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Box Office, İnternational

China Box Office: ‘Battle at Lake Changjin’ Crosses $750M, Becomes Second-Biggest Film of 2021

China Box Office: ‘Battle at Lake Changjin’ Crosses $750M, Becomes Second-Biggest Film of 2021

10/18/2021 8:05:00 AM

China Box Office : ‘Battle at Lake Changjin’ Crosses $750M, Becomes Second-Biggest Film of 2021

The film's monster performance is the third biggest total in Chinese box office history, with the film expected to ascended into second place next week.

The film is co-directed by A-list Chinese filmmakers Chen Kaige, Hark Tsui and Dante Lam, and it’s believed to be China’s most expensive film ever made, with a production budget of over $200 million. Local action hero Wu Jing (Wolf Warrior 2) and 20-year-old rising talent Jackson Yee (

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Better Days) co-star.The film glorifies Chinese sacrifices and heroism against U.S. forces during the Korean War (or “the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea,” as it is known in China). The film is very much in tune with the overtly nationalistic tone that has characterized much of China’s recent blockbuster output.

The holdover patriotic star vehicleMy Country, My Parentscame in second place for the frame, and crossed the $200 million mark. The state-backed film added $14.6 million for a cumulative total of $209.8 million, according to data from Artisan Gateway.

Arthouse director Lou Ye’s much delayed 2019 dramaSaturday Fiction, starring  Gong Li, Mark Chaob and Japan’s Joe Odagiri, finally hit Chinese commercial screens over the weekend. The black and white art title had trouble holding its own against the tentpoles, however, opening with just $2.3 million. Maoyan expects the title to finish with just under $4 million.

Next weekend, all attention in China will be directed towards Denis Villeneuve’s much-anticipated tentpole sci-fi adaptation ofDune. The film is produced by Legendary Entertainment, owned by Chinese real estate conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group, which also operates China’s largest cinema chain. The film will get a strong domestic marketing push courtesy of Wanda, but it also arrives at a time when interest in imported Hollywood movies is somewhat on the wane. The movie is opening simultaneously over WarnerMedia’s HBO Max streaming service in North America, which means high-quality pirate copies will instantly proliferate just as the film is hitting Chinese cinemas. Whatever the outcome,

Dune‘s China release will provide box office analysts with much to parse. Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

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I’d like to see this. Wu Jing does great stuff! Find it fascinating that every article loves to point out the overtly nationalism of Chinese cinema, but when it comes to the U.S you all shut up. Both have state backed and obviously nationalist propaganda, doesn't matter which side you're on We care why?

‘The Battle at Lake Changjin’ Hits $770 Million After Third Weekend Leading the China Box Office“The Battle at Lake Changjin” is on course to become one of the top three films of all time in China after dominating proceedings at the mainland Chinese box office for a third successive weekend. … You know they fudge the numbers in china on these things right? They will total movie tickets and claim some were for a movie favorable to their outlook instead of totaling it with the actual movie the ticket was sold for. What are the USAF’s doing in this? Trying to rescue the slavery victims that going on? Liberate China!!!! Free Tibet! Free the Uyghurs! Free Mongolia! Free Hong Kong! Taiwan is a sovereign nation. End the Falun Gong Organ Harvesting!!!!! 解放中國!!! 解放西藏! 釋放維吾爾人! 免費的蒙古! 自由香港! 台灣是一個主權國家。 結束中國法輪功活摘器官。

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‘Halloween Kills’ Carves Out $50.4 Million At Box OfficeThe horror sequel made a killing at the box office in its first weekend in theaters. He better not survive There is Jaimie Lee, still the consumate Scream Queen! I hope to see it at home where it’s safe.

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