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China has betrayed Hong Kong so West should stop fooling itself, former Hong Kong governor says

China has betrayed Hong Kong so West should stop fooling itself, former Hong Kong governor

5/23/2020 9:29:00 AM

China has betrayed Hong Kong so West should stop fooling itself, former Hong Kong governor

China has betrayed the people of Hong Kong so the West should stop kowtowing to Beijing for an illusory great pot of gold, said Chris Patten, the last governor of the former British colony.

“What we are seeing is a new Chinese dictatorship,” Patten said. “We should stop being fooled that somehow at the end of the all the kowtowing there’s this great pot of gold waiting for us. It’s always been an illusion.”Reporting by Guy Faulconbridge. Editing by Jane Merriman

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What a fool. Chinese people were treated like 3rd class citizens whilst the British imperialists ran Hong Kong. Westerners and their hypocrisy never ends UK should give HK to the people of HK in 1997; and not to Beijing How hypocritical you English men are! For 156 years of ruling in Hong Kong, you had never given Hong Kong people democracy. Right before handing Hong Kong over to China,you all of sudden pretended to be generous to Hong Kong people.

It is the old dog of colonialism, now England is no longer brilliant, great China is the model of the world 一隻失勢的狗有必要在這吠麼 Remember that China wrote the book on war. Filthy drug dealer. Are so many Hong Kong Governors elected by Hong Kong people before 1997? 看看这部电影,可以深刻理解什么是英国殖民地! Funny. Who are the former HK governors? British colonists.

Mind your Business Just which part of the new national security law does not already exist in each of the Western country? We have plenty of national security law of our own so why can't HK/China has its own? It's not our country, not our government, so let's back off and shut up about it. UK and US and the West,have been always perceiving Hongkong people,infiltrating educational,governmental,justice system to control the HK affairs,they've been always sowing division and hatred against Mainland,It is UK&US that viciously fooled HK!

Is that what you mean by freedom? Do you support such terrorist activities? Garden gnome pretending to be god. typical twisting news again. I remember someone said serious jounalism was dead inside since manipulative MSM take over. can't agree more. one country two systems went well until June2019. When a city faces escalating vandalism by rioters, I don't think any country would sit idly by and allow these illegal activities to continue.The majority of HK citizens welcome the National Security Law, coz enough is enough!!!!!

Shame on UK. 上世纪90年代英国撤离香港前,撤销香港警队政治部(相当于国安),又给香港人灌输英国到现在为止也实现不了的民主(比如普选)。 英国人做这些为了什么? So do you means UK agreed what the Hong Kong rioters did? Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong. We don't allow foreigners to tell us what to do. Any comments seem to be uneducated. thanks for the west. without u, CPC wouldnot have this new law so soon.

Don’t trust CCP. Your country loses lives because of CCP covering the outbreak. 4 July 1989, they said no one died in Tiananman Square but there were blood and flesh the next day. One country two systems is a lie. They tried to fool HK and Taiwan. sandorpetofi1 Dear world, we Hong Kongers are sacrificing ourselves to show you what CCP really looks like. They can tore any agreement anytime. We can only show you once, and after, no after. Hong Kong is coming to the end😭

So why didn't Britain give the hongkong protesters British citizenship? shiroihamusan LordPatten BBCWorld Hahahaha. Hahaha. Conical Irishman Patten. He preaches democracy in HK but never thought he should be elected. Unluckily Patten was unelectable. Kicked out by British electorate. Which makes him qualified to be HK governor. Overfed Irishman.

shiroihamusan At least UK had made HongKong a good time in90’s to 00’s however CCP just give us shit in these 23years HongKong is the new West Berlin. Lose it then CCP tyranny will advance further on its path to destroy freedom. CCP is never friend of free world, esp after Chairman Xi, who is resembling Mao

the English is those betrayed the people of Hong Kong. Chinese tyranny already cause global disorder and human disaster like Covid19 pandemic.We can’t watch with folded arms anymore. Pls StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom I’m afraid it’s too late to regret. Do something. Spot on. China now openly trashes a law-abiding international treaty. This COVID19 outbreak originated from China also proves that Beijing is not a responsible global player. Free world should wake up and has no more fantasy on this totalitarian regime.

