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China could have done more to aid world's COVID-19 response, top U.S. health official says

China could have done more to aid world's COVID-19 response, top U.S. health official says

7/8/2020 4:30:00 AM

China could have done more to aid world's COVID-19 response, top U.S. health official says

U.S. coronavirus task force response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx said that the United States and other countries could have had a stronger initial response to COVID-19 if China had been more forthcoming about key features of the virus.

“I have to say if we had known about the level of asymptomatic spread, we would have all looked at this differently,” Birx said at the panel. “That’s usually the initial countries’ responsibility ... and I think that did delay across the board our ability to really see or look for this.”

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Birx said that public health officials had originally assumed that only 15 to 20% of COVID-19 patients are asymptomatic when in fact that number is at least 40%.“We were looking for people with symptoms. We should have looked for anyone who would have been exposed,” she said.

President Donald Trump has leveled blame at China for the outbreak, saying the country should have warned the world much sooner.China’s United States embassy told Reuters in a statement that China has been open, transparent and responsible since the pandemic broke out.

“We notified the [World Health Organization] of the epidemic, shared the genome sequencing of the virus, carried out international cooperation and helped other countries affected, all at the earliest time possible,” the statement said. “These are plain, internationally recognized facts, which cannot be denied or erased by anyone.”

The United States saw a 27% increase in new cases of COVID-19 in the week ended July 5 compared with the previous seven days.Reporting by Carl O'Donnell; editing by Jonathan Oatis and Richard Pullin Read more: Reuters Top News »

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So could have we, or most any country, this is just silliness realDonaldTrump usa MSNBC CNN FOXTV even western euro that was quite devastated got their acts together and fought to protect their citizens. Stop blaming the world ...I know we ain't opening no borders on north 49° vvh1020 Agreed! Deflecting blame from the Trump administration’s continued incompetence.

That stage was missed and it’s gone. What can we do now to mitigate the losses and anxieties in the coming weeks and Months. Crying over spilt milk can’t make cheese or yogurt from it. No shit Dr. Deborah Birx is not 'top health official.' Use an article to clarify that: 'a' top health official. She's bent to the will of Trump.

After all that’s the Alibi again. Stop blaming China! China?!? How about your OWN country doing more, hmmm? what about becoming a province of china Now trump is pressuring health officials to support his agenda. Shame on Birx. Once it was here it was our officials responsibility and they failed! Trump pointing at others doesn’t diminish his responsibility.

the US govt needs to put its big boy pants on FFS China had no idea of what was going on... it was the NOVEL Coronavirus, after all. Once China realized the danger, the world was notified, China followed protocol, the USA messed up. Trump erred by assuming that the danger was coming from China. The danger was coming from Europe.

You sat on your hands while other countries headed the advice of mask and social distancing. There is still time to correct our course before it is too late. Thanks so much for the breaking news, Captain Obvious What has USA done so far? China doesn't run the USA govt It’s here now we need to deal with it but the trump admin refuses to do so.

Okeedokie, so we're back to China again US could've done more to prevent the spread of a virus that we knew was spreading from Asia across to Europe. China? Why USA didn't do more? Ummm...the US has done NOTHING . It's THE worst. And the world knows. what about 🇺🇸? Like preventing new virus incubations among its own people,health situation there is not assuring at all😷

So could we, but we are going to leave! GTFO!!! The US could have done more to aid US's covid19 response done more? what about not let China virus get out of their hands in the first place!! What have US the world's only super power done for the world? 3 million cases at home and quitting WHO? Nobody has forgotten Trump's bragging about the best (and second best) American (and British) preparation to deal with the coronavirus kiss 26. February.

The US could have done more to aid the world's COVID-19 response. Grrrrr Maybe US has huge room for improvement. But the ultimate culprit is still China How the U.S responded even after they knew China provided few death numbers ridiculously .. is China spreading the virus now. Or telling people to go to beaches . Crazy

China already done a lot of jobs . However, Did not see U.S. do something only blame games To be fair, the Chinese Government failed to take actions to contain the spread of the coronavirus at the very early stage. But since Jan 23rd, aka wuhan lockdown, no major mistakes have been committed. And also China donated tens of millions of worth of ppe to other countries

I just remember she agreed with Trump for mask useless. Before demanding more of others - question is, what have they done? USA does not belong to china. When your house is a mess and out of order, dont blame your neighbours . Is she making duck lips under that mask? Look at that bill. Never mind the blame! It's too late. Concentrate on healing your own country!

Image what could be like if the virus started in US under the boy realDonaldTrump ‘s leadership ? It could be even worse!World is learning and trys hard to fight with it rather than US endless complaint and slender. China takes 2 months to effectively control it. How about US? Everything has been said, I think.

