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China Asserts Claim to Global Leadership, Mask by Mask

“It is China who lent a helping hand to more than 80 nations. Not the United States.” China has cast itself as the indispensable country combating the pandemic.

4/1/2020 6:10:00 PM

“It is China who lent a helping hand to more than 80 nations. Not the United States.” China has cast itself as the indispensable country combating the pandemic.

Initially criticized as slow to react to the coronavirus, Beijing is providing equipment and advice to hard-hit nations such as Italy, drawing a contrast with the U.S. and making sure everyone knows about it. “A propaganda battle to win.”

China is sending doctors and medical supplies to Italy and other countries that have been hit hard by the coronavirus. WSJ’s Eric Sylvers in Milan explains how China is using soft power to change perceptions about its handling of the pandemic. Photo: Moura Balti Touati/Shutterstock

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Oh the one they created? Maybe China is trying to cover their ass Their masks and tests didn't work. MY GOD! Can any of you media hacks get China's dick out of your mouths long enough to look around? They started it Such public/media opinion could hurt more innocent people in the world. People should not spread such bad opinion which is more harmful than virus. Political matter should leave to leadership of countries but pass to public’s hatred. That’s demoralized.

Global Financial crisis in 2008, which started from USA, whether Worldwide should claim from America? 2019 bushfires in Australia which harmful the weather and pollution to the world and caused billions animals deaths, whether whole world should claim from AU 🙄🙄 And most supplies they sent out were contaminated in their little sweat shops !

How is this horse shit paper still in business? Ah the lame Trump haters pop out of their holes. emm_1199 The CCP is the reason why the pandemic reached this stage in the first place. Puppet much? That’s like making your town arsonist the new Fire Marshal. proproganda The masks that China sent to the CZECH Republic, France 7 Germany were sent back to China. They were all defective. We need to move those jobs back to the USA.

Besides the half million masks recalled 🙄 They lie purposely allowing the world to become infected with their disease, killing 1000s & destroying economies (why not, China's was tanking). Then they dont own it, blame others, while they lend a hand, really? WTF! What kind of Asswipes do that... The Chinese, that's who...

Shilling Chinese propaganda, SERIOUSLY WSJ!! WSJ garbage. Like a drug dealer getting someone hooked and dependent on them for drugs FUCK CHINA AND THEIR WUHAN VIRUS, THEY WIL PAY FOR THEIR CALCULATED RELEASE OF THIS VIRUS. REMOVEUSAMANUFACTURINGFROMCHINA How much did the CCP pay to see this garbage published?

I find that laughable China is the worlds helping hand! Idiot, it started in China and was spread to the other nations by China! What part of that isn’t clear to any rational human beings. Comical. GeoffyPJohnston WOW Communist China ,who lied to the world about their deadly corona virus, is the hero of the American media ! Repulsive!

Seriously? Yeah they sent faulty supplies. Yeah what a leader China is 🙄 Its about time! Is this the liberal amatuer hour? Why must the Chinese insist on wearing masks, if everything is okay? XI jinping especially should go about his business without a mask over his face, to assure everyone that China has really been successful in vanquishing the novel coronavirus as it claims.

You can't get credit for saving a handful of lives when many handful of lives was ended by the virus you caused. China never said that! China do the best to help countries to save lives for humanity. America as the most powerful country in the world seem like don’t need help. Humanity save people lives, but “America humanity” kills.

please 😂😂😂 We don't need to act as a hero. Because we know we are in the same planet, of we don't help others who are in big trouble, it also will influence on our lives. We are equal to the pandemic. Don't think all the country want to be boss,don't think China is necessary to do anything Yeah, it’s the abusive husband that picked the wife up after slapping her. Not her brother. We should all be praising this amazing husband. Never thought I’d see the Wall Street journal spitting communist propaganda. Well done .

They're 'helping' by sending defective supplies. After 'helping' to spread their disease over earth. They can keep that title, comrade. It is China, where the virus, like many in the recent past, originated. Thank you Donald Trump Who knew China also owned the WSJ So if you rape someone, but you walk her home’re all good?🤔👍

You f*ckin guys... With OUR supplies from OUR companies. So the WSJ is now part of the 五毛党 Good to see your true loyalties showing through. China's actions are truly brazen on the aftermath of first causing this virus and how many others, now posing as the saviors ? I think China has, as incredible as this sounds, won the World's hearts and respect ! STUPID WORLD ! All I've got to say.....NUKE EM !

It’s China that infected 150 nations with bat shit. NYT ❤️ CCP and hates America and it’s citizens...except illegals. Super helpful.... Well... payback for the tariffs I guess. Lie about numbers and then try to play hero. Just wait until the “cheap Chinese supplies “ run their course The media is our enemy, you have made that very, very clear. You are propaganda

For the roughly one third of arsonists who return to the scene of the crime, the primary attraction can be a desire for control and power. they had NO time to prepare for this virus and they contained it, built hospitals in less than a week, and saved lives. we had MONTHS to prepare and DIDN’T. now states are BIDDING over resources. the sinophobia you all keep exhuming is disgusting

they didn’t lie. my own state reached out to them bc our governor said our county is incompetent. y’all are just too racist and too far up america’s ass to realize that they are helping and we NEED their help Is the Wall St. Journal owned by China now? And 80% of them are faulty. Also they continue to lie about their stats, and this only became a global thing because they botched it from the beginning.

WSJ.. is this a joke Is WSJ bases in Tehran or Pyongyang? Ugh. Canceling - again WSJ now enemy of the people Isn't that kind of like an arsonist consoling the family whose house they just torched? This is nonsense! We need to disengage and then cut them off. Three of these in 20 years is enough. Chinese Propaganda! Congrats! WSJ

Typical firefighter arsonist, this ccp govt truly has an egotistical need to be a world hero. Dirty. Sick. chinaLiedPeopleDied CORONA IS NOT GOING TO LAST LONG. BECAUSE IT IS FROM CHINA No matter what, the pandemic is contained in China. That is the fact. Face it! Create a need and then fill it... voila, your a hero!

They start a virus, hide it until it is inevitable that the world will know China spawned this pandemic, and now they act like the savior - and the WSJ falls for it... utter obtuseness. Have you become morons at the WSJ? What happened to you? media WOW, you guys are really love carrying water for the communists, don't you ?

appears to be China's $2 WHORE. fakenews hirenewjournalists Did China just buy the Wall Street Journal? Am I missing something? China Is the cause of it all!! We should cut all ties with China !! Communist Chinese global leadership? Chinese leaders must not be trusted. They are dictators. This is propaganda and the is now a part of it. This is disgusting.

It is China that also lied. And people died. Screw China. This is 100% their fault and their fault alone. Don’t believe that... ? You can go to hell Remember the time they sent out thousands of defective test kits? Remember the time they sent out the Chinese Virus? Hope Xi sees this Zzzzzz China hasnt even bothered helping Spain, who s becoming messed up as in Italy!!

If China would truly help, then the CCP and President Xi Jinping would be held accountable for theirs crimes against the world, and you would aid economically against the businesses who lost money and that are bankrupt worldwide all over the world ChinaLiedPeopleDied WSJ and Xi can pound sand. China started the pandemic! They should help the countries they decimated.

You stick with that thought. F off I didn’t realize the WSJ was a state run newspaper for the Chinese government. This is a shit story. Do better. Well, China also STARTED the pandemic so it’s the least they could do. And by the way, all those tests kits they sent out to these countries were defective so even their so called help continued the damage.

🤡 SERIOUSLY? GTFO with your Chinese propaganda nonsense. Be real or go out of business. This is disgusting. Es China quien contagió a más de 80 naciones. No los Estados Unidos. China se presenta como el país indispensable para transmitir la pandemia. VirusChino Wow BEIJING STREET JOURNAL. NOTE TAKEN. WSJ goes full treason.

China can go fuck itself. My neighbor set my house on fire, buts totally ok cause he came back with a fire hose. if we baned or do nothing.more bad words will carry out .so we chose the better worse way to do This came from China so it shouldn’t last long I am reassured that cancelling my subscription to The China Daily, er, I mean wsj was the correct decision.

So China infected the whole world and now comes to their aid,they are no hero This is like hurting your little brother, then telling him he can punch you in the shoulder. Wall Street = enemy of the ppl Can’t (well can) believe you actually published this. China has such a huge choke-hold on our media. I imagine telling people you work at the Washington Post is equally shameful these days as admitting you’re a stripper

What on EARTH are you saying How does someone delete a newspaper Congrats on literally being communist propaganda WSJ! It’s like the person who just robbed your house returns to clean up the mess he made without returning the stolen goods. No, that's *its people as dispensable Been subscribed to WSJ print for years, thats it for me. Good hell

They unleashed this shit on the world! At this point I wouldn't trust a Mask made in China unless it's to scare kids on Halloween. Unreal that the Wall Street Journal would advance the propaganda put out by our attackers. This is a Chinese creation and they know about it better than anyone else..helping my 🦶.bloody using this pandemic as a weapon.. I hope China has paid u really well..

China lied people died!! GFY WSJ Sending fake supplies is lenting a helping hand? Don’t fool us, China. China must be held accountable to global pandemic. ChinaLiesPeopleDie Oh wipe your chin... It is China who through deceit and malphesence spread this disease to all nations. Not the United States. China then cast itself as the indispensable hero combating the pandemic and the western media has aided them at every step.


It's a very generous prison. Yes, lots of help. Covering it up and admonishing any nation closing their borders to flights from China. How about the concentration camps, military threats, IP theft, predatory loans to poor countries and occupation of Tibet? The exporter of chinese virus Canada gave all its extra health care supplies to China early on. And Now? But we are the progressive doll of the earth. Cooool Ay

China nationalized US med supply factories, no? Today is the day the wall street journal lost all credibility. How stupid are you? Spreading propaganda for China! Never thought I'd ever see Pushing communist China propaganda! WTF This has got to be a parody account. ChinaLiedPeopleDied It’s China who weaponized a virus and sent it across the globe!!

When did you become the Babylon Bee? Advertising presented as information I would have expected more from The Wall Street Journal, however, it looks like Chinese propaganda has taken over there! This is true! The pandemic is a direct result of China's lying and cover-ups. That means the United States and other nations would quite literally be unable to fight the Wuhan virus in their own country if not for the actions of the Chinese government beforehand.

