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China is a competitor to the U.S. — not an adversary, professor says

China is a competitor to the U.S. — not an adversary, professor says

10/27/2020 12:03:00 PM

China is a competitor to the U.S. — not an adversary, professor says

U.S. President Donald Trump has called China a 'foe' and an 'adversary,' but Anthony Arend of Georgetown University says the term adversary is inaccurate.

according to CBS."I think Biden has it correct, it is much more of a competition rather than an adversarial relationship," Arend told CNBC's"Street Signs Asia"on Tuesday.We can't defeat China. We have to engage China. We have to criticize where necessary, but we have to try to cooperate where possible.

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Anthony ArendGeorgetown UniversityThe U.S. has to recognize that, whether they like it or not, China is a "great power," he said. At the same time, China is violating human rights and making "ridiculous assertions of jurisdictional claims" in the South China Sea, he added.

"So you have to hold them to task for that, but respect the fact that they are a great power and that we can't just ignore them or deal with them as if they were a minor actor in the international system," said Arend.He added that the term "adversary" is wrong because it conveys the idea that China can be defeated.

"We can't defeat China. We have to engage China," he said. "We have to criticize where necessary, but we have to try to cooperate where possible."The U.S. and China have been locked in a trade war with both countries slapping tariffs on the other country's goods.

Technology is also becoming a battleground for the two countries.While China is not an adversary, it is the "greatest" threat to the U.S. where geopolitics is concerned, Arend said."I would say China presents the broadest geopolitical threat because of their power, their influence and their ability to extend globally," he said.

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China is death to the world...Malti a maid in Bombay died due to Covid...did she harm China ...she was a widower...There are a Million Malti's in the world sole bread earners...China killed them...put them to sleep...via there lab test ... narendramodi v want revenge If you censor speech, you’re an adversary.

Of course he makes positive comments about China. They donate 10’s of millions of dollars to Georgetown university. They even have a shared website. markets are crashing, people are dying. please stop this madness, back to normal. MANA......Make America Normal Again. For the sake of Republicans and Democrats, kick Trump out of the White House.

That professor is an idiot Biden, corruptied scientists, media. Just look at whether they are even discussing the unnatural possibility of coronavirus ? Just covered up by faked info and smear attack instead of discussion and debates It’s not even a competitor if it’s a fair trade and free market even with communism in China. But the US policy make China not just strong because of the corrupted politicians in US, like Biden. Ccp almost bought out US if people watch things closely.

Pandemic will be gone at most one year. Under Biden, US would be sold to China, like the way Biden and corrupted politicians did in the past 40 year. Last time, it’s manufacturing, this time, it’s financial industry and Dollar. The author has no idea what she is talking about. China is not the Adversary, the CCP is the adversary. Anybody that can think rationally can separate the people from the Government. The CCP is against the Chinese people.

We are our own best competitor given our idiotic infighting. Another 'Tool' of the PRC! WuhanFlu RedDeath EmbargoPRC How about dishonest actor on the world stage seeking to undermine the position of all other nations in order to achieve supremacy politically and does that sound to you Professor?

You cannot rely on or trust business in China, not only on the grounds of the extremely oppressive government, but on the existence of mass-fraud and corruption in business done there. Sure, Tonya Harding was also a competitor. No crap If you were say, a boxer, would your opponent be a competitor or an adversary

Yeah, right A Competitor does not Steak your tech and try to kill you with a virus Liar. Competitors dont steal others property. Follow his grant money 💰 trying to help Joe Biden’s weak campaign with a disinformation campaign. Stop this fraudulent story. You are selling out America! cnbc FoxNews Another corrupt professor taking China bribes.

Semantics China is 100% a competitor. They are not friendly at all and they do not want to play by the same rules. Europe and Germany are our competitors. China is our biggest threat! Make no mistake about it. One just needs to read CCP's document 9 that opposes all basic shared values of the West and watch the CCTV daily news program a few times to tell if China is the adversary. The CCP has bought a lot of Western elites one way or another.

