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China builds hospital in 5 days after surge in virus cases

BEIJING (AP) — China on Saturday finished building a 1,500-room hospital for COVID-19 patients to fight a surge in infections the government said are harder to contain and that it blamed on...

1/16/2021 12:01:00 PM

China has finished building a 1,500-room hospital for COVID-19 patients to fight a surge in infections the government said are harder to contain and that it blamed on infected people or goods from abroad.

BEIJING (AP) — China on Saturday finished building a 1,500-room hospital for COVID-19 patients to fight a surge in infections the government said are harder to contain and that it blamed on...

BEIJING (AP) — China on Saturday finished building a 1,500-room hospital for COVID-19 patients to fight a surge in infections the government said are harder to contain and that it blamed on infected people or goods from abroad.The hospital is one of six with a total of 6,500 rooms being built in Nangong, south of Beijing in Hebei province, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

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China had largely contained the coronavirus that first was detected in the central city of Wuhan in late 2019 but has suffered a surge of cases since December.A total of 645 people are being treated in Nangong and the Hebei provincial capital, Shijiazhuang, Xinhua said. A 3,000-room hospital is under construction in Shijiazhuang.

ADVERTISEMENTVirus clusters also have been found in Beijing and the provinces of Heilongjiang and Liaoning in the northeast and Sichuan in the southwest.The latest infections spread unusually fast, the National Health Commission said.“It is harder to handle,” a Commission statement said. “Community transmission already has happened when the epidemic is found, so it is difficult to prevent.” headtopics.com

The Commission blamed the latest cases on people or goods arriving from abroad. It blamed “abnormal management” and “inadequate protection of workers” involved in imports but gave no details.“They are all imported from abroad. It was caused by entry personnel or contaminated cold chain imported goods,” said the statement.

The Chinese government has suggested the disease might have originated abroad and publicized what it says is the discovery of the virus on imported food, mostly frozen fish, though foreign scientists are skeptical.Nationwide, the Health Commission reported 130 new confirmed cases in the 24 hours through midnight Friday. It said 90 of those were in Hebei.

On Saturday, the Hebei government reported 32 additional cases since midnight, the Shanghai news outlet The Paper reported.In Shijiazhuang, authorities have finished construction of 1,000 rooms of the planned hospital, state TV said Saturday. Xinhua said all the facilities are due to be completed within a week.

A similar program of rapid hospital construction was launched by the ruling Communist Party at the start of the outbreak last year in Wuhan.More than 10 million people in Shijiazhuang underwent virus tests by late Friday, Xinhua said, citing a deputy mayor, Meng Xianghong. It said 247 locally transmitted cases were found. headtopics.com

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ADVERTISEMENTMeanwhile, researchers sent by the World Health Organization were in Wuhan preparing to investigate the origins of the virus. The team, which arrived Thursday, was under a two-week quarantine but was due to talk with Chinese experts by video link.

The team’s arrival was held up for months by diplomatic wrangling that prompted a rare public complaint by the head of the WHO.That delay, and the secretive ruling party’s orders to scientists not to talk publicly about the disease, have raised questions about whether Beijing might try to block discoveries that would hurt its self-proclaimed status as a leader in the anti-virus battle.

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Close all borders A 1500 person room is Aquí andamos arreglando cables pelones del metro. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Well inevitably it came from there so the commies can quit blaming the world. China needs to pay reparations for this disaster they caused. The irony “the government said are harder to contain and that it blamed on infected people or goods from abroad” - the world

5 days my ass 🙄 Any construction project needs planning, blueprints, sewage/electrical, etc to be planned out before any building can even go up. Something’s fishy. Hospital built in 5 days! It takes 3 weeks to get Home Depot to come out and install a garbage disposal. If anyone believes anything coming out of China you are part of the problem. They are the enemy and placed this on the world. Use your energy on them.

The count yesterday shows this country of over a billion having just over 100 cases. They need a 1500 room hospital? Something isn’t adding up. Also ironic they are claiming the virus is “imported”. Ok. 🇨🇳 margbrennan Ugh This is a quarantine point for people who are in close contact with an infected person.