F’k China and f’k you for playing up their self serving BS. They caused it, lied about it, and tried to shift blame for it. Nothing they say can be believed or trusted and they should be held accountable for their actions. I’m a subscriber since college but STFU. You sound like The NY Times these days

A helping hand? That’s f*cking rich. It’s called owning up and taking responsibility for the bullsh*t one started. Lots of recalls on Chinese tests and masks. Ok only two stories that I saw, but going with lots. Yet all these countries are returning defective product made to combat this outbreak. I hate to see what they would send were they not an ally

With defective equipment after being the ones that caused the problem in the first place? China “cast” itself...🤣. So deliberately running someone down with your car and then offering assistance for a price is okay stupidity lives .., Are you serious? Where did this start? You and your paper is a waste. Get real.

This article is shameful. They caused the virus and tried to hide it from the world. Your article is laughable. 😬 The Pandemic they China started Reporters here thnk they are being fair, but the headline and the fact that China's obvious lies/misdeeds are buried in the later paragraphs make it not so. Headline should be about China lying about its cases and allowing the disease to spread globally. This is 100% on them.

They created this problem you idiots! Most of these nations getting help surrendered its health security to China by not building any of the PPE equipment needed to fight Covid19: ventilators, masks, globes, gowns, thermometers, sanitizers, anti-bacterial, alcohol, etc etc are manufactured in China bc cheap labor

Chinese propaganda China should pay for hidding the virus to the world. Also for putting in jail all the doctors who tried to let the word know. Hey, WSJ, you got a little Xi nut on your cheek. Lemme help you with it: Begging the nations do not buy them from China, you will regret.. And just like that, The Wall Street Journal became completely under the control of communist propaganda.

wolcenisfinish CCP_is_terrorist Xitler ChinaLiedPeopleDied CCPvirus Ummm... So you’re giving them credit for causing this pandemic? Pathetic It’s even better when u realize all their masks are defective lol screw China Gee who do you work for with that headline?!!! Seriously WTF?!!! China isn’t just responsible for the entire thing and continues to lie about it they are actually profiting off it as well. Meanwhile WSJ continues to push communist propaganda. EnemyOfThePeople

Ask, why? GFY WSJ. You cant start a fire then show up with a hose and try to play hero. Is this satire? What in the actual f&k? Please stop eating dogs , cats and bats , please ban Are you bent!! China caused this and lied about it. They literally want this to happen to us. They should be carved down to nothing ! We need to make them pay with severe sanctions.

China doesn’t care about its own citizens only its world image The CCP is a criminal organization that is consistently lied about its numbers regarding the Corona virus. It has consistently committed human rights abuses and atrocities against minorities and those who would seek freedoms we take for granted. Stop pushing pro China propaganda

Yeah, you repress the news of coronavirus and let the virus spread to other nations, then sold them inferior products that failed to work in many instances. Real noble and heroic, huh? If you are truly a hero, pull a Taiwan and donate good products to other nations. Only WSJ could write that... China was the originator of the Wuhan Virus. It is stated that their delay in alerting the World in November was a direct cause of the disease’s spread. Agreed! Most of the Equipment supplied did not function! Your story is misleading.

I hope Xi sees this bro They must be held accountable for all the disarray in the world because of their lies and the way the covered the existence of the Covid 19 Wolf guarding the other Wolves. Are you f-ing kidding me! ChinaLiedPeopleDied Fuck me, do you write this sort of shit on a daily basis? Here's a towel for when Xi let's you know he finished.

Do you mean the corona-virus infected masks they sent to Europe? Or the defective ones? China Virus . Arsonist Firefighter China rapes you and later gives you 10 cents to help pay for the bus ride to the hospital. The media: China is a hero! Didn't most of their 'aid' turn out to be defective? I just canceled my subscription to WSJ!!!!

The WSJ a bastion of Communists, communist sympathizers, and diaper wearing socialists. Said the fake news media....ChinaLiedPeopleDied Are you kidding me? Wow - lower and lower you go! The WSJ along with the Washington Post, and NY Times are all Chinese enablers. Absolutely no credibility; they squandered the trust of thr American people.

Shocker: wapo cheerleader for the CCP! Chinese factory worker rubs masks on shoes! Bull sh Cut the cancer that is China out of the global economy. Let them become this century’s North Korea China ChinaLiedPeopleDied WuhanVirus Dance for you Chicom masters. What is wrong with you? China created the virus, lied about, distributed it all around the globe, and you’re supporting their propaganda. You are now the enemy of the American people. Shame on you.

No. ChinaLiedPeopleDied CCPVirus_Coronavirus ChinaLiedPeopleDie Once again, Trump was proven right. We need to bring manufacturing BACK here to the US. Here we have the country that started this Chinese virus now profiting off of it by selling supplies to combat it!! Stop the insanity. They also underreported and reported too late about what is going on. It's the least they can do.

You misspelled 'creating' as 'combating.' They create it, they spread it, now they sell the help. GENIUS You are a day late for an April fools joke article Seriously propping up China is awful China is delusional This is a joke.....right Oh, they only sent hundreds of thousands of faulty masks to spain, italy, etc, and ALSO sent tests that not only worked just 20% of the time, but were also contaminated with the coronavirus! What great leaders!

China going to return the US supplies that was sent? Are we going to ignore the hundreds of thousands of fake masks sent by China? Or the fake tests? China caused this disaster, they should pay the entire world to fix it. Screw China. I wouldn’t buy toothpicks from China. Consider this: If China was forthright and honest, Kobe and his daughter would still be alive.

Like the arsonist who helps out out the fine. Spare me, China caused the pandemic, the world is sick and dying, now China lends a hand. A you call that great? Really? Look at our economy now? Almost 7 million ppl file for unemployment as of today. Wake up! It looks like you've recorded your check from China. How much do they pay to push their propaganda?

China lent a helping hand alright by knowingly spreading this contagious virus to 150 countries. Close to 1 million cases and 50,000 deaths around the world. That’s the helping hand they lent and then gave defective tests kits out. Who’s writing this crap The idiots supporting the regime of China, a brutal regime for years should move to China because we don’t need you here. Have fun, flights are cheap too thanks to China.

This wouldn't exist right now if China didn't exist too so....kind of funny considering all of this is their fucking fault That’s BS. China tried to cover the pandemic up. Seriously? How does American media produce such obvious fluff pieces for China? A 30 paragraph article has 2 small lines dedicated to the faulty products they’ve sent out. Nevermind the intentional cover-up they engaged in for 3 months.

You should be fired immediately. AandGShow Reprehensible. How do keep writing shit like this Perhaps you could brush up on your history. Especially focus on Communism. We’ll wait........ 😂😂😂😂😂😂 so dumb Factual but not truthful. Enemy of the people. wsj The CCP thanks you for your service. Where is your integrity? They created this, covered it up, lied about it, killed scientists, corrupted the WHO, cheated, sold non functioning supplies... and you hold them up as a beacon somehow? All for what, politics? What a disgrace.

China bought up Australia and emptied many American locations bragging about it Global community allows China to lie, abuse animals, steal IP, and put Muslims in labor camps. ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied How much did China pay for you to pump their propaganda? Go sell that CCP garbage someplace else. You guys don't do any research do you? The Netherlands had to basically scrap ventilators from China. Masks from China have been found to be sub-par and there are stories of them even being infected.

Why is the WSJ putting out communist propaganda Chinese people should rise up and deal with their leaders. We're just spreading Chinese propaganda now? CCP$$$ To hell with China and their people. Let’s send them all back. They’ve ruined 2020. FFS would you just stop already. How much of China's aid (in the form of tests, etc) has been faulty? And let's not even get into their lie about their numbers.

CCP still won’t pay for a WSJ subscription, even tho you help spread their COVID19 propaganda. 🤷🏼‍♀️ The dictator of china appreciates your assistance in the spread of propoganda. It's crazy that you guys were once a respected organization. Thanks China. Interesting how WSJ sneaks this tweet out in the middle of the night hoping no one will notice.

Fixed it for you... 'China cast itself as the indispensable country combating the pandemic that they caused.' It's the same situation when a man hits his wife in the face, brokes her nose and, 10 minutes later, gives her a chocolate and a band-aid and says 'I'm here. I'll take care of you,honey' You don’t get credit for being a great firefighter if you’re the one who started the blaze to begin with.

It definitely was indispensable in spreading the fucking pandemic. 😲 WSJ is sick. Credibility lost. Spain had to return the defective masks... Really amazing. China, because of their negligence and refusal to tell the world about Covid 19 so that we wd be better prepared, uses it to bolster their position in the world . Like a son charged with murdering his parents pleads for mercy because he is an orphan

They only did it to gain advantage and influence. They are at war with the rest of the world, we think they're altruistic. They're not. China POISONED the world and now you want to praise them? Most of the 💩 they’ve donated has been defective, in other words 💩. I’m cancelling my subscription - not worth the $$ anymore.

China is boasting itself through its state media outlets but the media in the West is helping it. What China does is to show it to its citizens inside of China, the West don't need to go with its flow. Wall Street communist Journal All prescription medications distributed in USA must be made in USA effective January 1,2022

Guilt complex. How many hundreds of thousands are dying due to their lying? Culprit would never play a role in this pandemic. 👎 You're talking about the Chinese government that were shooting people in the street, boarding people in their apartment buildings and are responsible for the pandemic? That China? FOH

ChinaLiedPeopleDie providing testers and masks under quality is actually a murder! how dare they still claim themselves as “aid”? not to mention some countries actually bought, it is a trade at most. ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied ChineseBioterrorism ChineseVirus Sounds like a law school antitrust exam : An authoritarian state actor launches a successful predatory campaign to gain power over manufacturing fire fighting equipment. It then sends out teams of arsonists and locks up dissident scientists who warned of the plot - liable ?

It is China Communists who killed their own doctors who warned of the virus in DECEMBER! China helps no one. The media once again politicizing a crisis, and backing the Chinese Communist Party rhetoric, btw the CCP owes damages to the world, not just 80 countries! CCPVirus WuhanVirus XiVirus It is China who caused death of millions period.

