China builds 'artificial moon' for gravity experiment

1/14/2022 10:15:00 PM

China builds 'artificial moon' for gravity experiment

China builds 'artificial moon' for gravity experiment

The test chamber will enable scientists to test technologies and structures on Earth before sending them to the moon.

Chinese scientists have built an 'artificial moon ' research facility that will enable them to simulate low-gravity environments using magnetism.The Independent reveals.China’s state-backed Blockchain Services Network, which saw the light of day two years ago, plans to launch a new platform supporting non-fungible tokens.China has been behind in its promises in a "Phase 1" trade pact to boost purchases of U.

The facility, slated for official launch this year, will use powerful magnetic fields inside a 2-foot-diameter (60 centimeters) vacuum chamber to make gravity 'disappear.' The scientists were inspired by an earlier experiment that used magnets to levitate a frog.S.Li Ruilin, a geotechnical engineer at the China University of Mining and….However, the country is supportive of a few features related to digital assets, including the underlying technology – blockchain.

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China really be making a backup moon bruh Nice. They are preparing for crewed mission to the Moon. 1. Artificial sun 2. Artificial moon 3. Artificial Earth 🥲 😍😍😍😍 ‘The facility…will use powerful magnetic fields inside a 2-foot-diameter (60 centimeters) vacuum chamber to make gravity 'disappear”…The chamber…is the 'first of its kind in the world' and that it could maintain such low-gravity conditions for 'as long as you want.' ‘

build shit punk_utopian That's no moon... A great scientific fit indeed!!** This is good experiment to test Einstein theory.. and its way forward to understand wormholes

China Is Reportedly Building an 'Artificial Moon' to Simulate Lunar Conditions on EarthAnd it's inspired by a levitating frog experiment. 🌑 engineering

So for those who TLDRed this, the Chinese saw a British experiment involving a levitating frog, and the Chinese went 'Yeah let's do that' and made their own dedicated facility to this experiment. ❗️China builds 'artificial sun' ‼️China builds 'artificial moon`... ... and the US build up military in the South China Sea.

Of course they did. why Yeah... I would not like to be inside that chamber That's not a moon... How china sees itself Beautiful 😍 Is this the Onion?

China to Build Its Own NFT Industry Not Related to CryptoChina plans to have an NFT industry; it just won’t be connected in any way to cryptocurrencies.

This one is real. This is not the same as being on the lunar surface even if you achieve 1/6th gravity in a testtube on Earth. We all went outside to look for it ... but couldn't find it ... Next you are going to tell us they gave it an invisibility cloak ... its no wonder we can't see it The gravity of power lust in the CCP enough to perform experiments on //

*Facility not the moon lol That's very cash money of them 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Do they know about Mascons or mass concentrations on the moon where gravity is stronger than other areas in general...Neil and Buzz found these anomalies on the very first landings, and all other moon landers too....I also believe the moon has huge hollow areas.!!!!!

China's quantum leap in the race for outer space is fascinating indeed. China has progressed well in this sector. It is capable of bringing a rabbit out of a hat anytime. Time to cooperate, and share scientific knowledge for Peaceful purposes as We are all One in Space. The Chinese have passed the west in science like the west was tied to a tree. By accepting relativity and Hawking black hole illusions and blowing the budget on things like colliders scientific advancement in the west moves backwards.

China hopes U.S. can enable more trade amid 'Phase 1' deal uncertaintiesChina said on Thursday that it hopes the United States can create conditions to expand trade cooperation, after Chinese purchases of U.S. goods in the past two years fell short of the targets in a Trump-era trade deal.

The moon already has artfactial gravity inside hollow moon ! The moon has 200 Quantum mechanics field Generators creates artfactial gravity वो तो iPhone और Blackberry तक का आर्टिफिशियल बना लेते हैं! Hi, I am a structural engineer from Iran who have many ideas. I have summarized some of my ideas on my twitter. I want to work with companies and investors. Do you want to cooperate?

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Artificial sun, artificial moon. What's next China? A captured NEO is all that is needed sea tides be like… 🥴 Low-freq magnetic fields induce circulating currents within the human body.The strength of these currents depends on the intensity of the outside magnetic field. If sufficiently large, these currents could cause stimulation of nerves & muscles or affect other biologic processes.

KFC blasted by China for 'causing unnecessary food waste'KFC is being accused of causing food waste in China amid recent concerns about food security. The reason that KFC causes food waste is because their chicken tastes like ass. popeyesgang

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