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China conducts military exercises as US diplomat visits Taiwan

China begins combat drills near the Taiwan Strait, the same day a senior US official began high-level meetings in Taipei

9/18/2020 9:30:00 AM

China begins combat drills near the Taiwan Strait, the same day a senior US official began high-level meetings in Taipei

Beijing began drills near Taiwan as Keith Krach, US undersecretary of state for economic growth, energy and the environment, landed in Taipei on Thursday for a three-day visit.

China has begun conducting military exercises near the Taiwan Strait, as a top US diplomat visits the self-ruled island in a move that has angered Beijing.Relations between the United States and China are at their lowest point in decades, with the two sides clashing over a range of trade, military and security issues as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

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China's Communist leadership baulks at any recognition of Taiwan, which has been ruled separately from China since the end of a civil war in 1949, and has mounted a decades-long policy of marginalising the democratic island.Keith Krach, US undersecretary of state for economic growth, energy and the environment, landed in Taipei on Thursday for a three-day visit, the highest-ranking State Department official to visit in 40 years.

At a press conference on Friday morning a Chinese defence ministry spokesman said Beijing was "holding actual combat exercises near the Taiwan Strait" when asked how Beijing would respond to Krach's visit."This is a legitimate and necessary action taken to safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial integrity in response to the current situation in the Taiwan Strait," Ren Guoqiang told reporters.

READ MORE:China to sanction Lockheed Martin over Taiwan deal'Sufficient ability'Ren also warned that the Chinese army had "sufficient ability" to counter any external threat or challenge from Taiwan separatists.Beijing considers Taiwan part of its territory, to be absorbed into the Chinese mainland, by force if necessary.

Ren accused the United States of "frequently causing trouble" over Taiwan, which he said "is purely China's internal affairs, and we won't tolerate any external interference".In recent weeks, Taiwan has reported a sharp rise in incursions by Chinese jets into its air defence identification zone.

Washington's increased outreach to Taiwan under US President Donald Trump has become yet another flashpoint between China and America, with US cabinet member Alex Azar visiting last month.Washington said Krach was visiting Taiwan to attend a memorial service for late president Lee Teng-hui. He will also meet with foreign minister Joseph Wu, and is scheduled to join President Tsai Ing-wen for dinner at her official residence Friday.

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Exclusive: U.S. pushes arms sales surge to 'Fortress Taiwan,' needling ChinaThe United States plans to sell as many as seven major weapons systems, including mines, cruise missiles and drones to Taiwan , four people familiar with the discussions said, as the Trump administration ramps up pressure on China . Give Tawian nukes Any issue with Taiwan would solve itself in time if the US just stayed out. The idea of arming Taiwan against China has no logic under any scenario. Taiwan government needs to think of its people and stop being a target for US sales people. So much waste. He’s attempting to start WW3. Trump 2016 “war is good for the economy” or have we forgotten in the midst of daily bombardment of stupidity from this administration

China begins military drills as senior U.S. official visits Taiwan China began combat drills near the Taiwan Strait on Friday, the same day a senior U.S. official began high-level meetings in Taipei, as Beijing denounced tightening ties between Chinese-claimed Taiwan and the United States. For the sake of peace, stop doing this kind of political s**t. Don’t play Taiwan as disposable puppet. Keep rolling out the script.. You are all in on it TaiwanSovereignCountry

U.S. envoy leading second recent high-level visit to TaiwanTAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — A senior U.S. State Department official is due to arrive in Taiwan on Thursday afternoon to begin a three-day visit that has already drawn a warning from China . U.S.... Kanye 2020 Taiwan is the real China. Sheesh. They really want to piss of Beijing. I support a free Taiwan but this might cause serious second and third order effects that I’m not sure have been fully thought through by the current admin.

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ByteDance says China will have to approve its U.S. TikTok deal China will need to approve ByteDance's proposed deal with Oracle Corp for its TikTok app, the Chinese company said on Thursday, indicating how its bid to stave off a ban in the United States could be further complicated. teens also will have to approve Can we just ban TikTok and move on Now Why would the Chinese Communist Party have to approve the sale of a private company it claims has no ties to the government? 🤔