...because god only knows WHAT we would have done had China not started providing tests that are 40-80% FAULTY, masks that are FAR from uncontaminated, statistics that are lies so as to skew others' plans to combat the virus, and blaming US for it all! Hey WSJ, does the CCP own you? Just curious - from concerned average American

What a load of crap This crap needs to be ratio’ed You mean the Wuhan virus from China, made from bat soup. This is why I don’t read the WSJ shopcartchaos . What the hell WSJ? They released the virus, they then sell crap medical gear, and then the seek praise? Let’s not forget Chinese citizens in the US and Australia BUYING UP all of the US local supplies in January. CCPLiedPeopleDied DoYourJob

GFY WSJ And Trump continues to lead from behind! Bad mask by bad mask and defective test by defective test. Enemy of the people. GFYs. Is this the TheBabylonBee ? This has to be a joke or satire or some shit. They sent test kits with 50 to 80% failure rate. I mean cmon guys try a little harder. pls,somebody,do not use the everything if you do not like china.if you use it,you are bitch

Create a virus and they shall come WTF? WSJ IS NOW CHINA 🇨🇳 PROPAGANDA? Just move your offices to Beijing already. Bullshit About time someone else stepped up to the plate THIS VIRUS CAME FROM CHINA. CHINA LIES ALOT. It is about life,not only mask. see PPE difference:Chinese doctor vs US doctor It is China who killed millions globally and nationally. Terrorist 🇨🇳

That’s because most of the items are made in China. We will never let that happen again. Because you along with globalists sold out the American middle class for cheap labor, at the same time you provided that communist country trillions of dollars to build up their military and take over whole industries!! For a supposed smart group of people, that sure was stupid!!

Sure nice of them selling all those faulty tests. Strange how China says they not longer have a problem. Yet the rest of us are screwed. It’s also interesting how it’s mainly the western countries are affected ROR, china arso hideu fak that dis become wold pandemic-eu. Nais jahb Xi Jinping Meaning the usa probably set it off against china because of the tariff war

Except of course, for the unmentioned fact that China CAUSED the world-wide pandemic. No, WSJ. China is not the white knight of this viral pandemic. China is the virus. Their pandemic, you mean? 😳 China caused the pandemic; getting rid of them earlier would have availed us all. MSM pushing CCP propaganda is f'n disgusting! MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople

Wonder why I haven't read a newspaper in five years? The jig is up. 😂 China didn't claim it is indispensable, it is just saying Trump isn't helping much. Now prove China is wrong on this, I am listening. This so naive, playing their game at the expense of truth and journalistic integrity Please do a story on why mom-essential construction sites remain open.

BREAKING: China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths, the U.S. intelligence community concluded in a classified report Insufferable lying journalists! Let’s say there was no China? How many people wouldn’t be dead? Please list every virus ever born out of China and deaths

Some of those nations are returning the defective & covid-19 tainted equipment. They did invent it so that makes them the experts China is acting like a volunteer fireman who sets a fire and then ‘finds it’, sounding the alarm and being first on the scene to rescue a family while putting out the blaze.

Without China, we wouldn't be infected. China also created this virus by their unsanitary habits and hid it from the public, until it became a pandemic. So you tell me how good CCP is. Mask by infected mask. Just a fact. Easy. China will NEVER be a super power! They are as faulty as their PRODUCTS!! CHINA can’t even take care of their OWN People! How can they even think that they can take care of the world? China is like a set of tits on a bull. Worthless!!!!!!

BS Gag Nice to know. Were you PAID to push China's propaganda America has been dumbed down. We have incompetency in high office..😷🌎 By selling faulty, poor quality product? How can I possibly be helping when countries are refusing their cargo? LOL, just saw the story of Australian dock workers refusing to unload any cargo from Chinese ships that dock at their shores. I can't blame them, I wouldn't do it either.

When this is all said and done. We'll be saying and doing about China! 🤣 Who wrote this article? The president of China ? PhilipWen11 how much did the Beijing propaganda teams pay you to copy and paste this for them? How is your story any different from celebrating a man who helped an old lady cross the street immediately after he beat her to a pulp and she can’t walk? You’re a true piece of trash

ChinaLiedPeopleDie HIV=American virus It’s hard to help other countries with supplies that you are short of & rely on China as well. Made in America is the Future. China has also reopened their Wildlife Animal food Market including Bats in Wuhan where the Virus began. ChinesePropaganda twitter FTC Sam00070683 Cover up and then lend a fake helping hand

China has sent faulty test kits to countries, faulty masks that don’t work with CoronaVirus, faulty thermal temp. guns. Heck they have lied about everything from the beginning. I see you’re true Colors now !!! How long have u been in bed with China? Does U or USA help China have controlled the epidemic?If not,then,be quiet. Make yourself a normal human being,not a beast.

You need to close shop and move to China where you belong as China propaganda state media. You are disgraceful. If you mean help by sending defective equipment around the world then yep they helped. If you mean by hoarding all the ppe by January. Yep they helped. Time for our govt and companies to do the moral thing and deindustrialize china

Bloody liars You mean the one they started and lied about? These criminals should be in Jail. And the WSJ applauding them is disgusting. China makes the gd masks moron After pushing all world into severe depression with killing of lakh of people , china want to be saint. Really fake news That is the same thing as a gunman who shoots you. bragging about driving you to the hospital

The WSJ. Brought to you by China. China created virus China set loose on world China downplayed severity to WHO & CDC China bought up all the PPE, ventilators Nov-Feb from all over the globe China then sent defective PPE tests, thermometers all over the globe. You are willing dupes or idiots. Which is it?

You disgust me What are you DOING? realDonaldTrump POTUS HouseGOP SenateGOP TheDemCoalition CNN CuomoPrimeTime NYGovCuomo ChrisCuomo Global politics..... let all these countries follow China! Dump the dollar!Kill the fed, return America back to the people!Tell Nike,Apple and all other companies that sold the country out to stay in China! We're Americans and we'll upgrade ourselves!🖕🏾

Thank you China ChinaLiedPeopleDied CCPVirus When you set the fire you can hardly be called a hero when you're the one pissing on it Maybe they feel guilty for infecting the world and lying about it. The conflicted idiots at the WSJ are going to ride this market all the way down. They deserve what they will get. The world’s innocent peoples do not.

Their people are expendable for political gain. Stupidity and racism is the biggest virus in humanity. Unbelievable how the WSJ has become the carrier of paid propaganda. Do not forget China’s government gave you COVID19 and you all still believe everything they tell you. WSJ going all Panda! sad. Only the blind see fixing ur mistake as global mask dominance. If China didn't infect the world this masks & test PR China stunt wud be unnecessary. With plus 1 Billion population the least that regime can do is clean up their global mess. Nothing humanitarian about CHINA COVID

Socialism - may it not be upon the earth found. In the Free World, as long as covetous persons are permitted to lead, in public office or public corporations, - who care not for citizens, or shareholders, but themselves only .. China helped enougth providing the virus Except for the Aussies I guess🤷‍♀️

Trump only has the apprentice'tool..he only knows how to fire somebody And it was supposed to be the other way around! This article is laughable! Are we to laud the country that hid the gravity of this virus? That attempted to shift blame to our American soldiers? Isn’t it almost mandatory for China to volunteer help, given the terrible circumstances?

You did Not print that? Wtf is wrong with you? You're a rag...not suitable to wipe our asses. Enemy of the people. Unbelievably irresponsible. if you do not take a look at those comments below, you won't believe there are so many ignorant people with deep prejudice to China in America. These peple are the reason of America fall down.

Like the mob who would beat you up, then make you pay for them to protect you from getting beat up. Released the virus- lied -covered up -imprisoned whistleblower doctors- disbursed travelers all over world - infected & killed thousands-ruined economies of all countries. Stupid wall street journal says Thanks China

What a Scumbag! Did China think the world is that stupid? janearraf But it is also the Chinese authoritarian government who for weeks deliberately ignored certain information represented by Chinese doctors regarding the spread of the virus. The Chinese regime knew something terrible going to happen, but they choose not to act.

Nice to see that the Chinese Communist Party Bots are well represented in several of the replies below. Not hard to spot. Why does Twitter permit these to infect the platform? That's nice. Since they are the ones who started this global cluster f*ck after all. zady4545 Why? China is responsible for every bit of this. They need to be held accountable by the international community.

Riiiight...China is selling infected test kits and defective 'medical supplies' to the hardest hit nations. The world doesn't need Communist China or the CCP. What happened to the Muslim concentration camp prisoners in China ? We're all the citizens in this planet, this is a war, Virus to human beings. If everybody's dead, what's the point of countries? Nobody's the leader of the earth,so do something useful rather than manipulate information. People only care if they can survive from this Virus!

What happened to the Hong Kong freedom protesters? To the people commented here, could you please also listen to the experts/scientists' voice about the virus, not only politicians? What happened to all the forced organ donors in China? Carrying China's water for them, eh? Wall Street journal is Communist China 🇨🇳 Propaganda. Total sell outs to America. Disgusting rag

Sounds like an article from the Onion China is asshole. Time to make our own things, or at least move it out of China. There are more deserving countries with economies that could use some help. Enough of them already. italbers As they should after launching it In hindi we call it ‘safai’ ChinaLiedPeopleDie

China has the ability to help other countries as much as it can. You don't agree. But please don't slander China 。 China is a great country! Instead of complaining or playing blaming game like USA, China develop and help a lot to other countries! Good job! It's humanity. Everybody knows China is a big producer, after they meet the domestic demand, they're willing to help others. If they don't do this, what will your news report? You will say China is so mean, waiting others to die. If you don't want the mask, give to others.

Your RED is showing. You r beyond disgusting. American media have been trying so hard to blame China than any other country in the world, and now you are expect us to help you? They're guilty peace offearing! well if you can analyse the situation it is definitely their duty to do like selling a product and the customers don't like it so you refund them.

Since did become a propaganda arm of the Chinese Government. They are responsible for all of this; they deserve nothing but loathing. Yes, we should not forget ‘ the hand that feeds ‘ and China is doing that without much publicity , in fact doing quietly . We can learn much from their humble ways . How can a pseudo-democracy like the United States help other countries when it can't stop itself from bullying a small country like Iraq

It's China spreaded the virus worldwide at 1st place....and even worse China lied From February 7th - US saving the world to the detriment of our country and how does the Communist China repay us? Blaming the US for the ChineseVirus!🤬 - Accept the truth is so difficult for some people. China IS more kind and humanity than US, chinese people care about the people and tried best to save lives as much as they can. What US government do? So many lies, slow reaction, proud speech, ignore the experts!

We have fallan so low that even Russia has to send us face masks and PPEs, like you have seen it never before in history! The problem with the Chinese political leaders is that they’re Made in China! Cámara Sayayin! It’s the only freakin thing a defense attorney could say, knowing her client murdered the crap out of his neighbors.

We owe this honor to GOP and their leader! China just did what they should. Before the epidemic erupted, Trump nelgete what happened in China and degrades China to undermine the mistaken he has made. So he should take responsibility for the eruption of the epidemic of COVID-19 China spread their WuhanCoronaVirus to more than 100 nations. Not the United States. Taiwan is lending a helping hand. Not China. Wt China does is selling low quality medical resources which soon be recalled.

