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China imprisoned more journalists than any other country in 2019: CPJ

China imprisoned more journalists than any other country in 2019: CPJ


China imprisoned more journalists than any other country in 2019: CPJ

China imprisoned at least 48 journalists in 2019, more than any other country, d...

At least 250 journalists were imprisoned worldwide this year, according to the report, which the committee compiles annually. The total last year was 255, said the report by the New York-based CPJ.

Turkey imprisoned 47 journalists in 2019, down from 68 last year. Saudi Arabia and Egypt, both with 26; Eritrea with 16; Vietnam, with 12; and Iran with 11 were the next-most oppressive countries for journalists, the report said.

The report is a snapshot of the journalists imprisoned on Dec. 1 each year, the committee said. It does not include those who have been released earlier or journalists taken by non-state entities such as militant groups.

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You don’t have to imprison members of a free press to silence them. You can muzzle them by threatening them or by making fake news like trump through his constant lies. Well. You can't win every year. We Americans need to step up our game. They have 1.4 billion in population. That number is bigger than any other country too. Numbers and stats aren’t that useful unless you put meanings to them. China isn’t a democratic country. People should not be surprised they imprisoned more of anything than other nations.

Turkey has a competition now !! Hmmm, maybe USA should do the same with biased, lying media outlet staffs here in the USA. There must be a charge that would stick. Freedom of the press surely doesn't protect publishing, speaking untruths to support partisan positions. there are lots of fake stories published by irresponsible media that resulted in public unrest and riots. stop using journalism as an excuse to write anything they like and expect to get away with it.

What’s new? China is one party( not Communist) ruled State with President as Supreme leader. No one can question& criticise Chinese leadership Since is the most populus country in the world your title is FAKE propaganda Dağ&Mavi ,DM saygılarını sunar Press özlemiştim iyi oldu SS💚by Why do you pretend to care, Reuters? You've spent 3 years telling your readers that Trump was a dictator and now you expect them to believe you when you call out actual dictators?

What Didn’t We Stick in Our Hair in 2019?Short of real live animals, not much

China sounds like the perfect place for Trump to hold his Klan rallies. After Soviet Union destroyed, people forget about Communism. 1.4 billion people of China is ruled by Chinese Communist Party. CCP is the largest party in the world with 100 million members. It also bribe other world leaders and media to be its puppet. Free Trade for China MAGA

Got your eye on this as a case study in how to stifle dissent BorisJohnson patel4witham ? Boooooo China CCP controls all media in China and willing to control all media in the world.

The 10 Best Comedy Specials of 2019Presenting our list of the top ten comedy specials of 2019, featuring Wanda Sykes, Anthony Jeselnik, Julio Torres, and more You omitted the shit-show the whackadoodle Republicans are putting on up at the Hill. THAT's a comedy (of errors).

The 25 major companies with the most satisfied employees of 2019Compensation monitoring site Comparably released their ranking of the best places to work if you're looking for positive company culture.

Merriam-Webster declares 'they' its 2019 word of the yearThe language mavens at Merriam-Webster have declared the personal pronoun their word of the year based on a 313 percent increase in look-ups on the company&39;s search site,, this year when compared with 2018. “I have to say it&39;s surprising to me,” said Peter Sokolowski, a lexicographer

Miss Universe 2019: 'Nothing Is More Important Than Taking Up Space'A new Miss Universe has been crowned, but this year's winner, South Africa n Zozibini Tunzi, is so much more than just a pageant winner. I thought this site was against women being paraded on stage and judged for their mascara usage? I guess that message comes and goes depending on the day 😂😂

Miss South Africa is Crowned Miss Universe 2019 | V MagazineMissSouth Africa (zozitunzi) Is Crowned MissUniverse 👑| V:

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