China must pay for the Kung flu! This prof. is full of crap. China is not like some trade competitor like France. China is out to destroy the US. If Hitler & the USSR can be defeated, then China can be defeated. Reagan won Cold War & never fired a shot. That is goal. China’s an adversary by exerting political influence, and invading neighboring countries under the claim and premise of “historical territories or borders” Why allow companies like $BABA or AntFinancial to even trade on America’s Exchange? China only wants money!

Dream on Can’t trust trump for his cognition and diction. He’s pathetically lacking. Trump talks like an illiterate peasant. Friendly reminder the CCP harvests organs in concentration camps from religous minority groups. The gemocide of over 1 million Tibetans, Therefore we should not think they are adversaries. No no of course not....

China is an adversary. The globalist at the IMF and Oligarchs made them an adversary and they can screw themselves until the cows come home for it. The United States must take back it's wealth, take back it's manufacturing, and rebuild our middle class and infrastructure. Competition must be fair. Right right right, nation state hackers constantly trying to get into places they shouldn’t be. That’s just a friendly old competition!

B.S. academic pontificating. You give his opinion breath only because he says DT is wrong. realDonaldTrump’s a pawn of Xi Jianping. Xi is able to make Trump pay his taxes which contribute to Chinese infrastructure & public schools. It should be partner indeed. Never trust a communist. Stalinist. Well done,give me your PayPal account

Keep on dreaming professor Is that why China tried to change global market from USD to RMB? Or refuse the no fly ones over middle east during Jasmine Spring? Lie to US about Corona? Disregard US request to stop military drills? Etc, etc. Next cold war ll be between china and USA Tell that to these people in Africa. China will make us all slaves. BidenHarris2020

This is silly. Spend 5min browsing Weibo, it’s pretty clear Communist China considers the US an adversary. Move there. Dont come back China is an adversary- attack and eliminate it now! thank you very much for your work Right. We get it. Russia is an adversary. A strong USA / China trading relationship terrifies Russia. The rest pretty much explains itself.

Trump Admits China, Russia, North Korea are Rooting for Him to Beat BidenPresident Trump has forgotten the difference between the way he thinks about various dictators and the way his audience does. jonathanchait writes jonathanchait jonathanchait Yay! Mister Chait is one of my favorite writers. Still remember articles he wrote in The New Republic when Obama was getting ready to face McCain. jonathanchait 7 Days & This CATASTROPHE is FIRED. VOTE JoeBiden

China Box Office: 'The Sacrifice' Opens to $53M, 'My People, My Homeland' Nears $400M China box office: Patriotism reigns supreme with local war epic TheSacrifice opening to $53 million and MyPeopleMyHomeland climbing towards a monster $400 million haul Still got your masks on? Manipulated history, washed brain, and jealous Hollywood. Subtitles?

Apple supplier Luxshare unnerves Foxconn as U.S.-China feud speeds supply chain shiftApple's top iPhone assembler, Taiwan-based Foxconn, has set up a task force to fend off the growing clout of Chinese electronics manufacturer Luxshare, which it believes poses a serious threat to its dominance, three sources with knowledge of the matter said. Trump voters are to America what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity. They promote nationalism over patriotism, opinion over fact, ignorance over science, and represent the most corrupt and dangerous demographic in our country....perhaps the world. What kinda witchcraft is going on in that graphic? 3+3=infinity. Not even close.

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China reports 20 new confirmed, 161 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases China reported 20 new confirmed and 161 new asymptomatic COVID-19 cases on Oct. 25, the national health authority said on Monday, following a surge in symptomless infections in the northwestern Xinjiang region. Can't believe anything they report Yeah ok lol kkkkkkkkk

China reports 20 new confirmed, 161 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases China reported 20 new confirmed and 161 new asymptomatic COVID-19 cases on Oct. 25, the national health authority said on Monday, following a surge in symptomless infections in the northwestern Xinjiang region. That’s almost as many as the White House 161 asymptomatic are 161 with a good healing I call BS