China owns the problem! China should have a hand in resolving the problem that CHINA CREATED! Awesome! it's not true. China send millions of Mask to US, but failed. Because the US Custom reject those masks due to the difference standard between US and china. Why is your news defending China at this time? They have supplies that are cheap, not up to standards and false testing kits! You call that helpful? Not to mention they are responsible for this Pandemic, killing innocent people of all ages and making them sick for no reason!

How many US lend a hand when we’re knee deep in it right now? They sold face mask that don't fit, sold them test kits that don't work, and China confiscated US products and sold over 30 million euro of our medical products to Spain ProblemReactionSolution 'China ASSERTS claim to global leadership, mask by mask'... Are you actually fucking kidding me?.. You're writing for China?..

You are foolish oooo, China started the whole pandemic, possibly has the antidote and is responsible for the global spread of the virus. Shilling for that juicy yen. Get fucked. Did the WHO advise them? How many stupid people here? If China should be held responsible for Covid19 , US should be held responsible for HIV

Wall street it because they know they lied and people died? Every claim becomes groundless when we now all know ChinaLiedPeopleDied in the first place. Help eh? China can say and express whatever it wants. Anyway, it’s freedom of speech and expression, right? Just don’t trust China. Period. PDChina XHNews

Or indispensable in starting the pandemic 💀 Faulty masks and equipment means help. Got it. Fake News in Fake Newspaper janearraf It looks like Chinese exotic meat market for bats, rats open to people’s consumption again. China created this problem. This is a ChineseVirus They are the virus and the anti-virus. Oldest trick in the book

F U C K A L L T H A T janearraf China is responsible for this pandemic CineseVirus . China should pay trillions of dollars to other nations that they infected this virus. This is a ChineseBioterrorism ChineseVirus 西方鬼子就是矫情,中国当时独立抗击疫情,你们一个个等着看笑话,现在病毒袭击你们了,中国把自己的经验无偿提供给你们,还提供了救援物资,你们还不满足,你们还是人类吗? You love CCP so much that you should move to China.Why not?

Guilt is a great motivator... Who in China can I send my invoice too? America must pay for this american military virus China is basically North Korea at this point. Can we just shun them like we do every other communist shit country?!?! Wake up WSJ !!!! Seriously! The pandemic could have been contained to China if they had been honest. Their saving face resulted in this world wide pandemic. This feeble attempt to help contain the the problem they created should not create much admiration.

LOL!! realdonaldtrump Ya that’s your buddyPresident! Not! Russia is doing the same. It was reported Chinese masks sent to Italy were defective. China do the real good things to the just output war to the world. And fool the world with fake news. Well if they wouldn’t carried out some barbaric traditions by eating wild animals we wouldn’t be here now! So far most of the zonotic sicknesses are coming from that continent!

Gross WSJ This is how china should be repaid. Ya. Right. Such mensches You also forgot that our StateDept send tons of supplies to China. on that Chinese payroll You’re crazy CNN es antiamericano. What are they teaching everyone? How to weld their citizens in their homes when they were needing help the most? How to lie to the rest of the world so EVERYONE catches it? How to add to the over 100 million Communism has killed in the last century? How to buy journalists?

shameless. If China government didn’t silence 8 whistleblower, including Dr. Li Wenliang and Dr Ai Fen, this whole pandemic would have been likely avoided. Hey WSJ, ever hear of Belt and Road Initiative? Stop being a water bucket lackey for the CCP It's like someone destroys your house , sells you a tent, and asks you to thank him for his ' generosity '

China is troublemaker, ask Taiwanese. TaiwanCanHelp What a horrible joke. Anyone touting this or believing in this (just because you hate the current American President) is lost. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 After all has been said and done, US and Europe will demand for an explanation from China. Hell will break loose

Seriously? Stop shilling for CCP! 😡 It would not be necessary if they did not lie about the virus first. Because they started the virus China caused pandemic then curried world approval Mask by faulty mask. Fixed it for you. You mean the pandemic CHINA unleashed on the world? THAT China? The same China that has SOLD faulty test kits AND faulty medical devices to other nations? Is that really the China that you want to praise? FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople CCP would be proud of you, we're NOT!

Why does a “news organization” spew the Chinese rhetoric? Disgusting Obviously b0ll0x, but I quite like the spectacle of Xi Jinping gaslighting Trump. It's like the world heavyweight bullsh.itting contest. ??? leadership? Some countries helped China, and China just want to help them as much as possible when we have the ability to do that. Why it have to be explained with political reason? So you want China just stand there and watch others suffering?

China gave the World COVID1O,now the World should give China something.A bucket of Instant sunshine on all their cities & 10 buckets on Beijing.Wipe them out. How convenient... And you the stupid media still believe in that. Its all trouble invited by China only, he is not doing any great thing by supplying material, he should have done it free of cost and appologise to world.

Reaching out isn't an obligation, but humane. Test KITS laced with Covid-19! When this is over a class action SUIT!!!! End dependence on China... Made in the USA! This has to be an April’s fool joke. This should read “It is China who gave Covid-19 to the world. We apologize and will forgive any debt each country affected has with China.”

不招人妒忌是庸才,做好正确的事,做好自己。 不是自称。这是事实。 SLIGHTED: America, yesterday a respected & leader of the free world, today is the image of a pompous Big Shot Businessman who turned his back on US friends and allies, made the US the laughing stock of the world and a dead beat nation that reneges on deals Don't worry its just a flu. Trump said so in March.

So, China lies and covered up initial outbreaks, China allows it's citizens to travel internationally fully aware of how dangerous the virus is. China caused a world wide pandemic. It's cool fam they sent some medical aid, nevermind that most of it doesn't work. fakenews ChinaLiedPeopleaDied Create the sickness and pedal the cure

People despise foreign propaganda and fall for their own. Too much politics, too little science. It’s another China add by an ‘American’ mews outlet. Since this decade began, gun to your head, what country would you rank 1 on earth? Not very smart are you? China harvests organs from their prisoners, while they're still alive & you want us to believe they possess benevolence, right?

An epidemic they created, it’s their duty to unfuck what they fucked. US is world power and believes in human rights. China should not be trying to play hero during a situation they are completely responsible for shameonyou China! Since they created the Virus shouldn’t they be responsible to help others fight their mess?

China created the virus just for its outreach. Politicians 🤮 That level of disinformation is CCP level of propaganda. They SELL masks at 1000% normal prices! Ffs, we knew that the Clinton were bought by China. Now, we know the WAPO is also a China asset. China world producer of Fentanyl have done nothing, how many of your children have died from this drug. This article as me so upset, I cannot believe the would allow this too go to print.

Corona virus started from US, and we are helping to combating it. I thought there were now restrictions in place to prevent the spreading of propaganda... “Guise, remember how amazing those contaminated tests are... China is so amazing, we appreciate all the pandemics they cause, leading to mass hysteria that we can only dream of creating!”-WSJ

被误导的人是真的蠢,将别人给予的帮助变成毒药。忽略结果,记住的却是让你们陷入苦难境地的甜言蜜语 Didn’t China make the virus? Has the WSJ sold out to the Chinese government? How could you possibly say this? Like a pyromaniac fire fighter 🔥 chinapays for ChineseCoronaVirus Instead of combating the deadly virus, how’s about not even starting it? Stop eating bats 🦇 regulate or shutdown wet markets (stop pillaging Africa’s wildlife)

Remember first they sow the virus Your loyalty to such a nasty regime is hideous. Have you people lost your mind? Ridiculous. What help? They just sell masks at inflated prices. They learnt from the west China selling test kits, masks, ventilators... to the whole world. These fuckers are lying, they have vaccine. No one tested corona in last 3 weeks with 76k + recovered. Coming soon corona vaccine made in China

Its time to trump to prove that his USA not for all americans, will is great again. he said he do more than Obama but destroy Obama healthcare.... Now he have a right work to do More FAKE NEWS and irresponsible reporting. These two writers Philip Wen and Drew Hinshaw should be totally ashamed, and so should the WSJ for allowing this article to be printed. China did this to the world, China controls the supply lines, because elitist Democrats wanted Globalism, leaving us to rely on China! FU.

US MEDIA carrying water for China treason realcollusion It is China that gave the world this deadly disease.Screw China Is this a joke? So I can do things as long as I claim to try to help? This is simply clarifying the facts, people. Face the reality. Do everything you can to spread the Chinese communists parties COVID-19 🦠 but now ccp you’re a savior? PROPAGANDA much? WSJ is a sock puppet for CCPLiedPeopleDied .

Don’t wanna be rude , but your beasts just behave with fucking lots of prejudice , and forget the blood facts when you take over the leadership of worlds . Pretend to be like a gentle can not cover the your devil history . Yea.... they spread the virus and claim being hero.... Disgusting. I wonder if China saw this coming..? Wonder if they’re benefiting in all this..

If you want to be superior we won't accept your superiority...china learn another way to be a world best in this pandemic you will surely fail at the end...and it will have a drastic effect on your economy years to come.. China is USA know. Your president said we have They sold masks intended for France to the US on the tarmac !

Wow, talk about disinformation!!! And MSM wonders why people call them FAKE NEWS? Losing more credibility with each passing day. China held back the facts they even welded up apartment doors to stop peoples movement. Globalization must be stooped. If America fails it will destroyed by the enemy within...I'm looking at you

Like sending test kits that didn't work and test swabs contaminated with the virus? This has been reported by other countries. WSJ Wow! On top of liars also traitors? WOW!!! FakeNews WSJ called China the Real Sick Man of the world... Hahaha.... Pls say that again.. WSJ you are so sick that you are not a joke anymore. Get the fxxx out of here.. Haha 😂 😂

Waah Well we know who owns Yeah, like sending faulty Corona Tests. Bet that check from China is nice and fat. If news doesn’t tell the truth , why all your countries ask help from China ? Face the reality is hard for your morons ? China used to be the world leader for thousands years , you wild animals just take it over for hundreds years , and obsoletely the leadership will turn back

China is not claim any leadership. China warned you, you didn't listen. Now China sent help. That's all. I’m shocked to be reading this “All Hail China” piece from a US paper-the WSJ especially! You must’ve been bought by a Chinese company recently, because that’s the only explanation for this treasonous article.

Helping By lying for weeks? By sending out tests that are infected with Coronavirus Brock_Star_ wtf happened to the Wall Street Journal? Guilt Please don’t make articles like this.... It’s what China wants🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ This article is treason. Enemy of the people. Propaganda arm of the CCP Yeah, China sent garbage products.

