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China denounces G7 statement, urges group to stop slandering country

China denounced a joint statement by #G7 leaders that had scolded Beijing over a range of issues as a gross interference in the country's internal affairs

6/14/2021 11:29:00 AM

China denounced a joint statement by G7 leaders that had scolded Beijing over a range of issues as a gross interference in the country's internal affairs

China denounced on Monday a joint statement by the Group of Seven leaders that had scolded Beijing over a range of issues as a gross interference in the country's internal affairs, and urged the grouping to stop slandering China.

1/4The Chinese national flag is seen in Beijing, China April 29, 2020. REUTERS/Thomas Peter/File Photo/File PhotoRead MoreChina denounced on Monday a joint statement by the Group of Seven leaders that had scolded Beijing over a range of issues as a gross interference in the country’s internal affairs, and urged the grouping to stop slandering China.

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The G7 leaders on Sundaytook China to taskover human rights in the heavily Muslim region of Xinjiang, called for Hong Kong to keep a high degree of autonomy and underscored the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait - all highly sensitive issues for Beijing.

China's embassy in London said it was strongly dissatisfied and resolutely opposed to mentions of Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan that distorted the facts and exposed the "sinister intentions of a few countries such as the United States". headtopics.com

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging and global economy sluggish, the international community needs unity and cooperation of all countries rather than "cliquey" power politics sowing division, it added.China is a peace-loving country that advocates cooperation, but also has its bottom lines, the embassy said.

"China's internal affairs must not be interfered in, China's reputation must not be slandered, and China's interests must not be violated," it added."We will resolutely defend our national sovereignty, security, and development interests, and resolutely fight back against all kinds of injustices and infringements imposed on China."

'COUNTERING CHINA'a “force for good”and that they will continue to seek even greater international support.White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Sunday’s statement from G7 was a significant move forward for the group as leaders rallied around the

need to “counter and compete” with Chinaon challenges ranging from safeguarding democracy to the technology race.China's embassy said the G7 should do more that is conducive to promoting international cooperation instead of artificially creating confrontation and friction. headtopics.com

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"We urge the United States and other members of the G7 to respect the facts, understand the situation, stop slandering China, stop interfering in China's internal affairs, and stop harming China's interests."The embassy also said work on looking at the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic should not be politicised, after the G7 in the same statement demanded a full and thorough investigation of the origins of the coronavirus in China.

The joint expert group on the virus between China and the World Health Organization has been conducting research independently and following WHO procedures, the embassy added."Politicians in the United States and other countries ignore facts and science, openly question and deny the conclusions of the joint expert group report, and make unreasonable accusations against China."

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attention on China, so no one cares about their people. G7 is formed to enslave the world in this post-colonial era. G7 includes all the countries started a evil war in the past 100 years. 2nd world war, Iraq war, Korean war, Vietnam war...... not a single one of them is innocent. Well China, you interfere in others affairs just like what happened in Wuhan

Internal affairs like the concentration camps in Xinjiang and starting a global pandemic out of the WuhanLab? Definitely none of our filthy foreign business. All the great things that China gave to the world: the dog’s meat festival, COVID, crappy plastic stuff. Thank you China 🇨🇳 thanks The greatest virus to humankind is the CCP.

free taiwan / hong kong

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Canada's Trudeau called for concerted G7 approach to China - sourceCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau led a Group of Seven discussion of China on Saturday and called on leaders to come up with a unified approach to the challenges posed by the People's Republic, a source said. Senator Mitch McConnell, his wife, Elaine Chao, and her powerful family in China can help millions who are imprisoned in concentration camps in Xinjiang province. Elaine Chao has the influence to stop the systematic genocide in China. Trudeau needs a hair cut ?and these peoples opinion is not relevant any more ? Should G7 focus on 215 bodies in Indigenous school to stop tragedy happen again?

Líderes del G7 revelan plan para competir con ChinaAunque acordaron trabajar para competir contra China, hubo menos unidad en qué tan adversaria debería ser la postura pública del grupo horrible La estafa de las mascarillas solo para la poblaciòn. en 🍚 arroz?

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