Thankfully our intelligence system gave us ample warning and the previous administration left detailed documentation on how to prepre for just such a situation, so America is-.... What? All of that was ignored and dismantled? Oh... yeah, you’re fucked. Find someone else to blame China has taken it's responsibility - including decreasing the infection rate home and share the experience. As to the matter in other countries, it's beyond our duty. It's a choice but not a must.

I remember the possibility of asymptomatic transmission being addressed in the news early on. A quick Google check shows the WHO reporting on it in early April (and another site, late February, shame on you,how dare you… The USA has shot itself in the leg on this one. Far worse than it needed to be. USA should keep yourself stay at home. Don't spread virus everywhere.

It's too late to point fingers. It's everyone's problem now. Let's try to fix it and then complain about who's fault it is. True, China should have done much more, but that was six months ago. Now it is all on Trump and his government. TrumpPandemicFailure TrumpDeathToll132K Is she smiling? Trying to blame it on China.

Don't give ideas for more viruses. Dr Birx is clearly singing from the Trump songbook At first I thought she was trying to provide the public with good info while maneuvering thru the Trump minefield But Trump now has a clearly defined goal - make COVID disappear even as it rages on Birx is now complicit

the same to you Would the White House of listened. I think not... She really blew it. WhiteHouse could have done more. realDonaldTrump should of done more and POTUS needs to do more. We know who is to blame for over 132Kdead jaredkushner she looks guilty and cant make eye contact... Keep blaming “others” for what evidently was not done within the country! Great example of accountability and leadership.

And the US could do a hell of a lot more to stop the spread of COVID-19 here at home but you don't want to talk about that... if Americans weren’t so idiotic we wouldn’t need to rely on other countries... & US could have done more to help itself……but chose not to with the current federal administration…China is the big scapegoat for Trump's failure

America is the most powerful country in the world. What did they do? They could have done a lot more than being pussies and listening to rambling idiots in those coronavirus thank force they created back in March! Laughable. The China excuse has run its course. Its old news. The ham was left out to rot, what now?

该死的中国共产党,话都不让人说,百度发个驱逐广州黑人,直接删帖,说共产党剥夺了人民的政治权利直接封号,到现在还没恢复。 不只是百度,腾讯QQ也不让发表政治言论。阿里旺旺更是屏蔽'共产党'等很多字,只要包含敏感字你都发不出去。剥夺政治权利也就算了,连话都不让人说。共产党集权专治真它妈黑 Unfortunately, the only way to keep your job as a “top US health official” is to be somewhat dishonest, so, it’s kinda tough to believe statements like that without questioning their motivation.

realDrBirx Yeah. Last I heard, VP Pence and Azar are boasting of a *'whole-of-government'* response to stop the Coronavirus infections. I don't see it anywhere, are you guys hiding it somewhere? let me know...under your scarf, maybe? The beginning of world warlll Well the US will pay for a 3 million cases in the USA than 3 Trillion world cases for the world pandemic through WHO. Good luck !

It’s been 7 months since Trump knew about this virus and there STILL isn’t a national testing plan! Trump called it a hoax, golfed, purposefully delayed aide because it was in blue states and now closed testing sites as red states are having surges. TRUMP FAILED PERIOD! But once the US did have more key info, realDonaldTrump, Mike_Pence, and more key players could have gone all out instead of deny, deny, braggadocio, not wear masks, cry politically driven hoax. Fuck the Donald J. Trump administration! TrumpVirus

A waste of money to pay for this. Ya think? 看来美国还嫌病例数少,那希望再多点吧,我希望八月底是。。。10000000例 Like...... Also Trump government could have done more to prevent COVID19 disaster in US. And Trump is such a genius he could have done even more. Trump is a monster. China could do a lot of things differently. They could stop killing people and harvesting their organs but they don't. The could stop putting people in concentration camps but they don't. The fact is that Nazi Communist China is the biggest threat to the world in this century.

“The Trump Administration could have done more to aid world’s COVID-19 response...” There, I fixed it for you. 👍 TrumpDeathToll132K I'm pretty sure the US could have done more to prevent deaths of its citizens from covid. Is this the time to point the finger or is it the time to finally step up and do something productive?

China literally flew out 5 international planes out of Wuhan AFTER they shut down ALL transportations from Wuhan to any Chinese cities. 🤷🏻 Yeah they could have an so could have trump That’s gotta hurt. MSM laying responsibility on China with China’s dick in their mouth. who dis bitch? stfu Why this picture?