It's interesting that during World War II, the country that could produce arms the fastest had the edge and now with the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the country that can produce masks the fastest has the edge. Well they started it. China lied people died Hooray for China! 😑😑😑 China started it. Maybe they should.

...they created this Kung Flu virus, they should be held accountable I bet half are broke by now... Hey WSJ Start investigating the Ivanka Copyrights and Patents with China. FollowTheMoney VIA Textiles They started the virus, lied about it, continue to lie about it, and now are profiting off it. Everyone should cease buying anything from China. Sadly that probably can’t happen for a bit.

China brought this virus to us, they should eradicate it as well Karma will implode CCP. The world will boycott their goods and their false economy will sink fast. Their evil plan has devastated the world not to mention its own people’s lives. Do not condem the Chinese people but the CCP for greed and power. Badly done CCP, Badly done indeed!

Ich bin es leid, dass china gelobt wird all the items china has sent to those 80 nations are faultly How much did they pay you to write this Trump admired the audacity. i am shock u are defending china , if china inform the world about this virus today many lifes be saved If China ban to mask export,Many people around the word will die,but China is a friendly country love to have others from ancient times to the present,also send the medical team to many countries to fight the virus together

In comparison to the U.S and the west, it ABSOLUTELY is. China cuts off our legs then gives us a wheelchair. Thanks guys! Because they killed everybody. trying to curry favor of the Communist Party of China to get them back to service there. For you guys who accusing WSJ on China's payroll, they had just got three outstanding reporters expelled from China for reporting Wuhan story. Rather than figuring out who is to blame, we should work on getting our PPE surplus to your side. Maybe fight later?

President Donald Trump has been telling us that WSJ is fake news for many times. Xi is a leader, Trump is a con man who ran for president for personal gain and is in way over his head. China will most likely become the “global powerhouse” now that Trump failed on many levels of the CoronaVirus. Let’s be honest...this started in China. Aren’t they obligated to help?

Taiwan 🇹🇼 is helping USA 🇺🇸 Wow .. if China really was the world leader they would of stopped all their flights out of China in December !! You also missed how they told the WHO that this wasn’t contagious ... our media is funded by China folks With faulty supplies to kill the virus they themselves released.

Fake news. China never said that. It3s china who created all this chaos not united states. Besides arnt they sending useless PPE and testing kits every where? Hows that a helping hand. Its like offering some1 poison to drink & then when he drank that taking him to hospital to show everyone how generous you are.

China has a lot of responsibility beyond the starting point. The worst are the false figures of the stats because usa suddenly made simulations of propagation and wrong mortality which underestimates the dangerousness that you have 3000 dead for 1 billion is low! COVIDUSA Defective masks and defectives tests... ChinaVirus

'made in china' While you are waiting for the apology from China, they are busy scheming to earn praises from the rest of the world. Go ahead with misleading your American people. No deception can last long. Well, the head prefect of the world ran from a fight, and then comes to rescue his might enemy Really WSJ? sure this is the angle you want to take on the Wuhan virus and Chinese cover up. This is supposed to be our preeminent newspaper?

Total propaganda war against USA. Too many among our media are fully on board with the Chinese. The media is on a suicide mission. ummm, but you idiots started it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... where do your loyalties? Treason is defined as, in part... giving aid or comfort to its enemies. China、Cube and Russia send their medical team to help Italy, did US help any other country? NO!!! US just laugh at China and then blame. Shame!!!

we should send them a thank you gift F the CCP Clearly you have sold your soul and your journalistic independence to China at a price. 🙄️ And y’all approve? So they’re praising themselves for giving out fire extinguishers to the people whose house they just lit on fire? China are liars. It is China who attacked the West with WuhanVirus .

Too bad the CCP chose to dispense with the truth about the Wuhan CoronaVirus. Corona virus spelled backwards is Chernobyl Assertion of your help to over 80 nations is poppycock. Let's assume China never existed, the number of people who have lost their lives recently could have been spared. Your country created the mess; and you assert that you are lending a helping hand? Bullshit!

funny mud pee 一直是你们在给中国标谤各种称号。 Never trust dictator. They are murderer chinazi ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied ChinaCoronaVirus Look. World is connected. China recovered and started to help others, that's fortunate for the world. When US is in good position, we will also start to help other countries and win the virus war. What's the problem with that?

China owes the world TRILLIONS.They started a global.pandemic, again. Give is our money China. Really? Why are you doing China’s bidding here? Of course they should lend a helping hand. And an apology to the world for wet markets. And delayed notification. And damages to families. And... Together we stand. It’s the coronavirus we are fighting against.

My love has changed to hatred for the chinese. Not because they want to be global leaders but the method they choose to rise to top. Play the hero for creating and concealing the virus 🦠 How does that work? I hope we never buy another good or product from them ever again. We will see mofos Why is the WSJ writing this ? Do they hate Americans that much ?

Yes. They start the Pandemic with their disgusting eating and mating habits and they want credit for a few masks? Screw them! A poor country without any PPE does have arrogance in deep mind in the US! The local terrorism threatens the top epidemiology expert! Before people accuse China, it is necessary to remind the birthplace of the 'Spanish flu' hundred years ago is in North America. 😩Even US Media mentioned that the symptoms of some flu patients in 2019 were similar to coronavirus

Curse on China . The cause of the epidemic is . these cannot be allowed to lead the world . Humanity will end Indian proverb about Chinese products.. They'll either work till we reach the moon, or they'll fail at noon... chinahelps Well, considering they are responsible for the outbreak..that’s really big of them. Hey WSJ, you hate Trump so much you’ll side with the Chinese government over our own?

Wow! Great job wsj. Way to give credit to the country who caused the pandemic. Wonder if your on their payroll as well They created a virus & allowed it to spread all over the world due to their inaction. Their science had 2 months head start on the rest of the world and didn't do jack on a vaccine or cure. They are shipping defective tests worldwide, lying about cases and death totals

Well, you know, except for the countries handing back faulty masks. But let's not let those pesky facts get in the way of the narrative. Are you f kidding me? In no way whatsoever is China the good guy in any of this. The superpower in making. China is the arsonist that takes credit for putting out the fire they started....

A) China lied and left the rest the world thinking it was a minor flu. B) Then they held back the science. C) Followed with sending faulty supplies and tests to countries who are now throwing them away. Helping hand by supply testing kits having only 30 percent accuracy. Nonsense, the report is despicable. For you, political struggle is always more important than human life. Is that your values?

I have to say that you WSJ disappointed me so much. Pointing fingers to others is the ONLY THING you are able to do. :) Shame on you MEDIA. Hey Double Standard Times, enough is enough. This is just bad journalism! China is fake, they lie and the world is sick because of them. Boycott China only thing they led the world too was illness, pandemic, contagion, and a global recession clueless journalism

the 'American first' propaganda made US government making the worst decision -- build ventilator domestically rather than importing from a broad. Define 'Propaganda'. Is Wuhan is locked down on Jan 23rd publicly known to US government but no initiatives taken ? When China reported 3000 death in Feb , did the US government started preparing for potential outbreak?

N A small number of deaths is the greatest legitimacy of a system. Why a worse system (US) with much more deaths is accusing a far better one (China)? System of China is obviously not perfect, not even close. But it's working: growing GDP, less deaths. What can you expect more? Wow, this is level what WSJ has stooped to with its content. Su focused on propaganda now. A lot of other institutions are pitching in to help, so they all have alternate motives? The negative connotation is very biased, which is poor journalism

Tired of the west propaganda on Russia and China.. yes they are not perfect but at least they do not hurt other countries like the one we all know ! Open borders anyone? This is another piece of sh* to bedevil China spinning a noble effort to help other countries into something evil. Grow up, take responsibility like an asdult. It's our clown president and its funny government who watched China suffering as a show while wasting time to prepare.

Is there a bigger propaganda than Trump propaganda? No. propaganda battle? You win. Nobody want propaganda battle, We just wanna fair report in west media. China does not respect individual freedom. They will never be a world leader because of that, no matter how much money they have. And 95% of the American news media are on their side and helping. That included the WSJ.

The Chinese go to help other countries fight the Covid-19, and you say that China is conducting a propaganda war. If China didn’t help, and you say CHINA don’t have a sense of great power. Better than the media want to shift the blame to China. Just bc they didn't trust the virus is serious and warn ppl at first. What a joke!

Their propaganda succeeds because the US liberal fake news media licks China’s totalitarian boot. And you guys are lose globalists who would sell your own mothers to China for a nickle. All u need to do is SayNoMadeInChina If u real feel pain for ur fellows who was killed by chinaCoronavirus They can fool u... Guys Americans... Not Indians... We don't believe their death toll nor the moral standards of their govt... For u guys it is all money.....

Why so many you and we in the western media or people’s thoughts? You and me are we or us, we are living one world. We are people. Why all western media or some people have so lots of conspiracy theories to China and Chinese people? The masks and aid materials sent by China were paid by Us-every single Chinese person. Why not just say a simple word: “ thanks”, instead of these bullshit?

中國是什麼地位用不著刻意宣傳,但面對基督教徒們一邊倒的輿論歧視、譴責、羞辱、污衊、栽贓和推卸責任。我們沒其他選擇必須得為自己辯解,讓正常聲音發出來,讓所有人都知道西方所謂新聞自由是多麼偏執和狹隘,讓所有人都明白真正的人權就是首先保障人的生存權、健康權和發展權,為選票為私利非常可恥 BS, but Good choice of entertainment. Which prouves China can survive a bioweapons attack with relative damage. We can’t. A lion doesn’t have to tell you he’s a lion.

China: it’s virus, US: no it’s common flu. China: we lock down city, US: freedom! Human right! China: we discharge and people life become normal, US: Chija conceal cases figures. China: now we can supply help, US: China hidden facts of virus and spread. China: WTF? Are the people dead here because propaganda or the Incompetent government? Because of arrogance and prejudice, you waste 2 months to prepare, and now it is time to pay the price.

When Jon Huntsman ran for president in 2011, he said bluntly that 'use China's 500 million new generation of Internet to go to take China down.' Propaganda battle? 3 China Spokesmen fight against BBC, CNN, WSJ, FOX, Trump and Pence? I can't see the possibility that China win this battle. Besides, if the western is in an inferior position, they just block all Chinese account!