U took the word right out of my mouth. HongKong issue not only issue in Hongkong, but what's more is an alarming for the world. It shows the disrespectful for the rule of law of CCP, n how ccp lack of respect for spirit of contract, NO DEAL WITH HER IS SAFE. Sir Chris Patten was respected by the people of Hong Kong. And we hate our latest colonist - China. That’s why we want 2 countries 2 systems!

For those who think that the sovereignty for Hong Kong can only be controlled by China, NO, it is not the case. CCP and UK signed the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration, and now CCP broken the promise. UK shall really has the responsibility to voice out for HongKong JessiePang0125 The face of the colonizer is really disgusting.

Hmmm.. JUNE'S on the agenda.. Not that far away peeps. Buckle Up. You should have thought of that in 1997. It's too late now. You can't expect a few million to rule over 1400 million. Issue citizenship to the million or so who don't wanna be Chinese and move them to the West. You might find when it comes to the crunch, it'll be less than 10000.

Sounds like HK is still west's colony? Colonist has a word to say on HK democracy, LMAO! Wise words from Chris Patten. The UK have a responsibility towards the people of HK and it will be a terrible betrayal if the government sit back and let the crackdown happen. Why are you speaking as though hong kong still belongs to UK? Go mind your own business you british numbskull

Hong Kong Stocks plunge 5% after China announcement about the implementation of China National security law in HK. They can’t fool investors! 28481k Fool. Yeah. That's a good description for that twerp. Xinnie the Pooh has no patience. He cannot wait till 2047 for fear that he might not make it. Therefore he needs to tear down the 'One Country Two Systems' firewall right now to make Hong Kong another typical city like Beijing and Wuhan.

There's no country and land don't have national security law. Hongkong is part of China. It must loyal to China, Not to the USA or England. This Brit is still in denial of been kick out of The British occupation of Hong Kong. 😎 I like to advise him wake up and move on 😆 This guy is still in the dream of colonization.

Sounds like Christopher Francis Patten is too old to remember he is no longer Chief Executive of Hong Kong since 1997. UK please take back HK~ or ask US take over ! hongkongers can't accept TROLL UK should send more money to HK people. As a press, should you at least have the decency of being fair & neutral? At least check what the law is after a week before you use the word “betray, fool”. Beside, UK China agreement do allow China to impose a security law to HK, according to BBC. It’s the content that matters!

CitizenBomber Gee just let the west turn Hong Kong into the Ukraine, absolute poverty mixed with neonazis, lovely for the population YOU should stop fooling yourself more like it. This is China s terrotory alone. Is like Gibraltar and Spain? Stay awake and away colonial reflex ! ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied WuhanChinaVirus

香港本来就是中国的领土,想做什么怎么做,用得着你们这些外国狗瞎BB,先管好你们家自己的疫情吧! Says the colonial masters. No, the west no longer wish to pay the cost of keeping their pawn, and tried to incite a civil war before abandoning said pawn. No one cares what you think, Patten. Please return to the dark pages of British colonial history where you belong.

一个二流国家的蠢货在这叫嚣,自我审视下你自己是个什么东西,你们的国家又是个什么东西。 Who you are ? Chinese ? If not, please shut up your exploring mouth. I think it only needs one move to help the Hong Kong people. The British open arms to the rebels in Hong Kong, so that they can freely migrate to the five eyed IT. JessiePang0125 Why can’t China set National security rules? Don’t the other countries have national security law?

Was this ex HK governor elected by HKers?🤣 It's the 21st century. We claim to be a civilized society yet we want to rule over eachother. Thank God that this does not happen in nature. soshk_hker First, people in the world may try to buy AnywhereButChina products and accept the ABC_challenge Tell me old ass hole. Who send u to govern Xianggang(aka Hongkong) ? The Xianggang people?🤣🤣🤣🤣

Did colonist Britain ever give democracy to HK during its domain? Why now fight so hard for HK? What is it aiming? A separate China, a fallen HK, a puppet to sabotage China is all the west want. Evil! UK betrayed HK ppl. Treated them as 2nd class citizens. Why not giving them British passport? He was definitely longing for the good old days of living almost as king of HK, the former British colony.