Wait. Wasn't this over a half year ago Quite rich of them to blame other countries and goods, when they tried to silence and cover up at the start, if they were open about it from the start instead of persecuting people trying to get the message across to the rest of us, perhaps we wouldn’t be in such a mess now? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Welcome to the club bitch. Ultimately the truth about China’s infection rate will be known. Totalitarian countries are not as contained as they were in the days prior to electronic communications. Has the USA even built one new hospital since the outbreak? No. Hospitals still over charging while underpaying most of their employees.

Tip of the iceberg in China. They’re going to need dozens more of these structures I reckon. Their scientists should be more careful about keeping manipulated bat pathogens contained in their labs. The Chinese always blame someone else, never recognise the shit going on in their own backyard. Five days? Bullshit.

Sorry,what we buiding is not hospital. It's an isolation room for close contacts. Everyone could know it is impossible to build a negative pressure hospital in 5 days. Seems like we saw them doing this back in February. What's next? There goes China..doing like trump...i.e. blaming the rest of the world for their new surge of covid infections !!!

Just double-check it’s a ‘hospital’ ... Nonsense. Or a smokescreen to prepare for war. US_CYBERCOM be ever vigilant with all hands on deck. Beijing Unbelievable anyone would look at them as an example. Communist China is corrupt, and the cause of all of the agony in the world. To suggest we follow their lead is insane.

Thats 1 good infrastructure week! This is ChineseVirus not covid19, China failed to report it on time, instead they arrested doctors and journalists who were reporting it. China is fully responsible for the crisis. The US is a 3rd world country compared to China So they are using this as an EXCUSE to SHUT themselves from the rest of the world? Protectionism Crash

Trump is responsible for the surge - it’s his farewell gift to China... . Te blame it on ‘infected goods or people from abroad’? Who wants to tell them about Wuhan circa November 2019? .....of the pot calling the kettle sickly....👆🏼🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Isn't it the China virus after all. How you gonna blame others for your babies errant ways

I don’t see them making effective vaccines... just pure hype and projections from an authoritative powerhouse. They let the WHO in about 14 months late...a sign of how great they really did all this while. Staff? They‘re getting very fast at building hospitals, Ill give them that. Used to be 7 days. I guess dragging people from their homes or welding their doors shut didn’t work?

I remember the articles about people in China partying because they were 'past the virus'... I hope bat, cat & dog is still off the menu and wet markets are still shut. I am affraid we will mever now for sure the number of cases or dead on PRC. Blaming the surge on foreign causes it is a classic history rewriting.

Why did they knock the other one down initially? They are just showing off! The cover up is getting boring now! 3000 deaths my ass! Didn’t they build something this big a year ago for the same reason. Are you saying they need more. This virus is not going away anytime soon. God have mercy on us globaltimesnews give the AP Press their phone back.

Well if COVID doesn't kill them the smog will. China reacts differently than most when combatting this disease. What do they know? Lifelong chronic severity... Now, when WHO and occidental scientists are in China investigating .. Cheyom1 They're not building that for just over 1000 active cases.. That's rich.

rewriting history that that it wasnt from China Damn ice cream The Chinese government only said that the source of these cases is foreign, which is not to blame anyone. I thought they had it under control. Oh so they are doing something not sitting around twiddling their thumbs watching it run rampant. Ha! Karma for eating DOGS.

This is disputed & rejected by the scientific community. But Pr. Montagnier deserves to be taken seriously. Even if he's most probably wrong. 👇👇👇👇👇👇💉🦇 Why do they need such a big hospital when all the news I hear says they only have a few cases here and there What happened to all the other hospitals they built in 5 days last year? Surely they’re empty

I don’t understand why governments won’t just say ok we f’d it up but we’re gonna fix it. No, it’s cuz of foreign goods. Cheyom1 so they're still lying about the numbers? if we didnt let capitalism rule all and shut down air travel everywhere this could be less of a thing... AP facilitating the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party. How you can tell that the new era Biden begins

Because they are built using slave labor. Should we learn how to build 1500-room hospital within a week? Wuhan flashback!