14亿人口的国家 你会说他是小国吗?展现一下小国地位? 有什么问题 ?你控制的比我们好了??? It's pretty easy to see what happened here. Whether this contagion was intended or not, the CCP was bound propagandize this to claim moral high ground. It is a closed society where ours is wide open. We welcome dissent even if it doesn't show. The CCP simply kills theirs.

Great power status? You mean by sending faulty test kits? LOL. It's better than lies and hatres though. And this is how the CCP'helps', do you really want this kind of help? China doesn't save the day. It crushed the hope of medics and patients, testing kit by testing kit. ChinaLiedPeopleDied MakeChinaPay

We should find out the truth where this virus came from,did it come from a wet market or did it come from the lab? The person who ran the lab has disappeared also journalist have been thrown out of the country why? The Communist China trolls have also been working hard on spinning about COVIDー19 & degrading Taiwan!!

China never asserts the leadership of the world. We love peace and we trust every nation is equal. American media are doing their part to help ... the Chinese China needs to pay for this. This is really helpful, REALLY. I’m so scared of their propaganda now.... serious...purely psychotic Can we just launch an EMP over that country and send them back to the Stone Age then just invade it and take it over? Seriously we could end that crap communist country in seconds

They are murderers Please tell me this is an AprilFoolsDay joke You sound worried.. Like organ harvesting, the CCP sees opportunity in death. This time at Europe's and the USA's bloody expense. Basically when China tries to do something good, it’s either propaganda or seeking global power. So what should they do? Not sending masks and staff? What I’m hearing is from these statements is:”China, please remain poor and weak and voiceless, so we don’t hate you that much.”

You published ' China is the real sick man of Asia' without any sympathy shown, when China was battling/controlling virus. What is your criteria to be a sick man. Is America the real sick man now? US failed misery to contain a pandemic because they are too captivated by the politics, in house or China... guess what? They still do.

How utterly laughable... The very same country, ChinaLiesPeopleDie that brought the world the WuhanCoronaVirus and single handedly destroyed the entire worlds economy now thinks of itself as its savior. Clueless doesn’t begin to describe this. 美国从危机开始后,无动于衷,坐以待毙,现在已经20多万病例,死了4000多人。美国政府深深爱着他们的人民。。。 China numba 1

Lie about the pandemic and then offer free goodies to the world! WuhanCoronavirus is a suicide bomber in China targeting the United States and Europe. The Chinese Communist Party will collapse without control. Wrong, we don't wanna step forward and claim the leadership of this planet, we simply can't stand by and do nothing like US while other people in this world are suffering, it's not in our nature.

In the eyes of those power-obsessed, everything is about asserting power. Not a chance about saving lives of human being. Keep it going and it will make the great power forever great. One lie leads to another.. Every dark clouds has a silver lining Sell mirrors in the world of blind people. Might change when the truth comes out... if the truth cones out. 🤔

As a matter of fact, you gave us the propaganda for China. thank you🤪🦁🇨🇳 that's it - im convinced - they did it on purpose to punish us. they're sitting there laughing at us and we're asking to buy masks from them!? i'd rather die without a mask than put on a fucking china mask Very distressing. 'Basically almost as soon as the crisis started, [American] had a propaganda battle to win on this.' Washington is using its coronavirus response to destory great-power status.

Usa win the propaganda battle by blame china! We’re dealing with a novel virus that we don’t know much about even today. To think that anyone could have planned to use an outbreak of an unknown virus to plan a propaganda is absurd. Just look at Trump who kept having to backtrack what he said. This CoronavirusOutbreak has proved that China is more organised country than any state on planet earth. China has won and US is losing on every front whether it is economy, international relations or corona outbreak.

Europe isn't buying it. Macron announced that France will start manufacturing its own healthcare products again. 'Basically almost as soon as the crisis started, [Rupert Murdoch] had a propaganda battle to hoax on this.' FoxNews is using its coronavirus response to assert great-power status. We know China does mind killing its own people. To me it looks like it was all orchestrated to weaken American & European economies.

Great power status over who? The dead and dying? Donald's Trump's response isn't the only failure that needs to be investigated if China hadn't tried to cover up the virus spread it would of been harder for Trump to call it a hoax. 'thanks china.' 🙄 China spread their WuhanCoronaVirus to more than 100 nations. Not the United States. Taiwan is lending a helping hand. Not China. Wt China does is selling low quality medical resources which soon be recalled.

Murdering their own citizens is not a solution Lending a helping hand? By sending false test kits and non-usable masks? Or buying all masks from Japan and the US? “Selling” and “donating” are way different, China. lol F China this is all their fault No this fuckers are not joking . What a disaster We really should thank Communist China.

Need to learn from the Chinese as opposed to blaming them for corona virus data. They are emerging as the cool and collective world leader. Are you going to thank someone who *donates* a few drops of blood after causing you serious bleeding (but without admitting any responsibility)? CCPLiedPeopleDied ChinaLiesPeopleDie CCPVirus_Coronavirus ChineseVirus19

LOL! Unbelievable! Yes, helping hand to spread out CCPVirus CCPLiedPeopleDied CCPCoverup CCPVirus_Coronavirus CCP_is_terrorist China got the virus first, true. US push everyone to die, also true And someone in WSJ realizes that!! That is even a bigger deal than the news itself!! A conservative with common sense!

Hey global NDTV kind of brand people use your paper instead of tissues only. Have some shame, how come one is so embracing ? Ohh sorry u people r reaped offenders. I don’t trust these communist powerhouse. Nothing is free, countries be wary if you take on their offer of help. Hypocrisy Their shit doesn't work. It's fake

It is stupid to believe China infected all the world. This virus already existed in Nov in 2019. According to the time line,US can’t get so many infected people if it broke out in Early March even the flights were banned already. it make no sense. All is media fault. US figting! Temporary hospital in China VS in US

ChinaLiedPeopleDied We don’t have the extra to give. The USA is the most generous country in the world. More Americans are buried in more countries than anyone else. Your comments are fake news. Poor journalism. Infects the world, hands out a few masks. Giants of kindness and mercy. Not. Of course! The US looks like just another unprepared country that has now accepted help from a Russia!

WHO - Wuhan Health Organisation. ... you all clearly have never worked with or for a Chinese company before No one trusts China. Not even China. Lol Washington post ya sure first crest and supply virus to world and than give some faulty free mask. Spain orders billion dollar medical equipment china is milking europe not doing any charity.

The Wall Street Communist Journal It does not make It a trustworthy country. Too much oppression there. Because the US is their victim too? Thank you China. Is that what you wanted ? ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChinaVirus ChinaLiedPeopleDie ChinaMustPay ChinaCoronaVirus Happy ? Spread coronavirus , sell vaccine Nice plan

Feel free to move there douche bag behind the tweet. So China lies, hides a pandemic, infects the world, and then starts bragging how it is 'helping' people? That is 'help' the world can do without... Chinese propaganda to hide REALITY... How many virus's has China given us Australia watch out for the propaganda machine.

LOL. Look here. What a bunch of idiots here! So easy to manipulate. WSJ editors are laughing their heads a time the entire humanity is fighting. They obviously want you to kill each other before the virus does. Alas!!! China is victorious in bio war shame on you china and news agencies which discharge propaganda by ccp without verifying or criticism.

China is as fake as the goods they sell. Oh It must be the US who lent a helping hand to the rest of the world then. The US is indeed the indispensable country combating the pandemic. Look at the rising numbers and what the US gov has done, WSJ’s sour grapes just sound so profound and ironic.... The soft currency route always worked well for America now China takes over. Guess this is second rate USA brought to you by Trump and his MAGA

This was expected . Very well planed and executed. I hope you believe in 'Karma ' . I am sure it will hit back to china badly. WuhanVirus ChinaLiedPeopleDie ChineseWuhanVirus ChineseVirus19 OMG! I can't believe your shilling for the Chinese. That's like praising the fireman who started the fire for putting it out. Yelp another paper I won't read again.

It's China who allowed mass infected Chinese people traveling abroad at the outbreak of WuhanCoronaVirus . Now China closes its border to stop the influx of it's own people from getting in. Don't forget nor forgive what China did to you! This magazine is now reduced to chineese pimp. They are hored by chineese to male over. Shame shame shame

Really? Stop your Trump bashing....its getting old. US is in the middle of a crisis....theyre having trouble helping themselves let alone other nations. grow up Sure they are and they should be it is there fault. They should compensate the rest of the world. Have they cleaned up there markets so this never happens again?

April fools day wsj SOLD Well they started this Chinese Virus They burned the place down and showed up with a pail of water. Nevertheless, part of the reason they’ll gain is due to Trump’s incessant attacks on just about every alliance to which we belonged. The consequences are playing out in rather quick time.

Stab you at the back, give you an expired Band-Aid, and become your savior. Go to hell. Bad quality!!!! It continues beat the whole world. What kind of horrible leadership? Go away away away. China IS a virus... China has been helping his friends recover from the pandemic, which can happen in anywhere in this planet. Don't slam it and its people. What if I say African HIV or American H1N1?

China is like a narcissistic/sociopathic boyfriend. Beats the hell out of you and then says they didn't do it-- you ran into their fists and then beats you again for making their hand hurt. It's time to cut the umbilical cord and create our own companies and walk away. So says the Chinese money. Congratulation.👏👏 Fact is China responsible for thousands of death world wide as ChinaLiedPeopleaDied. WuhanVirus

How much they have paid? Or what's ur rate? Yeah give them Oscar for Global BioTerrorism leadership. Well, they did try to cover up the severity of COVIDー19 Remember the handful of people who went missing after they leak out the truth So WSJ has received funds from China.. now time to pay back by praising China ..

And the media spends 99% of its efforts on deposing Trump. What’s wrong with that picture? then go die,freely How much CCP paid you WSJ idiot media for its propaganda? CCP wants to be the hero. China has exported only one thing original which is Chinese virus rest all sent by them is duplicates By the 100th anniversary of the Party Xi Ji wants to China to be the greatest nation in the world by every metric in which nations are measured. SCS is part of that, but OBOR and things like this are too ... we are just seeing them adapt strategy due to global realities

China lied and people died Yes with equipment with the virus on it and faulty test equipment. Wow, what would we do without them. They made the difference today. now they are looking for x The Wall Street Journal is a lying dog face pony soldier. Pandemic they created! It is China who spread the virus to more than 80 nations. Not the United States.”