For example 1. Admttting it was altered in a lab 2. Not strong arming the Who 3. Admitting h2h transfer 4. Stopping international flights 5. Not locking up scientists who revealled the virus 6. Allowing Tawiann to take part in research and meetings chinavirus While US have done nothing. The virus came from China and they have done nothing to stop it or protect other countries from it. China has deployed a biological weapon against all the world's economies with the aim of destroying all economies. China's leader Xi Jinping is a terrorist

Stfup Karen. US do nothing… THEY SPRAY PAINTED THEIR CITIES IN DISINFECTANT!!! Leaders don't blame. What a joke. We already know this... Americans can't accept their own crimes and incompetence.... They always try to blame someone else Trump’s administration could have done less to harm American and even every human being’s life!

And Trump could of done more for America! Noobies administration. Trump, worst US President EVER ! Top health official!!😂😂 Don’t blame others for your stûpîdity we should drink disinfectant fluid to resist the virus, following the Trump God. If you only want to get help from China, why do American need the government?

Another mouthpiece for CCP Yes, perhaps they could have, but what is this administration’s excuse for doing little to nothing? One hundred thirty thousand dead and more dying!!!!!!!!!!!! He doesn’t care, while he gets the best care. China is a the superpower now or the USA ! you forgot the marshal plan we fed the world ! We save the world from nazism ! Now we have an inept small miser president !

Duh Ralphie Is that...Aphex Twin? It’s bullshit! Every Chinese media was talking about asymptomatic transmission nonstop back in January! January! They fucking locked a province of 60 millions ppl down! What more do you need? What happened in US is purely on you and you alone. Sure, and President Fuckhead could have done something. TrumpVirus

You could have done more when the news first broke out in Jan/Feb. There was hardly any action. Now, you've got millions of infections and 130,000+ deaths. Blame game will never rid you of any accountability. Did America send medical supplies and teams to help other nations? China has made great efforts in fighting the epidemic

GOPCowards Yeah, Trump could have down more to protect America but he’s utterly incapable of leadership. they knew in December 17:20 Look who's talking! Everyone rejected Chinese help I remember first, China gov should report the 1st case, not WHO found it out and cover it up for RMB ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied CCP_is_terrorist china

Yah like not create it USA could have done more to aid world's COVID-19 response, a Chinese citizen says China screwed us all and did not even have the decency to admit and apologize what garbage government. It’s been known in our house for six months now. We don’t have China govt here to govern our country. It’s our virus now. Don’t make this useless statements anymore!

China asked ppl to wear masks in Jan, US is debating on this even now. China told the world about air borne spread months ago, only now did the western scientists start to realize. And China warned the world about asymptomatic back in Feb, now US still blamed China again?!?! So could trump just look at all the other countries they should stop passing the buck for their incompetence

Why.... Trump was fighting trade war. Trump is the incompetent one. Also isn't Dr. Birx the one that said NOTHING when Trump said people could inject bleach to cure COVID?! Had she corrected Trump at that time, she could have saved at least 30 lives. TrumpVirus Why would they? Our IdiotInChief keeps blaming China for his inability to navigate this virus. He's an unapologetic racist concerned only with feathering his own bed and pleasing his Russian handlers. COVID19 TrumpIsUnwell TrumpIsANationalDisgrace RacistInChief

Also please don't forget that Chinese factory workers have been working overtime trying to make the enormous volumes of masks and PPE for people all over the world (which is the majority). Chinese people are not slaves. Have a conscience. China has warned for a long time, but you don't care at all, deserves it.

Shifting blame was the only great effort done by the Trump administration. Only organized people can fight the pandemic. (Only organized people can protect their interest.) Ummmm, duh! China sent medical supplies to Venezuela, while the USA sanctions Venezuela, Iran, etc. So.... Well. That would defeat their whole purpose, wouldn’t it? Let’s be honest. China wanted to slam us as hard as possible.

True The US also could have acted responsibly when given months advanced warning. Instead we took over the virus, stamped the Trump brand to it, and dominated the death totals and infection rates. It’s our virus now. It’s been almost 6 months now, U.S. is still trying to figure out whether face mask can help or not and refuses to make it mandatory.

China don't have 2 millions infected, although they have four times people of US. And Trumpy ignored and put it down even when it came to light. NOTRUMP blameshifting DiffusionOfResponsibility but sure, all of these psychopaths that chose Inaction in order to Guarantee the Spread of a deadly virus 'could have done more to aid world's Covid-19 response' but they wanted the Disruption that an unchecked plague would provide

The US could have done more to help its own citizens. Come on! Be a scientist! Not a politician! China didn't care about the world It only cared about itself and getting all their little drones back to work to feed the machine. China has killed hundreds of thousands of people. They must answer to this and pay for it Kungflu ChinaWillPay

US Health officials could have done more rather than standing by someone who kept claiming virus a hoax. If realDonaldTrump took BarackObama’s Playbook about Pandemics SERIOUSLY, the US wouldn’t be in this situation. STOP pushing the blame! Take responsibility for once! USA REALLY SUCKS Dr, Brix has become just another bobble head,,,,Ignoring the Presidents continuing denial regarding the Virus. ...and she says China could have done more ? ?

