China delayed releasing coronavirus info, frustrating WHO

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“We’re going on very minimal information”: WHO officials complained in internal meetings about China’s lack of data-sharing at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, even as it praised Beijing repeatedly in public, the AP has found.

“Since the beginning of the outbreak, we have been continuously sharing information on the epidemic with the WHO and the international community in an open, transparent and responsible manner,” said Liu Mingzhu, an official with the National Health Commission’s International Department, at aThe race to find the genetic map of the virus started in late December, according to the story that unfolds in interviews, documents and the WHO recordings.

Chinese law states that research institutes cannot conduct experiments on potentially dangerous new viruses without approval from top health authorities. Although the law is intended to keep experiments safe, it gives top health officials wide-ranging powers over what lower-level labs can or cannot do.

On Jan. 5, the Shanghai Public Clinical Health Center, led by famed virologist Zhang Yongzhen, was the latest to sequence the virus. He submitted it to the GenBank database, where it sat awaiting review, and notified the National Health Commission. He warned them that the new virus was similar to SARS and likely infectious.

A major factor behind the gag order, some say, was that Chinese CDC researchers wanted to publish their papers first. “They wanted to take all the credit,” said Li Yize, a coronavirus researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. The article also embarrassed WHO officials. Dr. Tom Grein, chief of WHO’s acute events management team, said the agency looked “doubly, incredibly stupid.” Van Kerkhove, the American expert, acknowledged WHO was “already late” in announcing the new virus and told colleagues that it was critical to push China.

“We have to be consistent,” Ryan said. “The danger now is that despite our good intent...especially if something does happen, there will be a lot of finger-pointing at WHO.” Supaporn compared her sequence with Zhang’s and found it was a 100% match, confirming that the Thai patient was ill with the same virus detected in Wuhan. Another Thai lab got the same results. That day, Thailand informed the WHO, said Tanarak Plipat, deputy director-general of the Department of Disease Control at Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health.

“The pressure is intense in an outbreak to make sure you’re right,” said Peter Daszak, president of the EcoHealthAlliance in New York. “It’s actually worse to go out to go to the public with a story that’s wrong because the public completely lose confidence in the public health response.”Infectious diseases expert John Mackenzie, who served on a WHO emergency committee during the outbreak, praised the speed of Chinese researchers in sequencing the virus.

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China always keep people live at risk! Never ever believe in them!

Does WHO stand for Winnie Happy Organisation? lmao Both China and the WHO should be responsible for the outbreak of coronavirus. SayNoToChina boycottCCP SuspendCCP

CCP lied people died.

It’s CCP mod to cover up the truth that does not favour its rule. That’s why all their people are silenced and brainwashed to believe that their country is the best. The world must blame it for the consequences this has caused. ChinaLiedPeopleDied

WHO is just washing their hands of the pandemic. WHO n Chinazi's officials shd be punished too. BoycottChina

Should investigate WHO managements first

China deliberately destroyed evidence about start of Coronavirus . CCPVirus CCPLiedPeopleDied

China and WHO must be hold accountable for all the victims of the coronavirus Chinazi ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied ChinaVirus

cho ChineseVirus ChinaLiedPeopleDied

FYI: Today a coalition of 100 NGOs from around the world urged the World Health Organization to remove China Central TV's JamesChau as Goodwill Ambassador, saying he used his U.N. position to whitewash China’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The photo dialogue may be: 'Together we cover-up for mutual benefits; we don't consider whether how many die and suffer' WHO is a conspiracy agent, right? Please exterminate CCP and WHO the group of collusion!

Look how many ppl died becoz of this sxxt. Suitation would be different if WHO putting more press on China. Wait, is this Winnie happy organization?

WHO has lied with China & lost its credibility as an international health care organization. Hold WHO accountable for all losses during this COVID19 pandemic. WuhanVirus

WHO be accountable for what you said. If you think there’s a systematic problem in reviewing information from member country like CCPChina and releasing information to the rest of the world including USA, Japan UK. The chief should step down and WHO needs a reform

CCPChina transparent system gave the world minimum information! BoycottChina

Excellent investigation. China and WHO must be held accountable for this. Most ppl believe WHO's credibility while handling the coronavirus. Then, turns out they keep praising China for their 'transparency' & 'leadership' while not receiving enough data. ChinaLiedPeopleDied

Photo: 1. Zemin Jiang nepotism, family owned P4 Lab 2. Wuhan P4 Virus Lab before 3. Wuhan P4 Virus Lab when bomb exploded on Feb. 13 and 14: People rushed to escape in smoke. 4. A list of animals virused and traded between Lab director and peasants

I researched COVID19. COVID19 came from Wuhan P4 Lab. Please read these facts.

I bet China and WHO will not be held accountable. The EU is not pushing to know the truth. Beijing bullied the Aussies when they called for an independent investigation. So literally, the only thorn in China's flesh is DONALD J.TRUMP!!

'Life' is the most important thing in the world. 'Life' and 'human rights'. that's all. As long as you can protect the important things, the method means does not matter. A safe and rewarding life for all people.

So Trump was right?


Glad Trump defunded them

Lack of data sharing😂😂😂😂 wander why🙄

Will China fund them. They can be the China Health Organization.

Wow. Any other day and this would be a massive story.

Wow. No fucking shit? Hasn’t realDonaldTrump been saying this all along?

I thought the Dems are so sure China has no faults? It's all been Trump's fault. Where are the other fakenews media outlets to factscheck their fellow fakenews media?

Hate to say it but the use of an inside/outside approach makes sense in dealing with China. Not losing face is very important to the CCP’s leadership and makes getting things done quietly more likely.

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Completely defund that WHOE

liked it alot better when the WHO was just a band

They should have condemned China! That would definitely make them share more info!

please notice the twitter handle on the sign..... also the person sharing the post on instagram who supports and promotes this

And then they lied publicly.

Did you get bought out by Kremlin propaganda media?

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