Complete sell out to Chinese. Shame on you Mission accomplished 1. Created Chinese virus 2 . Transmitted to the rest of the world 3. Destroy economy of different countries 4 . Now they are selling Chinese products Maut batker bhagwaan ban rahhe ho salo.. Money talks. ChinaVirus19 I urge China to give us the vaccine of the virus which China has spread in entire world. ChineseVirusCorona

Ok Trump is looking to coporations to lead the PPE crisis. Accepting a socialist handout from China (WH airlifts 80 tonnes from Shanghai private/public/capitalist solution) would cross the line, but hey, he has moved the line &now accepts humanitarian aid from Russia?What gives? rlopezwfaa Mmmm bat jerky

And with that the credibility of WSJ goes to shit. 👏 Political damage control that you’re propagating. They started the virus in Wuhan with their wet markets. Did the Chinese get my memo? It's China because of whom, whole world is suffering.. Don't try to make everyone April fool Despicable - the country at the root cause of the pandemic, who covered it up, lied about it and have shipped sub par materials to other countries is being praised by WSJ.

WSJ, are you trying to get the Chinese licenses back for your journalists? This article may not change anything. I’m sorry Fuck China How much china paid for this story 😂😂😂😂😂 Buying influence is their MO. Been doing it for many years. It is easy to manufacture quickly in China as they can harness their inmates to work in factories. They are trying to shift blame elsewhere and conspiracy theories about the US Army as the source for the virus.

China = virus Are you the fuck serious? The country that hid the severity of the issue and repeatedly lied about coronavirus and the country where the virus was born and spread through is a messiah? How much money did got to write this article? This is same as osama donate for world peace ✌️ ChinaLiedPeopleDied COVID19

1. approved by corporate, Chinese media 2. 30% of their products might work Hmm i heard that china is spending a lot in foreign media. Let’s see, they started it and are spreading it throughout the world by appearing to be lending a hand.....FUCKOFFCHINA OK YOU GUYS HAVE DONE YOUR JOB NOW...Go and eat chinese shit

We should deduct the total cost of this from what we own China. National debt down 4 Trillion So the reports of china paying huge amount to media for PR activity was true Unofficial confirmation is this article China should be putting out the Fire they started. Wuhan is back to selling Bats & other wild animals for food. The people they are helping in Northern Italy are mostly Chinese & from Wuhan & Factory Workers. Made in Italy.

US sent aid to Italy, it just wasn’t covered as much. Masks+tests from China deemed 30% usable, the rest defective / low quality. Pandemic was started by China at least not containing it/silencing doctors,now it’s furthering CCP agenda: from panda diplomacy to pandemic diplomacy. Ahh I see they bought you all as well

CHİNA VİRUS Bs A disgusting display of hubris! Really!!!!! Is China who let virus spread all over the world!!! The HELL with CHINA. I don’t that government one bit. Wow,thanks for that😒 MakeChinaPay CCPChina CCPVirus PR started... How much money WSJ got....from China Now if only China could send stuff that actually works

My respect for WSJ has dropped a few notches with this article. You are the best for outstanding journalism...why don’t you investigate and give the world the truth about how exactly this virus originated and endangered the world. You people are supporting China bcoz realDonaldTrump called WSJ Fake News ?

Are you kidding me? They sat on the issue for a month and this is not the first time they have done this - same thing with SARS. And you call this leadership? There's a saying in India - 'Cat devours hundred mice and then embarks on a pilgrimage.' China has watched many tragedies unfold in the past while doing nothing. Now there are PR campaigns.

Chinese Nationals traveled wordly during the holidays until Trump put travel ban on china, China knowingly allowed infected people to travel throughout the world like biological weapons, these people flew on planes rode subways and busses and infucted the world, simple Truth chinaLiedPeopleCry ccpLiedHumandied ccpIsEvilWuhanVirus sayNoTochina boycottchina

Here comes the article as i predicted 'China, the savior of the world' ChineseVirus U should rename urselves to Chinawalljournal ChinaLiedPeopleDied What the hell WSJ u writed ? ccp produced ccpVirus then it's 5 m chinaCreatures spreading it to all the countries and killed ten thousands of people . now ccp is a god to save human The drama was writing by ccp . Stupid westerners 🤦

In the past few weeks, the Chinese propaganda machine has gone into overdrive, praising China for buying time for the world to respond to the pandemic and for leading the global response to the coronavirus. Both claims are false, CCP is no different then Nazi WW11 machine.. The country that started the fire will now charge you to put it out. 🙄

Trade war? China has brought the US down to its knees, economically, with its most powers weapon...a virus. The main lesson the Chinese Communists seem to have drawn from the debacle is that the appearance of doing good is more important than actually doing it, and so far, media reactions are proving them right.

Mask by Mask : New York City’s Times Square stands empty, CCP is the greatest threat to global security in the world. Chinese propagandists also claim that China is leading the way in responding to the crisis internationally, which is patently false. China’s much-publicized gift of 1 million masks to Japan is a grand and magnificent gesture, albeit only one-third as grand as prior Japanese donations of nearly 3 million masks to China.

Disgraceful article! China is never good for any cou try except China! This is a april fool celebration or really wall street got something ...... 🤔 How much did you get paid to sing this for China ? Please disclose for fairness How much you got from China.... Paid media 😠 The arsonist who wants to claim credit for extinguishing the deadly conflagration of which he himself is the culprit. China’s claims here are both laughable - and chilling.

Their COVID 19 made in China testing kit failed. ChineseBioterrorism ChineseCoronaVirus ChinaLiedPeopleDied Even Trump will say this after few days... Cos... China can now buy anyone.... ANYONE! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ paid off It is every country that china gave the virus to, we cant be this dumb See how they are helping. Chinese factory worker wipes his shoes with face masks and asks the camera man if this is good enough? Would he be doing this if the masks were for local use? these masks for export They want us to wear them on our faces? China is not our friend!

The idiot who wrote this must have been wearing the Chinese masks on his eyes, ears and on every other hole of his body otherwise no sane person can see this as logical. The China virus is killing thousands of ppl daily and wsj sold it’s sole for few Chinese bucks. Selling soul is not that easy but excels in it... shameless journalism

China cashes in off coronavirus, selling Spain $467 million in supplies, some of them substandard, Supplied Faulty Coronavirus Test Kits to Czech Republic The country’s Health Ministry paid $546,000 for 100,000 of the test kits, the Interior Ministry paid for the other 50,000. “Great Wall” street Journal! Blasphemy! If journalism stoops to this level, dictatorship will be always celebrated. The Coronavirus of journalism!

Chinese money is talking now in report 😜😜 .. ChineseVirus ChinaVirus ChinaLiedPeopleDied .. China, should be helping the world fight this Pandemic. They had the chance to stop the spread by giving early warning, and accurate information. They misssed that opportunity. They now have a chance to help! Good.

✍️....कचरा सप्लाई करने को अगर मदद कहते हैं तो मेरे पास भी कई अंडर_गारमेंट फटे पड़े हैं मै भी पाकिस्तान की मदद कर सकता हूं। CHINA CAUSED THE ENTIRE CRISIS Actually money is writing this article they are paid news. All they are pimps who work on China direction Only expected, after ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChinaVirus

Sold journalism Yes , it seems The biggest hand they lended to WSJ. We have to cure the real sick man of the world isn't it? Ban them stop buying from these arrogant Another Trump failure. We got to get him out of the White House. Congress should remove him immediately A “Fake news” nation with a dictatorship as a regime is going to lead the world because they “give” ( which they did not ) aid to other nations. Please give me a break.

So it's clear and present that WSJ received massive financial favour from China hence in short WSJ is involved in ChineseBioterrorism. realDonaldTrump guess you surrendered....You will face questions that will haunt you that you supported China ChinaLiedPeopleDied How much ? most of your responses are hilarious,igronant. china shutted a god damn province on 23rd jan, isnt it a giant exclamation mark to all of you guys? dont blame china, your gov's incompetence led to the outbreak in your country!

The patient zero was from America in the first place and now they blame China for smoke screenings their domestic fiasco in everything ChinaLiedPeopleDied Good try Presstitutes & PIMPs the more you to publish paid news whitewashing china crimes, the worst it's gonna get for the Chinese bastards. Above article is concisely and factually illustrated, in clear words.

China is shameless. ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChinaVirus ChinaMustPay I'll take all the help available now, after this , we can rage about who failed. For me, most politicians failed miserably. The TRUE heroes ARE = doctors nurses Scientists . I donated for masks and protective equipment to protect THEM. Just dig in your pocket Do IT !!!. 😷🌎

WSJ got the share now ... so the headlines change Yes why not after all china has given birth to this pandemic chinesevirus I wouldn’t trust them with pop up pirate China starts the fire, then plays fireman to the rescue. Not buying what they are selling 😡 Chinese envelope reached! Just when you think the WSJ can't get any worse ...

By the end of the pandemic, US May survive or not, but like of WSJ, NYT and washpost will become irrelevant t ChineseBioterrorism Arsonists are always the biggest blow hards to the fire department PS. their hand was covered in batshit Wuhan virus. WhiteHouse realDonaldTrump POTUS This is what its about. It confirms a premeditated attack on USA/Western Culture from China We (USA) are laughed at worldwide (especially China) by our response & lack of preparation Its a test to guage a future attack like 1993 WTC bombing

The WSJ shows the world what ass licking is... Wonder US, the so called world leader is sucking up to China like this. Wall street journal bathing in chinese currency Their new Flag 🇨🇳 ChineseVirus 🤣🤣🤣🤣 A very well thought out conspiracy to gain over US and become the No. 1 economy. realDonaldTrump you are check mate.

YeAh HeLpInG HaNd Urns don't lie, Xi. By sending fake masks and duplicate test kits? China spokesman said 'we don't want to compare with any country about the amount of supplies' I don't know why WSJ could make up such an article to make people hate China Thank you China😊ChineseBioterrorism 评论让我觉得全世界都在对中国人恶意满满,我好心痛,心疼我们的医务人员的心血和仁心

They are fault. Are they helping after poisoning the world to save face. Lives can not be repaid, by no means. As certain politicians in China(and the US) are busy congratulating themselves and taking credit, the real heroes (both in China and around the world) are busy saving lives or trying to facilitate the efforts to save lives.

Is that counting all the failed material too? Guilt trip? 🤔 Yeah! Its working. It's one sentence fight back what Pompeo said and you cut it out to mislead people. That's why Trump call you fake news, you really have some issue. Are you kidding me? China is a global threat. April fools right? Investment in PR is paying off

PR agency of china. great work Hahaaa! That’s a good joke President Xi! China always is the joke of the world. Stockholm syndromes in the making? Awesome. The investment in PR is paying off. China helps the other countries,it's called 'propaganda'. China doesn't help, it's called 'lost of humanity'. At this hard time, we would rather hope more countries have the strength and responsibility to do the 'propaganda' if more people could be saved from the coronavirus.