Too late for that now. We have potus who could be doing more right now. They wouldn't, don't be naive. Could have done more THEN. The US federal government could do so much more NOW! Which do you think we should be focused on? Stop trying to blame China for trump’s horrific failures. Really? How about the Trump admin doing more and taking it seriously from the beginning? 'Top U.S. health officials' FAILED ALL OF US AND CAUSED DEATH!

China is not responsible for the failure of the Trump administration. Proof is that every country globally encountered the same virus. They have gotten control. Saved the lives of their citizens. US has the worst outcome globally. Third world nations have managed better. Our government has failed us so much more than any foreign power.

Yes like not start it in the first place Uh, that’s SO 6 months ago. The problem is, our own government has failed in the 6 months since. And are STILL failing. Sure, but via WHO. MAGA!!! All they had to do is to NOT enginner this WuhanVirus U.S.A did really bad job, shame on donald j. trump. One simple question, have you ever think about where these face masks come from? I thought about it back in Feb, so I went to Walmart and bought some at that time. And one month later, U.S. banned 3M from exporting face masks to any other countries.

Probably, but since when has the US ever expected anybody else to take care us? This is dumb. Are we or are we not a 1st world country? And why are we unable to rely on our white house? Meanwhile in Missouri 7/2 22923 cases 1068 dead 7/7 24850 cases 1086 dead MO Gov Parson- mandate masks! smh i was prepared for zombie apocalypse;was not ready for them to run the government.

China was able to control the virus while not much information was available about the virus. US on the other hand, had more information about the virus, knew it was coming, but instead of taking step to control it, it made wearing mask a political issue. 130k Americans are dead First they lie about the outbreak. Then they allow their ppl to fly all over and infect the world. Then they lie to the WHO. And now they're trying to hack into our COVID research centers. These people are bad news.

Yes china has given the COVID , what more aid you want from them I dont like China, but why blame again China? All the data and facts were already announced by WHO, problem is, someone treat it as a hoax. Fck China. 'An ounce of prevention...' would have been better out of Dr. Token than 'do not politicize'

That’s an odd statement considering China gave the MOST aid in the world. There there baby America, put your bottle in your mouth.🍼 is this the pity woman beside trump? Old news. Move on and focus on the shit show that is taking place in the USA.

After COVID-19, China moves to kick its exotic meat habitAt least 200 species of wildlife, from snakes to civet cats to scorpions, are bred and traded in China, according to the Humane Society International. I beat my meat. Habit. youthink I don't think China is capable of real reform at this point. They'll just pass 'strong laws' and consider their work done

China moves to kick its exotic meat habit after COVID-19As the world struggles to contain the coronavirus pandemic, China is clamping down on the sale of wildlife for human consumption amid concerns about another outbreak of a zoonotic disease. They’re not clamping down on anything. They have over a billion people, half of whom are basically rednecks, who need to eat and they do so in traditional ways. Diseases will keep coming out of China until they actually become a modern society instead of showing a modern facade. Struggles? It’s over. Enjoy life again! Americans will not live in fear! Msnbc doing chinas bidding. China sterilizes Muslims.

Road to recovery—how will rich-world economies bounce back from covid-19?On “Money Talks”: - Which economies will have the strongest recoveries from the pandemic? - Meal-delivery wars heat up as Uber gobbles up rival Postmates for $2.65bn - And, the importance of building a more resilient food chain econcallum 😂😂🤣😂😹 econcallum Lockdowns ease, they're forcing us to wear masks in 90 degree Canadian summers on over heated buses to get to work. Masked and shut up now. Bullshit artists. Never tell the whole truth, just the opposite with spin. Cover this story, you left winged wankers.

Broadway actor Nick Cordero dies at 41 after long battle with COVID-19Broadway actor Nick Cordero died of coronavirus complications after spending more than 90 days in the intensive care unit. He was 41. Rest in pain. RIP Nikaddai!

Nick Cordero, Broadway actor, dies at 41 after battle with Covid-19Nick Cordero, a Broadway actor who had admirers across the world rallying for his recovery, has died after a battle with Covid-19, according to his wife, Amanda Kloots. So so sorry to hear this!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ 🌟 There is no test that tests accurately nor specifically for covid 19. He put up one hell of a fight. RIP.

Bolivia's health minister tests positive for COVID-19Bolivia's Health Minister María Eidy Roca has tested positive for COVID-19 though is in stable condition, the ministry said on Sunday, as a sharp rise in cases of the novel coronavirus strain hospitals and cemeteries in the South American country. BINGO Cool. Now she will have antibody Very sad..