JessiePang0125 Face reality that ChinaIsAsshoe which is neither reliable or trustworthy. Please StandWithHongKong and MakeChinaPay. Don't turn a blind eye on ChiNazi. CanadianPM JustinTrudeau ScottMorrisonMP jacindaardern eucopresident 10DowningStreet Europarl_EN EUCouncil Only evil and those with Stockholm syndrome in hk, will have the thought of a county imposing their own national security law is an issue.... most HK citizens are happy that we can restore law and order in the city

It's nothing to do with one country two systems. You liar! So what. Which country has the most security laws? The US!!!! Fat Pang has no right to say that. He was the last dictator of HK HK wasted 23 years to make security law by itself. And it's become a base to separate China. Can China sit and see? Every country has national security law. Why shouldn't HK?

China violated the Sino-British Joint Declaration .Death Of HongKong Autonomy ,all your assets will belong to the CCP. Your (anyone in HK no matter where you’re from)‼️‼️personal safety there is threatened by the authorities. StandWithHongKong aaaaand this surprises who? china HongKong betrayal soapopera AsTheWorldTurns 🍅

And the UK has betrayed Hong Kong citizens by issuing BNO passports which does not give them the right to abode in the UK. They only allow a holder to visit the UK for up to 6 months, they do not come with an automatic right to live or work in the UK. 凸(;一_一) Nonsense, UK have national security law too

“China has betrayed HK” said its former colonist. lMAO. 'former HK governor' OK COLONIZER Aww, not wonder hearing this from Former Colonizers :)) China Is ASSHOE The old man is a symbol of human rights abuses What to do? Вы молодцы

As Coronavirus Keeps the West at Bay, China Moves to Tame Hong KongChina's leader, Xi Jinping, is trying to press an offensive over Hong Kong at a time of global crisis when China is struggling to pull out of its sharpest economic slump since Mao's time This is huge but Xi Jinping knows the Europeans are cowards and won't punish China for this and in the USA their enthusiastic supporter, the weak and senile Biden, might become president. And the Democrats and U.S. media also will side with them against Trump. NYT is “aiding China’s communist regime by running the oppressive government’s propaganda, respected watchdog organization Freedom House reported.”

China set to impose new Hong Kong security law, Trump warns of strong U.S. reactionChina is set to impose new national security legislation on Hong Kong after last year's pro-democracy unrest, a Chinese official said on Thursday, drawing a warning from President Donald Trump that the United States would react 'very strongly' against the attempt to gain more control over the former British colony.China's action could spark fresh protests in Hong Kong , which enjoys many freedoms not allowed on the mainland, after often violent demonstrations of 2019 plunged the city into its deepest turmoil since it returned to Beijing's rule in 1997. Great move ! 👏 Anti-fascist. The correct term is 'antifascist unrest'. Hong Kong is protesting against a collapse of democratic systems under the influence of the CCP. And do you think the CCP will stop at Hong Kong? Did Hitler stop at Austria?

China proposes new Hong Kong security law limiting opposition activityThe National People's Congress will deliberate a bill on 'establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms,' spokesperson Zhang Yesui China is picking on HONG KONG again? Seems like they are the bullies of Asia, replacing japan And now we know why the virus was created.

China to propose hugely controversial national security law in Hong KongChina's rubberstamp parliament has announced that a new national security law in Hong Kong will be on the agenda at its upcoming meeting, a move likely to fuel further anger and protests in the semi-autonomous city. “National Security Law” & “National Anthem Law” are as same as Oppression of Freedom by CCP China. SOSHK StandWithHongKong 5DemandsNot1Less AntiChinazi Wait till v Jarrett we Biden have a rubber stamp house of reps...universal everything and central gov't run amok. ObamaGate Now rest of world should support Hong Kong aspiration and quarantine china from world by buycotting their products. Foreign Investors should remove out investment n industries from china. ChinaLiedPeopleDied

China to Draft New National-Security Law for Hong KongChina’s foreign ministry claimed that Hong Kong has colluded with external forces to carry out acts of secession and subversion, and that opposition activity poses a threat to China’s national security and sovereignty. well here comes a tsunami in the shape of a pandemic that will destroy the world. China has gone mad 😂😂 Bring manufacturing back to the US -- or anyplace but China. Check labels. Don't buy China made products. Tell your stores not to stock them.

China plans national security laws for Hong Kong after last year's unrest: sourcesChina will propose national security laws for Hong Kong in response to last year's often violent pro-democracy protests that plunged the city into its deepest turmoil since it returned to Chinese rule in 1997, three people with direct knowledge of the matter said on Thursday. Let's not give President Bed Bug any ideas. :-) The Chinese communist party is plotting to destroy Hong Kong's democratic society