April fool🤣 Is China a spider? Because they spin great tales. Is this a joke? Perfect news for April fool's day. Keep spreading more propaganda. WSJ has also been infiltrated man.. Unreal, what chance does local news media have CHINA SHOULD BE PAYING FOR THIS WHOLE OUTBREAK.... THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS WHOLE DISASTER...

Sold ChinaLiedPeopleDied WuhanVirus TWST has sold its credibility You know, This is like setting the entire neighborhood on fire and later giving a bucket of water to all the neighbors 😂😂😂 heights of fake news!! Paid content/news Chinese money has started to speak........😀😀. After spreading the ChineseVirus ChinaVirus all over the world China is claiming to be helping others, ShameonChina poorqualitychineseitems

The USA is printing $2brazilian dollars 💵 Thank you very much How much is China paying that even an American magazine is ready to praise them and criticize their own country Now we 'should' be grateful w/ China for this big mess Yeah Mask by mask multi layered conspiracy Chinese virus you should change ur name from now on to Wuhan Street Journal

Awesome great fantastic. This is called, investment in PR is paying off very well in hard time. Uhhh....didn’t they start it 🤦🏾‍♂️ Werent it your journalists who were kicked out of China shameful shameless ChineseVirus Please watch tucker Carlson show Monday night. Although not reported by msm looks like accidental release by biological weapons lab located 200 meters from wuhan wet market. Explains deflection and cover up

CKMKB April fool Unbelievable.. Rats are coming out.. Rats in the Chinese payroll are coming out in open.. ChineseVirus Sick man journal at it again, obviously the argument escalated beyond sending a few plane loads of masks. It’s bad for everyone now. Bullshit WSJ!!! That’s because they have utilized communist slavery to move the world’s manufacturing. Making everything so cheap that the world dependent on the slavery.

Who is your source for these articles? The China Daily? The masks the Chinese 'donate' don't even work...stop these articles... China thanks you for your support. 🤔 So china propoganda to improve their image has started on full speed ChineseVirus WuhanVirus Sold your souls to commie China The world is more disgusting now with the words from people who did nothing but blame others who did something and complain they didn't do enough

Its the killer who took people to ER. And if you believe half that BS you wrote I have some lovely oceanfront property in Illinois to sell you Now the wall street journal is on China's pay roll. just tell us how much money you got Definitely your owner is Chinese. ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChineseVirus19 If it wasn’t for medieval Chinese food practices and miss information during the infection the world wouldn’t have had the Pandemic in the first place.

We should have left France to the Germans . The real story is any media corporation invested in China . Has now become part of China’s propaganda mouth piece . China Lied People Dies chinesevirus ChineseVirus19 China is a s—t hole of a country. It creates chaos at the cost of thousands of lives. That govt =no moral values for life. They kill their own for power The people there live in fear. That govt is the worst at human rights violations. Their money makes you look the other way

But the stuff you sold the countries were defective. Besides given it spread coz you covered up, don't you think you should be doing even more? They created the shit now they have to clean it up Is this PR stunt from Chinese Government? ChineseVirusCorona AprilFools WSJ = Wuhan Street Journal 👀 I see it is an April Fools joke.

It is China that tried to cover up the epidemic when it still could have all been stopped at a local level. liwenliang wuhan corona Power of paid pr ... So much winning.... The arsonist who helps the panic by bringing extra fire hoses. 🤷‍♂️ It will most likely be US who develops a cure to the virus originated from Wuhan.

They should pay reparations after the pandemic. Other countries should also stop giving them visas until they ban consumption of exotic animals. it's true Wow really...OK China let’s start the biggest pandemic virus......then wait and come in and save everyone from our act. The ignorance in our country is just getting more disgusting. THEIR COMMUNIST FOLKS GET IT.....look up the definition if your that IGNORANT!!

Yeah lets thank China for the gift of the ChineseVirus The markets where they sell wild animals as food is back in operation so they will just keep incubating the next virus maybe the Covid21 and then don’t the world about for 3 months again. Medical staff need masks. Need help Why do not you go get some scarfs for yourselves right away!

Too true, I’m afraid. China is responsible for airing this virus! So, any attempt to display themselves as 'saviors' is frankly disgusting. On a personal note, I intend not to buy, anymore, any Chinese made product, whereas is American or European brand. NO more! Any information coming out of China must be independently verified by reputable agencies. They have a reputation for deception, intellectual property theft, and permanently silencing dissent. Why should we trust them now?


Wake up, American people. Chinese are fighting with the virus while in US, people fight with each other! That is why US ranks number 1 now ! Sure, if you mean “help” includes sending faulty equipment. Yes. How convenient. Perhaps we should check the items offered for traces of Covid-19. China can always rely on Mainstream Media in the USA to support oppressive actions and squash freedom to support their globalist agenda. How is Taiwan and Hong Kong doing these days?

Yeah, they cause it, lied about it. They profit from it...oh yeah, guess who will buy our 2T debt..yup. such heroes👎 Yes, they spread the virus. Sending inefficient test kits and contaminated masks...yes, a real help. April fools? That's an April Fool comment, right.....or you are just that clueless. Wsj sold !

How much is the CCP paying WSJ? CCP has hid cases, testing, infection rates, mortality and they have silenced/killed doctors and citizens who tried to warn the world. Now they send out faulty medical equipment. I will never buy anything from CCP ever again BoycottCCP Diaper Don gave them an opening by completely botching the reaponse here.

Remembering those who encouraged us to become a Service economy and become chained to China today. Need to unravel the mess we've made of things here and become reliant on no others. Wow. That single act of failing to supply the US (if not fake news) will cost China far more that it could possibly gain.

Several terms come to mind. Factitiousdisorder, Munchausensyndromebyproxy, Herosyndrome If lying about the extent of the virus and killing people worldwide is lending a hand them no thanks. This is exactly what China want, they want you to be praising them, they release the virus and they are sending doctors

April fools day. Gotcha! So strange that the WSJ tell the truth! American paper praised China ....smh F U It was reported that masks being shipped from China did not meet specs. China cuts corners on everything but lockdowns and misinformation! Didnt they just remove WSJ reporters from China? If all Americans could leave blame away and just focus on production and medical aid, Mobilizing all power like in WW2. You can solve the problems immidiately and strike back the ridicule from China.please save lives!

China lies about everything.They lied about the severity & number of deaths.Using slave labor to mass produce products while intellectually looting us, they pose as saviors, driving up prices for vents worldwide. Even today Wuhan crematoriums burn 24/7 & they lie about that. CCP’s propaganda has no shame, fooling and brainwashing mainland Chinese people for 70years, now they think they can fool the world. Stupidity has no bottomline!

u.s. is the real sickman of America, physically and mentally. what a acidic remark, white pigs. Of course. Now it’s America first. Wow you should be shot The pandemic they started We'll take it, even if not quite on the level of penicillin or a polio vaccine. THANK YOU WSJ, ALWAYS EXPOSING THE NEWS... SOMEHOW, IGNORING THE FACT IT IS CHINA WHO STARTED, DEVELOPED AND INFECTED THE 'WHOLE WORLD' WITH A MOST DEADLY DISEASE!!! YOU, HOWEVER, ELECT TO TELL THE WORLD, CHINA IS COMING TO YOUR AID!!! AMERICAN MEDIA IS DOOMED, THANKS...

Step one: unleash the plague on the world Step two: take credit for sending victims faulty masks and tests to deal w Step one. In NJ we call this racketeering ChinaLiedPeopleDied A ‘helping hand’ by selling faulty tests and bunk masks. This, after a months long cover up that killed thousands. No one believes the bullshit propaganda. CCP WuhanCoronavius

Well you are bought Now cha-na making and selling dodgy medical supplies for the whole world. This silent war sucks Don't blame the messenger blame the person who didn't respond. Response was KEY. How much did the CCP pay for this tweet? Like the arsonist who helps to put out the fire. realDonaldTrump ..... Guess “Make America Great Again” is not covering the aspect of been a leader across the world. Maybe He calls his personal business “America”....

They were certainly indispensable in providing a need for the masks. They should as much as they started it! The only question to be investigated was it intentional or accidental? haha Global war is inevitable What a shame! 😂😂😂WSJ... 🖕 The truth is “It is China who lent a hand with CCPVirus to more than 80 nations. Not the United States.” LOL

Everyone know reason of covid 19 is china It is only means of correcting the image of china wic was spoiled by China itself.China is afraid that her economy will end due to such a big conspiracy. Therefore, to avoid all these responsibilities, such a claim is being made by China.

China Chases Indonesia’s Fishing Fleets, Staking Claim to Sea’s RichesTrying to avoid offending China, Indonesia’s largest trading partner, the Indonesian government has played down incursions by Chinese fishing boats. “Our fishermen feel scared,' one official in the Natuna islands said. The failing NYT is still trying to discredit China even at this critical time of combatting the virus. This country is not only the world's virus, it's the biggest bully in South East Asia.

Sean Penn Spotted Out in Malibu with a Mask and Hand Sanitizer Strapped Onto His BeltSean Penn was spotted out in Malibu picking up a sandwich and drink from his local grocery store He better worry more about ElChapo then the Coronavirus he should help ElChapo get out of Prison

This German town is making it mandatory to wear a mask in some placesThe German city of Jena is requiring people to wear masks in shops, on public transport and in public buildings after a request from health services Lmao Only ugly people or everyone? Fauci said: If there were enough masks, everybody should wear that. the patient should wear it to prevent virus from hitting others, the health people should wear it to prevent virus hitting u. but the medical care personnel is priority if the mask is not enough

Here’s What a Clay Mask Can—And Can’t—Do for Your SkinSo, you're finally thinking about trying that clay mask you've been keeping under your bathroom sink...

Mask mystery: Why are U.S. officials dismissive of protective covering?In recent weeks, top Trump administration officials offered adamant warnings against widespread use of masks, going so far as to argue that members of the general public were more likely to catch coronavirus if they used them YASSS he did and look at our country now‼️ Telling the public not to wear masks, even that masks don't work because there is a shortage for our medical people, is irresponsible and disgraceful the realDonaldTrump Administration has SO FAR gotten every single aspect of this crisis, WRONG. why would ANYONE listen to anything the man or his fawning underlings, say

This Mask Makes My Lips Softer and Smoother OvernightThousands of reviewers said the same.