijing said on Monday it will impose visa restrictions on U.S. individuals with 'egregious conduct' on Hong Kong-related issues, mirroring U.S. sanctions against unnamed Chinese officials deemed responsible for curbing freedoms in the city. No one wants to go to china. So. Neener. 😂 We don't care. good news! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

China Strikes Back at U.S. Move to Restrict Visas for Party Officials Over Hong KongThe Chinese government plans to restrict visas for Americans who it deems go too far on matters related to Hong Kong, increasing tensions between the U.S. and China over the territory’s limited autonomy from Beijing. 两岸猿声啼不住,轻舟已过万重山 Ban all Chinese CCP

China reportedly passes national security law for Hong KongThe top decision-making body in China 's parliament has reportedly passed the contentious national security law for Hong Kong, according to local media. But still no details of the NationalSecurityLaw .... how com we Hong Kong ppl will support a law that we have 0 understanding?! We are not brainless Chinese. We are Hong Kongers who fight against tyranny for freedom and democracy That is, exactly why people protested in the first place. How is that legal. UN, are corrupt. China is, also involved in the Ethiopia dam project which is another high risk area of tension. East South China Sea tensions. Military drills, with Russia and Iran? Uighar people were locked up and women are apparently also being sterilised according to reports. Serious human rights violations. China should follow the rules like everyone else. Human rights violations cannot be tolerated.

China passes sweeping national security laws for Hong Kong - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. 消灭蟑螂! there is no autonomy in hongkong. No one knows the details of the law even the law was passed. NationalSecurityLaw CCP_is_terrorist CCPChina

China Passes Security Law With Sweeping Powers Over Hong KongLawmakers in Beijing voted in a process that has been criticized for its secrecy and haste. The law will extend the Communist Party’s reach into Hong Kong. badiucao Hong Kong is no longer a safe place under the evil security law. Foreigners should not visit / transit via HK or they can be kidnapped and sent to Mainland China. surely the NBA will band together and use all their influence for the good democratic people of Hong Kong. the wont let freedom die in the world for a few bucks. Its not just bad, it means the completely destruction of a free city, the fear now can rule the hk and ppl live in fear